Who is your favorite author?

Who is your favorite author?

For the 2015 Reading Challenge, I’m blogging through one category per month, in order. (Don’t worry—you don’t have to read them in order.)

So far we’ve covered:

  1. a book you’ve been meaning to read
  2. a book published this year
  3. a book in a genre you don’t typically read
  4. a book from your childhood
  5. a book your mom loves
  6. a book that was originally written in a different language
  7. a book ‘everyone’ has read but you
  8. a book you chose because of the cover

The 2015 Reading Challenge. I'm starting now!

I have a terrible time picking just one favorite anything, so picking a favorite author is out of the question. I suspect I’m like most readers: I have many favorites, depending on my mood, what I’ve recently read, and what’s happening in my life.

For great literature that never lets me down, I read Jane Austen. I don’t think I’ll tire of re-reading her works anytime soon, and I still discover something new on each re-reading.

Wendell Berry is another of my favorites. He writes wonderful, probing literary fiction, and while I’m not always in the mood for his contemplative works, I’m always rewarded when I summon the patience to slow down and revisit Port William.

I love Wallace Stegner, even though I haven’t even read half of his works. (The man was prolific.) But I’m amazed at what he can do with the written word, and several of his books are among my very favorites. (I’m reading his novel The Big Rock Candy Mountain for this category.)

There are authors I think of as kindred spirits, like Madeleine L’Engle. It’s not that I think we’re much alike, but that I feel understood reading her. She phrases things in a way I can hear.

There are authors I turn to for a good kick in the pants, like Brené Brown.

I have favorite authors for sheer entertainment value: Kate Morton, Louise Penny, Jojo Moyes. Not all-time-favorite authors, but must-read authors who consistently put out books I enjoy.

I’m stopping myself at 8 authors, though I could easily think of more.

Who are YOUR favorite authors, and why? 

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  1. Laura says:

    I am a librarian, and people are constantly asking for my favorite author. I’m the go-to person for book recommendations, because I read so many different genres. Have you read any books by Karen White? She has become one of my all-time favorites. Her books are engaging and the character development is phenomenal. Her prose is lyrical and flawless; I find that after I have read one of her books, I have to take a day to mourn that I won’t be reading more about her characters.

    And of course, I love Jane Austen. And Agatha Christie, David Baldacci, Jojo Moyes, Liane Moriarty, Lee Child, John Sandford, Camilla Lackberg, Stieg Larsson….and so many others!

  2. B J says:

    With a deep, satisfied sigh, I close “The Lake House” by Kate Morton for the last time. I would never have read this author if I hadn’t seen her name mentioned so often on this web site. I couldn’t believe when several people mentioned her as a binge author. She made a believer out of me. I’ll be off to the library this week to hunt up another of her works. I’m not a huge fan of books written in more than one time line, more often than not, they are too disjointed to follow the story easily. Kate Morton knows how to do it. She allowed the story to unfold in an easy to follow order in both timelines with a few things that I never saw coming and others that I suspected but loved the way she brought them out. Loved this book! Thanks for another great recommendation.

  3. jesica says:

    I just started reading English novels about a year ago so I’m still exploring different authors, but the ones that I love at the moment are:
    Rainbow Rowell: her simplicity of writing is very intriguing.
    She has a way of writing cute and adorable romance 🙂

  4. Leah says:

    I don’t think he was mentioned: Alexander McCall Smith! Picked up Portuguese Irregular Verbs (based on its cover) on a whim at the library and have been reading him ever since. Other all-time favorites include LM Montgomery, Roald Dahl, Amy Tan, Agatha Christie, Stephen King.

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