Hi, I’m Anne.

I’m an author, the creator of this blog Modern Mrs. Darcy, and the host of the podcast What Should I Read Next. I read hundreds of books each year and even more importantly I talk to hundreds of readers like you.

That’s why I’m confident that you’ll find something in the links and resources below to help you wherever your reading life stands at the moment.

Are you looking to get more out of you reading life?

Just because you can read doesn’t mean you have the skills to have a rich reading life. Whether you’re looking to inject a little enthusiasm back into your reading life, fill up your TBR, or find a bookish community: the resources below are sure to help you take you the next step.

Reading journal

I strongly believe that to have a better reading life you need a reading journal. It can be simple, but you at least need to write down what you’ve read and if you liked it. That could be it or you could write a review of each book and track where you heard of it.

Keeping track of your past reads allows you to look back to find patterns of what’s working for you, if there are books you keep reading, but never like, or maybe to remind you of an author you loved and meant to read more from. There are lots of ways to keep track of your reading. You can use a spreadsheet, a blank notebook, or my reading journal My Reading Life.

Reading tips & tricks

Tracking your reading is definitely “tip” number one, but once you’ve begun doing that there are lots of ways to improve your reading life. Below are some of my favorites. Some are blog posts, but a couple of these are video courses originally done for the Modern Mrs Darcy Book Club.

Book journaling for book lovers (paid class)
1 Hour to a better bookstagram (paid class)
A simple trick for your TBR

Book lists

Load up your TBR with some titles off these past book lists. The summer reading guides are my annual project to bring you the books that feel like perfect summer reads across all genres. The other lists each have there own category or raison d’etre so whatever your mood I’m sure you’ll find something on these lists.

The 2020 Summer Reading Guide
Previous Summer Reading Guides
Unputdownable: 17 books I read in 24 hours
9 Books you should have read in high school that are totally worth reading now
The full list of book lists

Join one of my bookish communities

Reading is inherently a solitary act, but a rich reading life is lived in community. We have two communities here online both focused on connection around bookish enthusiasm. The book club is more educational based and has specific discussion forums for chatting all things books and reading but also about specific titles. The podcast community is focused around the creative process and behind the scenes aspects of What Should I Read Next with bonus audio content, community feedback about the show, and podcast specific printables.

Modern Mrs Darcy Book Club
What Should I Read Next Patreon community

Have your best reading year yet with my Reading Challenge

I read a lot of books, but I don’t think reading is a competition. My Reading Challenge isn’t to set a goal to read the most books ever. Instead it’s a way to help you have your best reading year yet–pushing you to try new genres, discover what you love about reading, and avoid speed reading through forgettable books just to hit a reading milestone.

Modern Mrs Darcy Reading Challenge

Listen to my podcasts

What Should I Read Next is the top independent literary podcast. Each week we talk all things books and reading with one guest. It’s so much fun especially now that I’ve talked with so many different guests (200+). You can submit your information to be a guest and get three recommendations. If you’d rather deep dive on one title instead of hearing three recommendations check out One Great Book where I tell you about one book I love in ten minutes or less.

What Should I Read Next
One Great Book
Guest submission form

Check out my books

I’ve been writing on line for ten years to there’s plenty to read here on the blog, but if you’re looking for one of my books you can find them at your favorite book retailer.

Don’t Overthink It
I’d Rather Be Reading
Reading People

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