What I’m into (January 2016 edition).

What I’m into (January 2016 edition).

As always, linking up with my friend Leigh Kramer to share what I’m into.

We had a lovely Christmas season, with lots of time spent hanging out at home, doing puzzles and reading by the fire. And then January started and it has been all crazy, all the time, getting things squared away for work and school and life.

Then we got snowed in, and then we got sick. (Again! Argh.) Which didn’t do much to diminish the crazy. It’s still January and I’m dreaming of spring ….


The podcast

My new podcast What Should I Read Next? launched on January 12 (read the full story here). Much of the month was devoted to getting it off the ground. One thing’s for sure: I have a much greater appreciation for what goes into a podcast now than I did a few short months ago.

This has been so much fun so far. Four episodes are live, new episodes come out every Tuesday, and I’m excited about the good stuff already lined up for the next two months.

(Find more of my favorite podcasts here; I explain how to subscribe to a podcast here.)

library holds

What I’m reading

So much! My new podcast is blowing up my reading list. A selection of what’s been on my nightstand:

Love and Other Ways of Dying by Michael Paterniti
Brown Girl Dreaming by Jacqueline Woodson
The Summer Before the War by Helen Simonson
Eligible by Curtis Sittenfeld
Whistling Past the Graveyard by Susan Crandall
The House of Mirth by Edith Wharton (reading challenge!)
Eli the Good by Silas House
In a Dark House by Deborah Crombie

What I’m watching

Will and I are on our final season of Friday Night Lights; we’re still watching The Blacklist. Last week’s episode was good but it also made it seem like they’re desperate, as in, perilously close to jumping the shark. What’s up with that?

My kids are obsessed with Dolphin Tale and Dolphin Tale 2 so I’ve seen both movies more than a few times during the snow.

And I got sick, again, ugh! I took the opportunity (of sorts) to rewatch Pride and Prejudice—I haven’t seen this version in ages. Although I’m kind of kicking myself for not using the time in bed to catch up on Downton Abbey! Is it good this season? Please say yes—but no spoilers!

Unexplainable obsessions

This is so unlike me, but I have been weirdly into hair and makeup stuff the past few months. I bought a few beauty gifts for friends and family—maybe that’s what tipped ME over the edge? Or it could have been the Sephora coupon that made it a little easier for me to splurge on a few things I’ve been eyeing.

I discovered and absolutely fell in love with Living Proof’s Perfect Hair Day shampoo and conditioner. I got started with this Happy Hair Days kit from Sephora. I just ordered replacements for the shampoo and conditioner; I don’t use quite as much of the other products in the kit and those little bottles are still going strong.Urban Decay Naked palette 1

I’m finally emptying out the little eye shadows I use every day, and to replace them I bought Urban Decay’s original Naked palette. I had no idea which of the three palettes to get, so I went with the original. The colors are great and the shadow is so easy to apply, but the biggest surprise is the amazing brush. I have only ever used Target makeup brushes, or the cheap ones that come in Clinique samples, and I can’t believe the difference.

Now I want to upgrade all my brushes. It’s a slippery slope, folks. (But seriously: if you have any advice on high quality and not crazy expensive makeup brushes, tell me in comments!)

Around the house

purple kitchen door

I’m painting things purple! Never thought I’d say this, but I was seized with the inspiration to paint our kitchen’s interior door purple and my design-savvy sister-in-law not only approved, but picked out a lovely shade of eggplant to bring this idea to life. (It’s Benjamin Moore’s Grappa.)

I kind of dig it (even though this photo is questionable: winter lighting, half-painted trim, drywall-in-process). My daughters HATE it, but they hate changes of all kinds around the house.

living room art

I also finally bought some big art for our living room. I am loving it.

I hope you had a lovely January. What have YOU been into lately? 

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