Don’t Overthink It is here!

Don’t Overthink It is here!

Readers, after years of thinking, dreaming, planning, writing, editing, marketing, contemplating, and occasionally freaking out, my new book Don’t Overthink It is finally here!

It’s available now for online ordering, waiting for you on bookstore shelves, maybe it’s even in your mailbox if you preordered. After years of working to bring this book to light, it’s both exhilarating and terrifying to have it finally out there in the world, and in your hands—and on your nightstand, on your e-reader, in your earbuds, the whole shebang.

By the time a book comes out, the writing has been done for a long time. That’s why launch day can feel strange for a writer. On the one hand, there’s very little for me to do. But on the other, I finally get to hear from you about this book I wrote. It’s a joy and a privilege and also downright scary to know that the words in this book make an actual difference in people’s lives. Maybe your life.

This book is called Don’t Overthink It. That topic sounds like a real downer, but this book is not. I hope you’ll find it illuminating, inspiring, practical, and full of joy, right from the get-go. That’s the reason I wrote this book: not to focus on the overthinking itself, but on how to put it aside in order to bring more peace, love, and joy into our lives.

If you identify as an overthinker, I hope you’ll snatch this book up immediately. (Don’t overthink it! If you only knew how many times my marketing department has made that joke this past year …)

If you don’t identify as an overthinker, I’m happy for you. And I want you to know that I’ve already talked to scores of readers (early reviewers, launch team members who got early copies, What Should I Read Next listeners who listened to me read Chapter 13 on the podcast) who said they didn’t consider themselves to be overthinkers, and yet the insights in this book are helping them immensely. I truly believe you can find at least one idea in here that will change your life in a way that’s worth 10 times the cover price.

What others are saying about Don’t Overthink It

Don’t just take my word for it: here’s what other smart people are saying about Don’t Overthink It:

“Reading Anne Bogel’s words feels like having a conversation with your calmest, most reasonable friend—the one who gives you the advice you most need to hear. Get ready to feel happier, less panicked, and more at peace before you even finish the book.”

—Mary Laura Philpott, bestselling author of I Miss You When I Blink

“I was pumping my fist in the air while reading through Anne Bogel’s words in Don’t Overthink It, because I know how many people—women, especially—need this book. 

—Laura Tremaine, writer and podcaster

“Decisions don’t have to be so hard. Anne Bogel tells us why and shows us how. With a delightful combination of her own experience and practical research, Anne brings us relief from overthinking, making at least one decision quick and easy: get this book!”

—Emily P. Freeman, podcaster and bestselling author of The Next Right Thing

“Ruminating about decisions and problems can waste all kinds of time. In this upbeat and encouraging book, Anne shows readers how to escape this mental trap and free up space for life’s adventures.”

—Laura Vanderkam, author of Off the Clock and Juliet’s School of Possibilities

Preorder bonuses extended and expanded

If you did preorder Don’t Overthink It, thank you so much! If you haven’t yet, please claim your preorder bonuses.

If you haven’t preordered, I have good news. My publisher has agreed to extend the preorder bonus deadline through this Friday, March 6. That means you can still get the Don’t Overthink It companion course, the I’d Rather Be Reading ebook and the free Don’t Overthink It audiobook. Don’t miss your chance to get multiple formats for the price of just one!

Click here for more detailed information on those preorder bonuses.

What can you do?

Thank you so much to those of you who have asked, What can I do to spread the word? That question is music to a writer’s ears.

There are lots of free and easy ways to support your favorite authors. These quick actions make a big impact on spreading the word about a new book:

• Buy the book. (So obvious, and yet so true!)
Add it to your to-read shelf on Goodreads.
• Review it: on Instagram, Goodreads, your own blog, Amazon,, Audible, wherever you bought the book.
• Share about it on social media. Use the hashtag #dontoverthinkit so we can see your posts!
• Ask your library to purchase a copy, and/or request it from your library.
• Ask your local indie to carry it.
• Buy the book for a friend, family member, or book clubber.
• Share the thing you’re doing to overcome overthinking with us by posting using the hashtag #buytheflowers

Where to buy your copy

Your local bookstore
Barnes and Noble
Carmichael’s Bookstore
Book Depository
Google Play
Christian Audio

I’d love to meet you this spring

I’m so grateful for your support and hope to thank you and wish you Happy Reading! in person. Check my events page for all the details of where I’ll be and when, including those events happening later this spring in St Louis, Gaithersburg, Maryland, and beyond.

Readers, thanks so much for your support. When I write books, I do it with you in mind, and I’m thrilled to send it out into the world, and into your hands.

Happy reading!


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  1. Jennifer Tanner says:

    Bought my book and have it here, very excited for you Anne! So neat to walk into my bookstore and see the book you have discussed with listeners for awhile now displayed on their shelf. Thank you too for the preorder bonuses, especially the one announced today!! Best of luck with the book tour, travel/family etc.

  2. Jennifer Tanner says:

    Vexcited for you Anne! So neat to walk into my bookstore and see the book you have discussed with listeners for awhile now displayed on their shelf. Thank you too for the preorder bonuses, especially the one announced today!! Best of luck with the book tour, travel/family etc.

    • Jennifer says:

      Yikes, that was supposed to say very excited. Instead it looks like something slang from my teenagers new way of using words:(

    • Julie says:

      This may very well be my new favourite word!! I am going to look for ways to fit it into everyday conversations! I will start by saying that I am also vexcited for Don’t Overthink It!

  3. Barbara says:

    I dove into the book when it came Wednesday (a day late due to the storm in Nashville) and am applying the strategy of taking a small bite of a project. As soon as I realized what I could do the clutter in my mind quieted. Thank you!

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