How to make custom wall art from $4 gift wrap.

custom wall art from $4 wrapping paper

Our boys share a room. When Silas graduated from his crib recently, the boys got bunk beds, leaving us with a blank wall that wasn’t there before.

We let Jack decide how to decorate, and he knew exactly what he wanted: giant framed posters from Paper Source. These “posters” are actually wrapping paper–the fanciest wrapping paper you’ve ever seen, for sure–but wrapping paper all the same.

It costs $3.95 a sheet: expensive for gift wrap, but about as cheap as you can get for a 28 x 20 inch poster.

Our Paper Source opened last year, and every time we go we all gawk at the Cavallini gift wrap. They have an amazing selection of vintage-looking designs.

Jack chose this montage of vintage New York images and this NYC transit guide for his room. (We framed them with $10 IKEA frames, but if we wanted to spend even less, we could have used washi tape.)

Here’s a look at some of the other options currently available:


We just repainted our kitchen (it had been ten years; it needed it!) and I think the fruit and vegetables print would be perfect there, even though the bicycles are my favorite. Sarah wants the typewriters for her “office,” along with a giant Eiffel tower.

I’d love to hear your solutions for inexpensive and/or DIY wall art–for yourself or for the kids.


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  1. Molly says:

    We’ve got some of these too! I have a different alphabet print, and a US and Paris map. I actually just got some foam poster board and spray adhesive since I couldn’t find cheap frames to fit around town =)

  2. Anne says:

    Oh my gosh, you just saved me money! I’ve been looking for a piece of art to hang on a blank wall in my foyer Last night I was contemplating a large, wood-mounted world map at Hobby Lobby that was marked down from $89 to $45 that I had decided to go back today and buy. But in looking through the Cavallini papers, they have the exact same 20×28 map for less than $4. Even with the cost of shipping and having to buy a frame, I’ll still come out ahead. Plus the poster of the typewriters will look great in my office. Thanks!

  3. Faigie says:

    Nice. My mom never let us hang stuff on our walls when we were kids. she siad it was “her” house and she didnt want us ruining the walls. 🙁
    You should see my kids walls. They are plastered with stuff

    • Jennifer H says:

      You would probably not even be able to tell the color of my son’s walls! He has all of his school art displayed on one wall, along with various free posters (mostly from the middle of kids’ magazines. When he was learning states in school I bought a huge laminated map at Hobby Lobby for I think around $10. He also loves to create his own art to put on his walls, and I say, let him 🙂

  4. Karlyne says:

    Super nifty! And one of my favorite places to find frames is in thrift stores. I just picked up an 8×10 brand new wooden one for $1.50!

  5. Emery says:

    I love those ‘posters’! We made most of the paper flowers for our wedding, Etsy helped me with the rest, and we used two sheets of these to add a fun vintage feel to some of the flowers! I absolutely loved them! Also they’re nice and thick so they held the fold well!

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