My Favorite Thanksgiving Movie (That You’ve Never Heard Of)

My Favorite Thanksgiving Movie (That You’ve Never Heard Of)

pieces of april best thanksgiving movieNow is a good time to tell you about my favorite Thanksgiving movie that you’ve probably never heard of. (Not that there are many Thanksgiving films to begin with!)

Pieces of April is a gritty comedy about family dysfunction, centered around a family’s Thanksgiving dinner. Katie Holmes plays April (and this is way back in 2003 in the pre-Tom Cruise era), and she’s persuaded her family to drive in from the suburbs to her rundown shoebox of an NYC apartment for Thanksgiving dinner.

The family’s a mess. April describes herself as the family’s “first pancake”–the ruined one, the one you throw away. But her mom (Patricia Clarkson, who is always fabulous) is dying of cancer, and April is hell-bent on having a decent last Thanksgiving dinner as a family.

I’m sure many of you will hate this movie. (Feel free to leave a question in comments or email me if you’re wondering if you’d like it or not.) Pieces of April is not for kids, or for young teenagers. (There’s a little sex, some language, and her mom is dying of cancer.)  But I love it for its themes of hope and forgiveness. Some of you will love it, too.

You can rent Pieces of April from Amazon here.

If you’re looking for a Thansgiving film for family viewing, stick to Planes, Trains & Automobiles. There’s heaps of profanity in the beginning, but this Steve Martin comedy is a classic. (And hey, it’s not football!)

For all ages, I recommend A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving. It lacks the brilliance of the Christmas and Halloween specials, but this Thanksgiving film is still fun family viewing on Thanksgiving Day.

Does your family watch anything special on Thanksgiving Day?

*****     *****     *****

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  1. Taryn B says:

    I’m late to this comment stream, but I have to say that the movie we watch each Thankgiving is Ladyhawk. Yup. My husband’s family watched it a couple Thanksgivings in a row–accidentally–when he was growing up, and now we watch it every thanksgiving we can. It has absolutely nothing to do with the holiday, and it’s so campy, but I love that it will forever be our Thanksgiving movie.

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