What I’m into (January 2014 edition)

how to make easy soaked almonds

Linking up with the lovely Leigh Kramer to share what I’ve been into lately.

dreaming of spring

It seems like a snowy day photo would be more appropriate, but I’ve had enough: I’m dreaming of spring instead.

January has been a lovely month, except for the record freezing cold. My grandmother swears it hasn’t been this bad since the year I was born! But at least we’ve had sunshine–and birthdays and weddings, crafty mornings and cozy evenings, and plenty of soups and comfort foods.

What I’m reading

my stack of current library books

This is my current stack of library books. It’s a little scary, even for me.

But at least I’ve already knocked two of the books I’ve been meaning to read off my list. That feels good.

Worth watching


Sherlock. The last episode of season three is still blowing my mind.

Veronica Mars. I loved this show the first time through (it’s hard to believe that was almost ten years ago), and it’s standing up well to re-watching.

Both of these series stream free on Amazon Prime. Not a member? Start a thirty day free trial and get to watching.

In my kitchen

how to make easy soaked almonds

I’m completely obsessed with soaked nuts. I’ve been reading for years about how they’re healthier this way, but I always thought it sounded nasty. I completely failed to realize that you dehydrate them after you soak them.

And after they’re dehydrated, they’re delicious–so much crunchier than regular roasted almonds, and healthier for you than raw.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Cover almonds with water. (Hot water will get the job done faster.)
  • (Optional: add a couple of teaspoons of sea salt.)
  • Soak overnight.
  • (Optional: slip off the skins. It’s not hard but it does take a few minutes.)
  • Dry nuts in a dehydrator or in a 150 degree oven for 6-8 hours. Keep tasting them until you like the results. (My oven only goes down to 200 degrees, so I turn it off periodically to keep it cool.
  • Cool and enjoy!

Store them up high so you don’t eat them all in one day.


Hey girl. I'm a single man in possession of a good fortune.

Hey girl.

Happy rooms and window seats.

I love you so much, I will even talk to you on the phone.

The library–in LEGO.

I want one of these for my front door, please.

This is a genius way to deal with kids’ artwork.

I might brush up on my knitting just so I can make this.

Yeah she does.

You can’t buy happiness, but this is kind of the same thing.

I can’t stop pinning gingham for spring.

I love the way they styled this pretty dress.

(Follow me on Pinterest here.)

Best of the web

Apparently, people with these first names make better spouses. I’m married to a #6 and I think he’s pretty great. My daughters are #4 and #10. I’m not on the list, but my middle name is #3–does that count?

Kristen let her eighth-grader get her nose pierced. Read her ten reasons why. (So good.)

Carrie brilliantly articulates something I’ve been feeling for a long time.

5 times it’s more expensive to be a woman.

Jo March and Atticus Finch, Katniss and Aragorn, and other fabulous made-up literary couples.

Why Women Want Sherlock. Maybe smart is the new sexy, but the “bromance” bit is my favorite.

It took me a minute to realize this one was from The Onion, which pretty much means they nailed it.

Do tablets make it impossible for kids to get lost in a story?

What were you into in January?

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  1. Kay says:

    I work in a public library and I love seeing your pile of library books. Looks like you have a great library collection.

    I’m geeking out on Veronica Mars. Just 10 more episodes until I’ve completed the series and I agree it stands up to rewatching. I was a kickstarter backer for the movie which has been fun and I’m looking forward to the movie premiere.

  2. Leigh Kramer says:

    Your library stack is insane! How long do you get to keep them for? My library only lets books out for 3 weeks, with the option to renew for 2 weeks if no one else has reserved it. I’m glad to see you have Silver Linings Playbook in there. I haven’t had a chance to watch episode 2 of Sherlock yet- that’s on the agenda for lunchtime today. This season certainly started off with a bang though! And now I’m wondering if soaking almonds would make it so they didn’t exacerbate my eczema…

    • Anne says:

      I get them for 3 weeks, then can renew three times for three weeks each IF nobody has requested it.

      As for the almonds, it might be worth a try… (Did I mention they are really tasty?)

  3. Heather says:

    I couldn’t get slivered almonds (for recipes) when we lived in Central Asia, but I could get whole ones. I would boil them and then slip the skins off. I could hardly stop myself from popping them all in my mouth! They would get moldy if I tried to save the extras…silly me, never thought of rehydrating.

    Interestingly enough, Afghans celebrate their New Year (Mar. 21) by eating “haft mewa” (7 fruits). It’s actually 7 dried fruits and nuts that are soaked and then boiled, etc. (Ingredients: walnuts, pistachios, hazelnuts, blanched Almonds, dried apricots and cherries, and raisins) They are served wet in the juice. I NEVER developed a taste for it but would eat it dutifully with my neighbors in celebration.

  4. I’m fairly new to your blog, so I don’t know your whole story yet…but I see Sensory Integration Disorder up there. My daughter has this. Once we became aware that it was a real “thing”, life got a ton easier. Now she’s a teenager and can manage herself – thank goodness. 🙂

    And, I, too, am dying that VM is 10 years old. I will be first in line for the movie.

    • Anne says:

      I so relate to that! Once we were aware it was a “thing” life got so much easier. (That was nearly a decade ago, but I have some brushing up to do.)

  5. My 14 year old daughter is obsessed with Sherlock (I enjoy it, too). We’ve designed her tenth grade curriculum for next year around that show. Should be fun! And THANK YOU for mentioning Kiwi Crates again. I was just thinking this morning of ordering them, but I couldn’t remember the name. You read my mind!

  6. Stacey says:

    That stack of books is scary! I don’t think I would ever have enough time to read those before having to take them back to the library…the most I’ve ever checked out at once is three.

    I’m married to a #8 on the spouse names list…I suppose that counts!

  7. Cori says:

    Your library stack freaks me out! I might make it through that is a year. Will you actually read every page in every book, or do you speed read.

    Man I really wish I was a reader…I’m trying really hard, but just can’t get there…

  8. LOVE the Lego library! Can’t wait to show my kids. And obviously I need to start watching Sherlock. I’m missing out. My first time posting to the What I’m Into link-up, thanks to you. I wouldn’t have known about it if I hadn’t read your post via my inbox.

  9. dawn says:

    Ha! That spouse list is awesome, because my husband’s name is David Andrew, and those are #s 1 & 2 on the list! He is pretty darn incredible! My daughter is Lucy, #10. Love that.

    • Anne says:

      First the almonds: soaking makes them more easily digestible, which means your body actually absorbs the nutrients in them. And it cuts way down on the phytic acid. We’ve always eaten a ton of almonds and I wish I’d started doing this years ago!

      And yeah, Veronica Mars is Amazon Prime only right now. That deal is freshly inked–it’s only been available on Prime for a few weeks. (Maybe there’s hope for it being on netflix in the future?)

  10. Margie says:

    I just recently found your blog and I am already becoming a daily follower. Love the book ideas, and love the fact that you use the public library. Thanks also for the kindle suggestions. Such a nice find.

  11. Katy says:

    I somehow missed Veronica Mars the first time around, so I was excited to see it show up on Amazon Prime. I’m loving it so far.

    As it regards good spouses, does an alternate spelling count? ‘Cause if so, I’m #1, and I should go tell my hubby promptly. (He’s #2, and I 100% agree that he is a fabulous spouse.)

  12. Misty says:

    GREAT stack of books!
    How I have avoided Sherlock this long, I’m not sure… But I’ve a sneaking suspicion my days are numbered. I caught a snippet of a current episode last week and have thought about the wonderfulness (and how it brought me to TEARS!!!!) all week…

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