What You Need to Know About the New Monthly Reading Link-Up

What You Need to Know About the New Monthly Reading Link-Up

twitterature monthly reading link up short reviews

Last week I shared what was coming to MMD in 2013….and today I’m happy to unveil the new monthly reading link-up!

I read a lot of books, and you can see them on my sidebar, my pinterest boards, or on Goodreads. But since so many of you have asked for more reading posts, I thought it would be fun to do round-ups that provide quick reviews of books I’m reading that haven’t found their way into a blog post.

I thought it would be even more fun if we could see what you’re reading, too. Because you all are smart and interesting and read good books. (And sometimes you read bad ones, and I do, too. Those are worth talking about, too–for laughs, for commiseration, or just as a warning to the rest of us.)

This new link-up is meant to be an easy place to share what you’re reading with short, casual reviews. And it will be a place where you can easily see what others are reading: so you can find out about new books, hear fresh takes, or get out of your reading rut.

I decided to do my own round-ups twitter-style: in 140 characters or less. Here’s a sampling of what that looked like last time I did twitter-style reviews:

twitterature book review link up

You don’t have to be on twitter or know how to use it to participate. (I won’t hold you to 140 characters!) Just come back here on January 16 and link-up your posts (new or old) that contain short, casual reviews of what you’ve been reading. (For an example of a book round-up that’s not twitter-style, check out Katie’s reading round-ups.)

Here’s what to do:

  1. Write or find a recent post that contains short reviews of what you’ve been reading lately.
  2. Come back on January 16 to link it up. The new post will go live at 6am EST that day.
  3. Link back to the post using a text link or the graphic below.
  4. Click around to see what others are reading–and what they have to say about it.twitterature monthly reading link up short reviews

We’ll do this monthly, around the 15th of every month, so keep track of what you’re reading!

I’d love your feedback on this as we go along. Please feel free to let me know what you think! 

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