Links I love

Links I love

Happy Thanksgiving, American readers! I hope yesterday treated you well. Today’s goal is to figure out where to put the tree for the first Christmas in our new-to-us house. And do a little online shopping for stuffers, with this resource list. Wish me luck?

My favorite finds from around the web:

9 fictional cities you’ll want to move to right now.

Meet the people who listen to podcasts at super-fast speeds. “Meet the podfasters, a subset of podcast obsessives who listen to upward of 50 episodes a week, by listening extremely fast.”

The 2017 Christmas gift guide to empower women.

A Jane Austen kind of guy. “It was Colin-Firth-as-Mr.-Darcy who ignited the Jane Austen frenzy of recent decades. She was popular before, but not like that.”

Favorite instagram:

‘Tis the season. I am strongly considering trying this at home. Follow me on instagram @annebogel.

And P.S. I am LOVING all your #12daysofbookstagram photos!

On the blog:

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  1. Carol says:

    Although the fictional cities of the list all sound interesting, the one city (actually, very small town) I truly wish I could live in is Three Pines, from Louise Penny’s wonderful Inspector Gamache series. It would be such an easy transition for me as I already know my way around the “business district” ?, the residents are as familiar as my real life friends, and I know exactly what I would order from the menu at Gabri and Olivier’s Bistro.

  2. I admit to being a podfaster. Just 1.5x. Everybody sounds very peppy. When I listen at regular speed, it feels like back in the days when I listened to Voice of America short wave broadcasts of “Special English” for people learning the language.

  3. Natasha says:

    Love the gift guide to empower women. That scarf from House of Light, what a neat idea! Reminds me of my favorite cozy blanket.

  4. Maryalene says:

    I wish I could listen to my podcasts faster, but I don’t enjoy then as much that way. However, it would make it way easier to get through my bug backlog. I too have to start at episode 1 and work my way through the catalog (how do random episode listeners do it??) I’ve actually skipped subscribing to some podcasts because I worry the large catalog will make me twitchy.

  5. Britany says:

    Eureka! I am a completist! This is the very reason I hate starting series of books. I just read them all and it gives me anxiety. I also am a podfaster- listening to them at 1.5x but ready to move them up to 2x. Also must go back and listen to the backlog.

  6. Naomi says:

    Hi! Faithful listener, first-time commenter here. I’m accompanying a group of college students to Amsterdam, Florence, Perugia, and Rome in January, and am looking for informative but entertaining books about those cities to read before I go. I’ve scoured the blog for recommendations and found a few (Anthony Doerr, Dominic Smith, sadly passing on The Minaturist because reviews), but am curious if there is a post or list of recommendations I’m missing? Thanks so much!

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