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I hope you have a lovely weekend ahead of you, readers. Here are some of my favorite reads from this week to set the tone.

My favorite finds from around the web:

The women started a book club that has lasted 50 years, touching the head and the heart. “Leah Nepom calls herself a newcomer. She’s 91 and has been in the group for 35 years.”

Commonly mispronounced author names. Saying Roald Dahl is harder than it looks.

How to help teenage girls reframe anxiety and strengthen resilience. “How adults respond to teens’ emotional reactions matters a lot, said Damour. When adults become anxious in response to a teen’s anxiety, it exacerbates the situation.”

I’m Ruth Reichl, and these are the best recipes from my Gourmet years. “To this day, these simple buckwheat noodles remain one of my favorite lunchtime dishes.”

• I heard from a reliable source that these pens were worth checking out and … YES.

How writers can pay it forward. “At Shy Rabbit, writers can take nature walks, hike the trails, go fishing, and just connect with nature. It’s a special place that sparks creative thought.” Click here to see what this tiny house for writers looks like. (It’s perfection.)

Favorite Instagram:

When a fifteen-year-old entrepreneur reached out and asked if I’d like to check out the book subscription service she and her mom created called TAKING THE ADVENTURE … of course I couldn’t say no! You can get 10% off with code MRSDARCY. (Follow me on Instagram @annebogel.)

On the blog:

One year ago: 15 literary novels that will have you compulsively turning the pages. “I mean a book that is strong not only on interior characterization but also on plot, one that tempts me to keep reading way past my bedtime, one that makes me want to know what happens next.”

Two years ago: 6 mini-resolutions keeping me healthy and happy and sane this spring. “I’ve been taking stock lately, doing a sort of spring cleaning of my home and habits, in an attempt to emphasize the good and shed the bad.”

Three years ago: Chase the fun. “Chase the fun doesn’t mean telling your boss to shove it and booking that flight to Jamaica, or leaving your homework unfinished. It doesn’t mean blowing the work off when it gets hard.”

Four years ago: What it’s like to read for a living. “Believe it or not, I was never particularly interested in a job that involved a lot of reading, for the same reason I didn’t last as an English major: I was afraid that making books my work would take all the fun out of it.”

Five years ago: When you have a long runway. “I’m newly conscious of how those with long runways require their extra space, and I’m trying to grant it: to myself, to my kid, to anyone who needs some time to get her thoughts from her mind to her mouth.”

On the podcast:

Don’t miss today’s brand-new episode of my new show One Great Book, where each week I pull one standout selection off my personal bookshelves and tell you all about it, in ten minutes or less.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Odette says:

    Be careful with the Frixion pens. Writing disappears with heat (like a car sitting in the sun). It will come back if you put the paper in the freezer.

  2. Janene says:

    I loved the article on anxiety in teen girls! I have felt for a very long time that most people have the idea that no one should ever feel anxious. This was a great way to acknowledge the anxiety and help young women feel more capable of coping!

  3. Christie Kline says:

    I discovered the frixion pens when they first came out many years ago because they are excellent for sewing. When you iron, the ink disappears! Not sure when they came out with colors, but I’ll definitely need to get some for marking dark fabrics. I didn’t realize that you could get writing back by putting it in th freezer, but I always wondered about the sun and the ink on paper. I’ve never used the pens for paper.

  4. Suzanne C says:

    The Frixion Clicker Gel Ink pens are the only ones I’ll use now for my planner. It’s soooo nice to be able to erase appointments that get changed or cancelled, etc., rather than scratching things out or using Wite-Out. I’ll have to give this version a try, too.

  5. Charlsa says:

    I use ALL the Frixion pens for my Bible study and have been for about 8 years now. I mark words/phrases, geographical locations, references to time, etc. directly in my Bible, so I like Frixion pens because they don’t bleed through the paper. I can also erase them if I mark something incorrectly. By the way, the Frixion erasable HIGHLIGHTERS are FABULOUS. I get all of mine through They have all the sets and individual pens in all the styles (markers,gels, pencil-like gels, fine-tip or ball-point, tip-size, retractable or capped). They have great cases, too.

  6. Chris Jacobsen says:

    I need some help Bookish Friends…

    Modern Mrs, Darcy updates have ceased to arrive in my email. I’ve subscribed again, but even the confirmation does not come in.

    I couldn’t find another way ‘in’, so I’m coming to you!
    Thanks for any help you might offer…..I feel like I’ve lost a friend, as MMD has saved me countless times in ways I never expected.
    ~Chris ([email protected])

  7. Mindy says:

    I have been using the Frixion pens for years and they really are excellent. It is frustrating that the ink disappears in the heat. So, I only write things that will stay in the house. For example, I was tempted to write out notes for an upcoming hike for my family – but it would have been awful to open my map notes and see that they had all disappeared in the heat of the day. Same thing for a grocery list, for example, if I get into my hot car in the morning and have the list there and it has disappeared, I am going to be upset. So, I only use the pens in the house for things that are going to stay in the house.

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