Links I love.

Links I love.

My favorite finds from around the web: 

• 12 things you don’t owe anyone. “As you progress on this new journey of living, remember that some people around you will naturally be taken aback.  But as long you aren’t hurting them, you don’t owe them anything that takes away your power to move forward with your life.”

• 5 fashion resolutions for 2016. “One fashion editor realizes that when you think you’ve got the ideal set of clothing rules, it’s probably time to break a few.”

• How to read an entire book in a single day. “That might seem like a lot, but it’s totally possible. And you can do it without any skimming or speed reading trickery, which can be bad when it comes to truly absorbing information.”

• The benefits of installing a Little Free Library in your front yard. “The little library functions as basically just a neighborhood book exchange. On a weekly basis, there are dozens of books turned over in my library, and the benefits both to my own life, and to the community at large, have been numerous.”

On the blog: 

• One year ago: Happy New Year! And a quick look back at 2014. Blog and real life highlights from the previous year.

• Two years ago: Dreading your Whole 30? Just start it now (with 9 planning tips).

• Three years ago: Books (and blogs) for your New Year’s resolutions.

• Four years ago: 3 tiny habits to meet my New Year’s resolutions.

Have a great weekend and happy New Year!

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