My 8 favorite spring-to-summer transition pieces

Where I live, spring weather is a roller coaster: it’s not unusual to go from the 30s to the 80s in the course of a single spring week! That means I’m looking for pieces that are suitable for warm weather but can easily be warmed back up when the temperature inevitably drops again.

These are some of the favorite pieces I rely on to gracefully carry me from spring into summer. 

8 stylish pieces to transition your closet to summer cropped jean jacket

Banana Republic // Target // J.Crew

Cropped jean jacket

The jean jacket goes with anything (especially since denim-on-denim is no longer a no-no), and a cropped style looks especially good with dresses. The best part: even if I shove my jacket to the bottom of my tote, it still looks fresh and crisp when I put it on.

Old Navy // J.Crew // LOFT


This simple layer adds style, warmth, and if you like, a burst of color to your familiar summer outfits. I often slip one into my tote bag so I’m ready for the changing temps throughout the day.

A cropped cardigan helps you get more wear out of summer dresses on the cooler (or air-conditioned) summer days, and longer neutral cardigans look great with simple tops, jeans, and a nice pendant. If it’s just a bit cool out, tie it around your shoulders for a little extra warmth and a pop of color.

LOFT // Everlane // Target

Elbow-sleeve tee

I love this style: the elbow-length sleeve feels a little more polished than your standard tee, and feels comfortable indoors and outdoors. 

Everlane // Boden // Madewell

Linen tee

I love the texture of linen, which makes even dark colors feel like spring. (I personally wear and love the Everlane tees, but they are not kidding when they say to keep them out of the dryer. My daughter was the very happy recipient of a linen tee that ended up in the wrong load and shrunk by a full size.)

Madewell // Old Navy // Gap

White jeans

These look a little crisper than dark denim, and my favorite relaxed fit feels a lot cooler than skinny jeans on regular days. Pair these with a classy tee and a necklace and you can go to a meeting or a ballgame and be perfectly dressed either way.

J.Crew // Target // Boden

Striped tee

A nice stripe feels fresh and fun, and will never go out of style. Navy and white is classic, and I’m also loving the rainbow stripes popping up everywhere this season. 

Old Navy // J.Crew // Banana Republic 

Wrap dress

Effortlessly chic, plus they pair so easily with a cardigan or jacket to help you out during cooler mornings and evenings. 

Saltwater Sandals // Tieks // Eileen Fisher

Seasonal shoes

I love and adore my Saltwater sandals: they’re comfortable, they go with everything, and are such high quality for the money. Spring-hued Tieks are a sure sign of warm weather. And those Eileen Fisher espadrille wedges are so cute in person—even though my own feet are too wide to wear them. 

Are you ready for summer weather? What are your go-to spring-to-summer transition pieces? What summer pieces are you most ready to haul out of storage? 

8 stylish pieces to transition your closet to summer


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  1. Alison S. says:

    I’m giving white jeans a try this spring because I love the classic look. It takes courage for me to wear white since I have three young boys! Wish me luck! lol

  2. Tory says:

    I just got a Target ad in my email with pink wedge sandals very similar to the Eileen Fisher ones you linked to. A fraction of the price, I imagine.

  3. Mira says:

    I live in an area with cold nights in the summer, and sometimes struggle with what to keep in the closet from my winter wardrobe since it’s cold in the summer too. I feel like these pieces would be a good starting place!

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