All about the Don’t Overthink It preorder bonuses: what they are and how to get yours

Readers, my book Don’t Overthink It: Make Easier Decisions, Stop Second-Guessing, and Bring More Joy to Your Life is coming out soon! I can’t wait to get it in your hands. It’s been a joy to hear feedback from early readers, and I’ve also loved hearing how reading the book—or even listening to one chapter—is changing the way you live your life.

Now that the release date is right around the corner, it’s time to tell you about the exciting preorder bonuses I’ve put together for you.

The book comes out March 3, but I would be so grateful if you would preorder it now. That’s because in today’s publishing landscape, preorders are more important than ever.

When you preorder a book, it lets retailers know readers are interested, which means they order copies for release day. Your preorder lets publishers know how many copies to print, and greatly impacts buzz, marketing, and media coverage. If you’re inclined to buy the book, preordering now would be so helpful.

As an added incentive, I’ve worked with my publisher to offer everyone who preorders the book (in any format) these fantastic preorder bonuses that are absolutely free to you.

About the preorder bonuses

When you preorder the book and fill out the form at, you get the following free bonuses—and you get two of them prior to the book’s release date!

  1. The free digital Don’t Overthink It course, created as a companion to the book. So many people are ordering this book because they struggle with overthinking, so I don’t want you to have to wait until March 3 to learn effective tools and strategies to help you overcome it! This course gives you instant help and gratification. It will be delivered straight to your inbox mid-January.
  2. The free audiobook edition of Don’t Overthink It. Order the print or ebook version of Don’t Overthink It and get the audiobook version for free when the audiobook is released. This is your only opportunity to get two formats for the price of one.
  3. The free ebook of I’d Rather Be Reading. As an extra bonus, readers who preorder get my second book about the delights and dilemmas of the reading life for free!  

When you preorder the book and fill out the form at, you’ll also be the first to receive an invitation to join the launch team. Those invites are going out soon so don’t wait to preorder and claim your bonuses.

How to preorder

There are three ways to preorder Don’t Overthink It. Pick the one that’s right for you. Don’t overthink it! (Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.)

1. Preorder from your favorite on or offline retailer.

Pre-order Don’t Overthink It wherever new books are sold, including your favorite independent bookstore; most make it easy to preorder online or by phone. (Use this ISBN: 9780801094460.)

2. Preorder a signed copy from Carmichael’s Bookstore.

I’m thrilled to be able to offer signed copies of Don’t Overthink It through my local independent bookstore. Click here to order online, or call the store at 502-896-6950 to order by phone.

3. Order a deluxe MMD Book Club Spring Bundle featuring Don’t Overthink It through Page 1 Books.

This bundle includes a paperback copy of all three spring Book Club selections, including March selection Don’t Overthink It, plus a “Don’t Overthink It” mug from Carrot Top Paper Shop, a “Don’t Overthink It” notepad and pen from Public School Paper Co, a midi-booksleeve from Happy Go Lovely Sleeves, and a cute bud vase with daisy.

Click here to order your Page 1 Book Club Bundle. As with previous Book Club bundles, quantities are limited, and when they’re gone, they’re gone.

How to claim your bonuses:

After you preorder, take your receipt and go to Scroll down and enter your name and address under “claim your free bonuses.” (If you don’t take this step, we can’t deliver you your bonuses, so make sure you fill out the form!)

That’s it! You should get a confirmation email almost immediately, and you’ll receive the pre-publication bonuses just as soon as they’re ready in mid-January.

Thanks for reading, and thanks so much for your support of Don’t Overthink It!

P.S. In the next two weeks we’re posting information here on the blog about the launch team and book tour events. If you’re not subscribed to blog updates, click here to do that now so you don’t miss this information. Thanks!


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  1. Allyson says:

    My husband and I were out running our Saturday morning errands. I told him my dilemma of deciding where I was going to place my preorder. We happened to be in Trader Joe and I simply had to tell him the story behind the cover. P.S. He is always in favor of including flowers, although this week I opted for the basil plant.

  2. Michelle says:

    Fully understanding these locations and dates are almost certainly set I’m still going to plug/plea/request a book tour stop at Changing Hands Bookstore in Phoenix. They have wonderful events all the time for so many interests. When we relocated here I reached out to the book peeps at the MMD book club for an indie bookstore and got many referrals to Changing Hands. Best. Advise. Ever. 📚

    • Anne says:

      I’ve heard such great things about Changing Hands and would love to visit one day! I’m not sure that “one day” is going to arrive this spring, but they’re definitely on my must-visit bookstore list.

