Links I love

Links I love

My favorite finds from around the web:

Reese Witherspoon’s new role: power broker. “I’m on the crusade to find a dynamic, female character, whether she’s likable or not.”

Why I plan to get pregnant on anti-anxiety meds. “When my husband and I began to think about having a kid, I was faced with a choice: Stay on the drugs, possibly hurt the unborn baby, but remain relatively calm; or go off the drugs, reduce the risk to the baby, but potentially become a prisoner of my own anxiety.”

Why the forty-something woman is at risk of an affair. “I started to wonder why this kept happening to women around me, women in their forties, women who seemed to be happy, until the moment they weren’t.” My recent podcast with the ladies at She Reads put this one on my radar. So good.

• Outgoing introverts do exist—are you one? “You don’t sit home alone every weekend watching Netflix in your pajamas and you actually enjoy the occasional party. You start to wonder, am I really an introvert?”

Favorite instagram: 

the jewel box
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On the blog:

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  1. Breanne says:

    I am so fascinated by the article about Reese Witherspoon, what a way to use her influence. I’m excited to see more movies from her company.

  2. The extroverted-introvert one really struck me because not long ago a relative wrote a comment on my blog in response to a passing remark I’d made there re introversion: he said “I know introverts and you’re no introvert — introverts don’t blog or comment on blogs. You’re an ambivert — look it up.” Naturally this took me aback and really got me thinking.I know that I draw energy from alone time and that my focus is primarily inward,which convinces me that I’m an introvert. I’m not sure it is helpful to coin terms like ambivert, which implies a whole separate category, but I like extroverted introvert bc it acknowledges that there is a spectrum; no one is 100% introverted. Also, where you are on the other MBTI categories will affect what kind of introvert you are; a Feeling introvert is going to be quite different from a Thinking one, for instance. Anyway, thanks for sharing this article.

    • liz n. says:

      I was once told that I am an ambivert, which amused me. Introverts are not hermits, and you’re spot-on in that there is a whole spectrum into which one can be less or more introverted or extroverted. Introverts can be very social…and then exhale a huge sigh of relief when we get to leave whatever function, event, or situation in which we’ve dealt with more people than we care to. (And, yes, Jeannie’s relative, introverts do gravitate toward such things as blogging, in good part because we can limit–and to some extent, control–the amount of and kind of interaction we have with others.) There is so much more nuance to the introvert/extrovert aspects of personality than (many) folks realize!

  3. Thank you for the introvert article! It is so true that not all introverts are the same and even though I may enjoy being alone and staying home most of the time, I do actually like going to parties and being around people I like sometimes. 🙂 A lot of people do not understand introverts at all and I think the more articles written, the better for all of us.

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