The Third Annual Summer Reading Guide

The Third Annual Summer Reading Guide, 2014 Edition | Modern Mrs Darcy

If you’re anything like me, you think summer is made for reading. But nothing is more frustrating than taking a much talked-about book on vacation only to realize it’s underwhelming (or just plain awful) and you’re stuck with nothing.

Anybody can browse a bestseller list, but just because a book is a bestseller doesn’t mean it’s the right book for you. How do you find the hits without wasting time on the misses?

Enter the summer reading guide.

This compact, user-friendly guide whittles the overwhelming array of readerly options down to 5 titles each in 7 genres, with the tastes of MMD readers in mind. I’ve done the curation so you don’t have to take a dud novel on vacation—or to the backyard.

Every book here has earned its spot, and I’ve personally read it—often more than once. I can vouch for them, and answer any questions you have.

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Breezy novels for your summer reading, from Modern Mrs Darcy's 2014 Summer Reading Guide


You can’t go wrong with a compelling story that’s light, fun, and fast (but still plenty smart)—especially if you’re beach-bound. These easy-reading novels are the perfect antidote if your reading has been heavy lately.

The 2014 Summer Reading Guide from Modern Mrs Darcy: shorts and singles


Not sure what to read this summer? Load up your Kindle with one (or all) of these enjoyable but low-commitment reads. One good book leads to another, so finish it quickly and build your reading momentum for the summer.

The 2014 Summer Reading Guide from Modern Mrs Darcy: Southern Fiction


Southern literature has a sense of place and history, but its also known for its wonderful storytelling, beautiful imagery, and emphasis on a slew of uncomfortable themes (think race, class, and religion). These modern novels continue in the tradition of the Southern greats.

The Best Books Coming to the Big Screen, from Modern Mrs Darcy's Third Annual Summer Reading Guide.


There’s a reason movie-makers snatched up the film rights to these hits: they’re good stories that will look amazing on the big screen. Read the books now, see the movies later, and then decide which one you think is better.

Foodie memoirs from Modern Mrs Darcy's 2014 summer reading guide


These books cleverly combine two of my favorite genres: memoir and food writing. These books don’t focus just on the food, but tell amazing stories through food. Whether you’re looking for funny or thought-provoking, around the world or close to home, relaxing or flat-out intense, there’s something for you here.

The 2014 Summer Reading Guide from Modern Mrs Darcy: gripping novels that keep you turning the pages


These are the kind of page-turners that will have you reading “one last chapter” until 2:00 a.m. You’ve been warned.

The 2014 summer reading guide from Modern Mrs Darcy: nerdy nonfiction.


For you intellectual types—you know who you are—these compelling nonfiction reads weave together story with tales of start-up culture, baseball, animation, origin stories, bacteria, business, and more.



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