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Happy Friday, readers! I’ve been on the road this week, so this weekend looks like a Costco run, heaps of laundry, and maybe fresh bags of spring mulch for my nearly-ready-to-bloom tulips. And to finish my current book, of course.

My favorite finds from around the web:

Every time I leave town I’m newly grateful for packing cubes and my other travel necessities.

The bias hiding in your library. “Many items cover multiple subjects, yet a single physical item can only be shelved in one location. Selecting a call number automatically devalues other subjects, but it must be done.”

Millennial reading habits are surprisingly traditional. “And when they aren’t busy ‘killing’ mayonnaise and department stores, Millennials are also helping to keep bookstores alive, thanks to their preference for traditional print books over digital ones.”

Why I hate cooking with (but love cooking for) kids. “Not only are they messy and slow, but they are also constantly in the way. And they want to lick everything.”

Michelle Obama’s Becoming may be best-selling memoir ever. “But in the U.K., its impact may have been the most historic. There, Obama’s Becoming managed to outsell any other book for the holidays and became the first book by an author of color to do so in the U.K.” (I read it; I loved it.)

I like the looks of (and may truly need) Donna’s path to wellness series.

Favorite Instagram:

I was in Kansas City earlier this week …. and if you thought I could resist this photo op you don’t know me at all.

(I’ve gotten a ton of messages from KC readers afraid they missed an event! The answer is no, so no worries—and I hope to visit in the future for a public appearance.)

(Follow me on Instagram @annebogel.)

On the blog:

One year ago: 7 things you need to know before you buy a swimsuit online. “In order to find a great suit that fits online, you’ve gotta play by the rules—and choose your retailer with care.”

Two years ago: 3 poetry anthologies to try for National Poetry Month. “I enjoy poetry when I make time to actually read it—something I don’t do enough.”

Three years ago: When you completely misunderstand what’s going on. “My third child is eight years old. It’s a wonderful age, but the girls’ night moms agree: it’s a hard age.”

Four years ago: Favorite childhood books you should totally read again. “I’m sharing seven of my actual childhood favorites—the books I read and loved as a kid.”

Five years ago: What’s (always) for dinner? “I’m intrigued by learning what my friend’s families eat for dinner–say, on a regular Tuesday–probably for the same reasons I adore foodie memoirs.”

On the podcast:

Don’t miss today’s brand-new episode of my new show One Great Book, where I’m talking about a favorite novel from one of today’s greatest living writers.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. JJ says:

    It’s awesome that you provide transcripts for your new podcast, OGB. Do you provide transcripts for your WSIRN? podcasts? If yes, please share a link below to the page with all the WSIRN? transcripts. Thanks.

  2. Karen says:

    We used packing cubes for the first time when we traveled overseas a few weeks ago. They were fabulous. I really don’t understand why, but they were!!!!! We will NEVER travel without them again! (I also have that same LL Bean bag and LOVE it. Have had it for years!)

  3. SoCalLynn says:

    “The bias hiding in your library”
    I think the author is trying to be inflammatory. Many of the distinctions highlights are based on historical factual norms, such as astronauts were historically men until recently, so it seems unnecessary to have a “male” subheading. I actually think it’s more helpful to have the (sub)categories, women (or female) astronauts, etc. Also, historically, most prostitutes have been women, so why wouldn’t the category need a sub-heading of male prostitutes?

  4. Suzanne says:

    The article about cooking with children cracked me up. So true! Except, now that I have a teen and a ‘tween, it’s more that they just never stop talking when they’re in the kitchen with me. Not deep, meaningful conversations. Just talking. I’m truly glad they want to be with me, but… So. Many. Words. 😦

  5. Rachael says:

    I am so glad you link back to your old articles. I still find synesthesia interesting after reading about it three years ago. My almost 8 year old has been complaining about seeing colours everywhere. I had her eyesight checked last week and her vision is good. I wonder if she has synesthesia too.

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