Our upcoming Winter Book Preview and more winter Book Club happenings

Readers, now that it’s getting dark hours before dinner, I’m greatly appreciative of simple creature comforts like hot beverages, soft blankets, and great books. (I’ve even contemplated putting up our Christmas lights this upcoming weekend.)

Yes, it’s still technically Fall here, but I’ve pulled out my warmest sweaters, started my holiday shopping earlier than ever before, and loaded up my seasonal TBR. Because winter is quickly approaching, and with it—a brand new season of reading.

Here at Modern Mrs. Darcy, our winter activity of choice is celebrating all things books and reading, together. If you love the sound of gathering (virtually) with fellow readers to talk about books, the Modern Mrs. Darcy Book Club is the place for you.

Our one-of-a-kind community is more than a book club, and it’s filled with people who love reading as much as you do. Reading together is a joy—especially during dark winter days and social distancing. It’s also a means to a richer, more satisfying reading life. That’s because not only are we reading and discussing books every day, we’re also learning to read better, together.

What does that mean, exactly? We read books and discuss them together, often with their authors. With our monthly book selections, we have a structure to support our reading lives—yet we have a ton of flexibility to read what we want, when we want, knowing we’ll always have someone to discuss those books with.

We enjoy classes that help us slow down and reflect, making us more insightful readers and better bookish conversationalists, as well as classes that support our reading lifestyle, like learning how to cull our bookshelves or set reading intentions that work.

My team and I are teeming with bookish joy over our amazing winter lineup. Our warmhearted book selections and carefully crafted classes are sure to brighten your winter season—and provide plenty of bookish delight to look forward to each month.

Please note: you don’t have to participate in every single thing to get more out of your reading life in the MMD Book Club! But everything here is included with your membership, as well as our past classes and content. Take a look at what we have in store …

We’re kicking things off with our Winter Book Preview

Our book preview events are quickly becoming a community favorite, and we love spreading excitement for new and upcoming titles. That’s why we’re kicking off the new reading season with a Winter Book Preview!

Winter has a tough act to follow after Fall’s embarrassment of publishing riches. So far, it definitely delivers! I’ll feature a mix of titles I’ve read and loved, titles I can’t wait to read, and titles the book industry is abuzz about for the season to come.

New this year: our Fall Book Preview magazine was such a hit with our community members, we created one for our Winter Book Preview, too. I can’t wait to put it in your hands on December 8!

Our Winter Book Preview event and companion magazine are exclusively for members of our MMD Book Club community and What Should I Read Next Patreon “Book Lover” members.

We’re refreshing our reading lives

In the fall, we sharpened our bookish skills by learning to “read with a literary lens.” This coming season, we’re taking our reading lives into the new year with new insight and fresh intentions.

In a series of classes, we’ll explore the common mistakes people make when it comes to reading, help you take stock of your reading life, clear the clutter that inevitably creeps in, create a TBR that works for you, and set broader intentions for the reading year to come. This special content is included with your Book Club membership.

Our Winter Book Club selections

This winter we’re reading books that evoke the comforts of home. Our selections are warm and full of heart—and, as always, they’re highly discussable.

Note: All these picks are available in a special book box from one of my favorite indies, The Novel Neighbor. Limited quantities available; click here for book box options.

Reinvigorate your reading life this winter

Our winter season will help you get more out of your reading life—and we’ll have so much fun in the process! Members keep telling us that right now Book Club is their island of delight in a difficult time. Click here to get started.

Want to give (or receive) a gift membership this year? We’ve got those, too. A membership for yourself or a reading friend would make a wonderful gift, whether or not you combine it with our physical box of bookish goodness.

I can’t wait to read with you this season. Happy reading, friends!



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  1. Susan Bills says:

    This is a comment on winter reading. I have read so many lighter, fluffier books during this long Covid year because that’s what I needed to keep me engaged. But now I feel the need for more in depth reading. I just downloaded James Clavell’s Tai-Pan, a book I read and enjoyed many years ago. So much history of the tea and opium trade between China and Great Britain and the establishment of Hong Kong. My favorite of his books was Noble House. Set in modern day era. Another lengthy favorite of mine is Charm School by Nelson Demille, perhaps because I remember the fear of the cold war era. Any thoughts?

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