How do you find time to read so much?

This is the question I get asked the most. In short, I make the time because reading is my oxygen, my hobby, my HSP escape, my introvert coping strategy of choice. My specific tips and strategies are here.

How do you find good book deals?

Either I get lucky or somebody tells me. Sometimes I stumble on them, sometimes authors and publishers email me, sometimes readers let me know. We curate a list of sale titles with WSIRN listeners and MMD readers in mind. You can find those listed on the site or even sign up to get a daily email digest.

How do you get your books, and how do you buy books without blowing your budget?

Because I hate clutter and I live near a library, I borrow most of my books. Here’s how I decide what to buy and what to borrow.

Why is this blog called Modern Mrs Darcy?

It’s a riff on Pride and Prejudice, and Elizabeth Bennet’s married name. But I am not Mrs. Darcy, nor do I play her on tv.

What is Twitterature?

The name comes from twitter + literature. It’s a monthly post (typically on the 15th) where I share short reviews of what I’ve been reading lately. Readers who have blogs are invited to write their own reading round-up and link it up. Check out the latest twitterature post here.

What’s that chocolate cake you’re always talking about? 

It’s amazing, and it’s right here.

Will you review my book on your blog?

Regular readers know I always have a stack of books by my bedside table, and another one waiting at my library. Too many books, too little time. I love to read, but it’s a bit overwhelming!

If you have a book you’d like me to review, have your publisher or publicist send me a copy. I’m more likely to read physical books than ebooks (just because I can see them and don’t forget about them). If I like it and think it would be a good fit for my readers, it may make its way into a post or get recommended on What Should I Read Next?–though I don’t normally post full book reviews.

I’m thinking of starting a blog. Can you give me some tips?

Go for it! My favorite blogging tips are from sports talk radio.

What’s your personality type?

Ah, you’re singing my song. In fact, I wrote a book about my exploration of (obsession with) various personality typing systems. If you just want to know my type I’m an INFP, and an enneagram type 9.

I heard you had a newsletter?

Yes! More on that here.


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  2. Rhonda Hayes says:

    Hi! I was wondering what type of cataloging you use so you don’t buy multiples of books you already have. I use the BookBuddy app for iphone where the barcode is scanned, but was wondering if you had other suggestions you liked. Love the blog and thanks!

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