Favorite items in my spring-to-summer wardrobe

Spring's fluctuating temperatures make it difficult to know how to dress for the day. These are a few of the favorite pieces I rely on to see me through spring into summer.

As relieved as I am that spring weather is here, it’s tricky to dress for fluctuating temperatures. One day we’re shivering in the 30s, and the next we’re luxuriating in 80 degree heat! This time of year I look for clothes that work for warm weather and are easy to layer when the temperature drops again.

These are a few of the favorite pieces I rely on to see me through spring into summer. 

J. Crew // J. Crew // Madewell

Lightweight sweaters

Lightweight sweaters are a perfect layering piece. They’re great on their own on all but the hottest days, and are easy to layer under thicker sweaters, blazers, or denim and leather jackets. This is also a great place to play with color, pattern, and texture. (I’m especially loving all the crochet options available this season.)

Jean jacket

Jean jackets go with anything, which is why they’ve been my go-to for years. I’ve had a half dozen I’ve loved and relied on through the years; I found my current favorite—a fitted version from the PAIGE brand (similar)—at Nordstrom Rack forever ago. They’re sold out of it in blue but this white version is a great crisp option for spring.

Slub tees

I’ve raved about American Giant Premium Slub V-Neck Tees ever since I found the brand when they sponsored What Should I Read Next. These are wardrobe staples, thanks to the flattering cuts and soft, substantial material that feels more like a blouse than a t-shirt. The ones I wear the most are the v-neck slub tees in neutral colors (white, grey, and black) but their limited edition colors are often beautiful, including the current warm reds and oranges on offer. (Take 15% off your first order with the code DARCY at checkout.)

Madewell // Nordstrom // Old Navy

Cropped/frayed jeans

If I were to choose a single uniform for this time of year, it would be this: white tee/blouse/sweater, cropped or cuffed jeans, rattan big, and hoop earrings. Always classic, always comfortable.

Madewell // Target

Rattan bag

These bags make me think about going to the beach or having a picnic, while being practical enough to tote around my wallet, journal, laptop, and Kindle (or even a paperback!).

Saltwater // Tieks // Dansko

Seasonal shoes and sandals

I want to make sure my shoes are versatile and comfortable. This may not apply to you (I hope it doesn’t), but I have big feet, which significantly limits my shoe options. It’s hard to find shoes I love that actually fit well, and when I do I am fiercely loyal.

Saltwater sandals are comfortable and go with everything. Spring-hued Tieks are a sure sign of warmer weather; I also love my Rothy’s loafers, for similar reasons. The low heel of the Dansko wedges is perfect (and perfectly comfortable) for a wide variety of spring-to-summer outfits.

J. Crew // Madewell // Chan Luu

Hoop earrings

These days I wear gold and silver hoop earrings more than any other. For this time of year I’m drawn to beaded hoops, in both neutrals hues and shades that remind me of the ocean. These say “summer” to me.

What are your go-to spring-to-summer transition pieces? Tell us all about your favorites in comments!

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Favorite items in my spring-to-summer wardrobe


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  1. Nancy says:

    Cotton tank dresses (midi) and kimonos (for arm coverage).

    I need new cotton v-neck tees (also love linen slub knit, cool and not clingy) but so tired of buy/return…I wear an XXL…any suggestions on where to find some I can try on? Have Old Navy ones for around the house but want some a “tad” bit dressier.

  2. Erica says:

    Houston weather, though solidly blazing hot and humid in the summer, can be up and down, stunningly beautiful and mild, or grey and stormy in the spring (sometimes in the same day!). Layering is important but what I really care about is color! I try to add something bright and spring-like to every outfit I wear, especially if it’s a stormy or overcast day. Today is grey out so I’m currently wearing a bright yellow maxi skirt with a navy blue striped tee. I have my own bit of sunshine wherever I go!

  3. Lisa says:

    I live in Burnaby, BC, Canada (a city neighbouring Vancouver, BC.) My spring here is also a roller coast of temperatures and different micro climates. Yesterday for example it hailed, snowed, rained, became bright blue clear all within one day. Not so good in the beautiful cherry trees that are in full bloom. Merino wool is awesome in these types of fluctuating temperatures and for layering. I love Icebreaker brand. Their quality is superb and the variety of clothing is beautiful.

  4. Suzanne C says:

    Yes, I have the same problem finding larger shoe sizes and I need them in wide width, so shoe shopping is just a joy.🤨 The number of shoes I have to buy and return! I have a personal relationship with my UPS delivery people.😄

  5. Serene Speakman says:

    Opposite problem with shoes — I’m 70 but still have to wear kid’s shoes unless I’m in a specialty store that carries size 4. Interestingly, dance shoes fit really well and come in all sizes and heal height.

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