Links I love.

Links I love.

My favorite finds from around the web:

Notes from a week in the winter woods. “I learned long ago that winter will drive you crazy until you get out into it — and I mean “winter” both literally and metaphorically.”

2015 Goodreads Choice Award winners announced. “Let’s take a look at some of the most interesting winners, shall we?”

• Why I taught myself to procrastinate. “But while procrastination is a vice for productivity, I’ve learned — against my natural inclinations — that it’s a virtue for creativity.”

Beatrix Potter story Kitty-in-Boots discovered after 100 years. “She sent the story to her publisher in 1914, saying it was about “a well-behaved prime black Kitty cat, who leads rather a double life”.”

Favorite instagram: 

$4 bouquet from trader joe's
I love it when my $4 bouquet from Trader Joe’s lasts two weeks. (Follow me on instagram @annebogel.)

On the blog: 

One year ago: Every ten years you have to remake everything. “Sometimes you break things on purpose so you can reassemble them, stronger this time. Sometimes they are broken for you, and you have to put the pieces back together. Sometimes the pieces rearrange themselves so quietly, so gently, that you don’t even notice until the shape is nearly complete, and you suddenly realize that you are no longer who you knew yourself to be back then.”

Two years ago: Creative habits and daily rituals vs. day jobs and family life. “I talk to so many people–in person and online–who struggle with making time for their art amidst the demands of day jobs and family life. I was pleasantly surprised to read how many great artists struggled with the same demands–and how sometimes, the structures necessitated by earning money and caring for family didn’t diminish their work, but made it better.”

Three years ago: How to know yourself, determine your personal style, and get a Stitch Fix box you love.

Four years ago: 7 books that changed my life.

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  1. Katie says:

    I’m so glad you know about On Being – it is so satisfying and calming, and it always reminds me how connected and similar we really are.

  2. liz n. says:

    Frankly, “Go Set a Watchman” was not as good as I’d hoped it would be, and not equal to “To Kill A Mockingbird,” but I’m not surprised that it won the top spot in fiction.

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