  3. Hurray! I just placed my pre-order and will claim my bonuses ASAP. I’m excited about this new book–really looking forward to reading it and thrilled for you. God bless you in what will likely be an especially busy season for you!

  4. M Stickland says:

    I’m going to preorder my book at Browsers in Olympia, WA. It was SO fun to see you there on your last book tour. We’d love to see you again when this book comes out!

  5. Casey Cogburn says:

    Yikes! What happens when you THINK you preordered a while ago (because you loved “I’d Rather Be Reading” so much!🥰) is there a way I can track that 🤷🏼‍♀️?
    Or maybe just go ahead a preorder (again) then you can gift someone the book when you find out, ‘sure enough, I did order that’ 🤔you can see my dilemma😄

  6. Wendy Curtis says:

    Hi Anne! I loved the chapter you read on WSIRN and I can’t wait to read the rest (yes, I pre-ordered)! Congratulations on book #3 😃

  7. Rhonda McGee says:

    Thanks Anne, I ordered my book today and have claimed my generous free bonuses that you offered. Good luck with the book. Can’t wait to read it.

  8. Monica Ackerman says:

    I just preordered, and I can’t wait to read it! I am so extremely guilty of overthinking. I loved the chapter you read on What Should I Read Next. Thank you for the bonuses!

  9. Sarah Purvis says:

    Will we get a confirmation email once we complete the form providing info that we have preordered your book? Safe travels ! SARAH

  10. Suzanne says:

    Me: if you were going to buy a book, would you do $12 for a regular one, or $16 for a signed one?
    Husband, baffled: I’d probably just get the cheaper one, unless it was really important to me…what is it?
    Me: It’s called Don’t Overthink It…
    And then I started laughing. Crying laughing. I obviously need this, no matter where I preorder from!

  11. Nicole says:

    Omgosh…am loving _I’d Rather Be Reading_ and now can’t wait for the new book! Thanks so much for the freebies with preorder. Absolutely adore this blog as well. Looking forward to a book tour in Los Angeles one of these days 😉

  12. Barbara says:

    I am certain I put in my information from my preorder but it is past mid-January and I have not seen the pre-publication bonuses yet. Actually, I have an email from you titled “About Your Preorder Bonuses.” However, I have not seen anything yet. What is the status?

    Thank you,

  13. Suzanne says:

    If the book is included in the ticket price of attending one of your bookstore events, can it still be counted as a preorder, and can I get the freebies for joining the launch team?

  14. Stephanie says:

    I preordered and registered on the sight. I then got an email saying my bonuses were on the way but have never received them, what should I do??? Thanks!

  15. Jayne Kasten says:

    Anne — I don’t think I got my email about my bonuses… Please Help!

    (I ordered from Amazon and filled out the email “bonus” form…)

    Many thanks!

  16. Carey Hall says:

    I’m trying to click on the link for the bonuses in order to put my name and address but it isn’t working. Are the bonuses all gone???? 🙁

    • Carey Hall says:

      Oy…ignore this. It wouldn’t work on Internet Explorer. I had to use Chrome. Sorry for the panic and tears, oh, never mind. You can’t see me!! 🙂

  17. Megan says:

    I preordered the book a week ago and put in my preorder request for the bonuses. I still haven’t gotten anything about that, other than an initial email telling me the bonuses were on the way. Is this the right place to ask for help?

  18. Susan Nagy says:

    I am very sorry to bother you about this, but I did preorder your book, and did get a confirmation email about the bonuses on 2-11-20, but nothing since then. Looking forward to reading your book!

  19. Julianne Galkin says:

    I will be attending the signing at The Strand in NYC on Friday. I bought tickets a while ago. Does this qualify as a “pre-order”?

  20. Hildred Sullivan says:

    My book arrived right on time on the 3rd (Yay!) but I didn’t realize until the reminder came that we were limited in time to get the audiobook downloaded. Well I signed up on audiobooks (I usually use Audible) just now and I cannot get it to work. Now what? I would dearly love to listen on my ride down/back from the shore one of these upcoming Spring weekends. Help please!

  21. Laura J Love says:

    I did not get a response back on my question concerning the missing pre-order bonuses. Is there something else that I need to do?

  22. Jo says:

    I’m just getting around to start reading the book (I know, shame on me) but I prefer audio version so I can listen while I commute. I pre-ordered but don’t remember getting an email about the audiobook… where can I download it?

    • Anne says:

      Jo, that email went out on March 3, with the subject line “Your Don’t Overthink It preorder goodies are here!” I recommend searching your inbox for the subject line. Fingers crossed!

      • Jo says:

        I’ve been cleaning out my overstuffed email inbox and hit appears I have inadvertently deleted it – nothing’s coming up 😕

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