A Christmas Gallery

christmas gallery

For your convenience: my favorite holiday posts, in one place. (Click here to view all the Christmas posts on Modern Mrs Darcy.)

Four easy gifts for the men in your life. I’m sharing four-ish gifts that have been easy to find (for me) and much appreciated (by him).

The 2017 Modern Mrs. Darcy Gift Guide. I didn’t intend to make this list so long, but there’s so much good bookish stuff out there this year that I couldn’t help myself.

100 stocking stuffers that will actually be appreciated, don’t feel like a waste of money, and won’t be broken/destroyed/forgotten by New Years. These favorite (and a few unconventional) stocking stuffers won’t make you feel like you’re throwing your money away.

gift guide jane austen fan

Gift Guide for the Jane Austen fan. For the Jane Austen fan in your life (and that may very well be YOU): 17 gifts she’ll adore.

11+ gifts that are perfect for book lovers. Perfect gifts for the book lover in your life—even if that book lover is you. This is basically my Christmas wish list.

9+ family Christmas movies that won’t terrify your kids. My kids are sensitive to what they see on the screen, which takes many holiday favorites off the table. These are the films we can all enjoy together.

unusual gifts for kids

10 unusual gifts for kids. Get your mind out of the toy aisle to find the perfect gifts for the kids in your life.

Our Craigslist Christmas. Whether you want to save money or just find unique gifts that can’t be found in a store, Craigslist is a great place to find Christmas gifts, IF you know what you’re looking for.

The minimalist’s guide to stocking stuffers. Clutter-free ideas for the whole family.

How to make a book page wreath (and more book art for the holidays). You’ve seen them on Pinterest—here’s how to make your own.

13+ perfect stocking stuffers for book lovers. Stocking stuffers to surprise and delight the book lover in your life.

Really practical gifts for kids. Children’s gifts that parents will really appreciate.

The best Christmas scenes in English literature. 5 favorites sure to get you in that holiday spirit.

A very bookish Christmas countdown. Each year, we wrap a gigantic pile of Christmas and winter-themed books (most of which we already own) and stack them by the fireplace. Beginning December 1, we’ll unwrap one every night, until Christmas Day.


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  1. Kellie says:

    I love your title of Christmas movies that won’t terrify kids. My daughter does not scare easily but she’s also 4 so we haven’t exposed her to a lot. But I kind of forget how intense some of these kids movies are!

  2. Tara says:

    Anne, I’m nearly finished with my shopping but you keep adding to MY wish list – ha! 😉 These are all so great; I love bookish gifts and treats.

  3. Elizabeth says:

    One of my goals this year was to have a simple Christmas, with less toys and more meaningful gifts. I had a great idea that I would make a “my favorite things” box for each of my kids and fill it with things they love but rarely get. So far I have added things like microwave popcorn(we usually air pop), 4 jars of Nutella(which I got on sale for 49cents!) and scored a free Venus razor with a coupon I received in the mail(we usually use disposable ones that I get free with coupons). I really think my kids will love this idea and the best part is….it’s soooo cheap and fun to fill:)

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