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Anne of Green Gables: Patron saint of girls who ask too many questions. “What moved me most when I first read the book was the fact that Anne was not saccharine-sweet like some of the female characters I’d encountered in novels up until then. Nor was she wicked, like certain others. Instead, she was a mixture, like me.”

• 11 fascinating nonfiction books to give the reader who already has basically everything on their shelves. “Luckily for you, readers tend to be a group of people who are endlessly interested in almost everything. And there are tons of fascinating, readable nonfiction books out in 2017 that almost anyone would consider unputdownable.”

How black books lit my way along the Appalachian Trail. “Everyone had something out here. The love I carried was books. Exceptional books. Books by black authors, their photos often the only black faces I would talk to for weeks. These were writers who had endured more than I’d ever been asked to, whose strength gave me strength in turn.”

6 strict rules the royal family (and now Meghan Marckle) must follow.

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This lived-in home library for the last day of my #12daysofbookstagram challenge stole the show. Read more about our home library here, and follow me on instagram @annebogel.

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Psst—one of my lifetime favorite books is on sale for kindle and nook today. Check out the full list of ebook deals here.

One year ago: Learning how to think (really). “There are many ways to define a great book, but this is one of my favorite: one mark of greatness is when I find myself thinking about the book, or its ideas, weeks, months, and even years later.”

Two years ago: 9 bestsellers actually worth the hype.

Three years ago: 13+ stocking stuffers perfect for book lovers.

Four years ago: Why it’s worth adopting (or inventing) family traditions. (Because St Nicholas Day is December 6…)

Six years ago: Really practical gifts for kids.

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  1. Heather says:

    Thank you, Anne, for the list of nonfiction books. (Good to see your book there, too.) I gain so much from your blog and podcast. My TBR list is incredibly long, and that thrills me. What you do is worth it.

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