Twitterature (January 2014 edition)

Twitterature (January 2014 edition)

twitterature monthly reading linkup short reviews

Welcome to the Twitterature link-up! For the lowdown, head over here, or try this Cliff Notes version: this is the place to share short, casual reviews of books you’ve been reading.

Here’s what I’ve been reading

The Rosie Project 2

The Rosie Project, Graeme Simsion

Believe the buzz: this completely charming Australian novel is fast, fun, and smart, with an outrageous plot and groundbreaking characters. I listened to the audiobook version, which I highly recommend. (Two words: Australian narrator. Plus, since I was using my Audible free trial, I got to bypass the 78-readers-long library waiting list.)

The Little Bookstore of Big Stone Gap 2

The Little Bookstore of Big Stone Gap, Wendy Welch

This one came highly recommended since I talked crazy about opening a bookstore. As a memoir, it’s only okay–but I was so interested in the bookstore I didn’t mind.

sports gene 2

The Sports Gene: Inside the Science of Extraordinary Athletic Performance, David Epstein

I’m a little obsessed with deliberate practice and the 10,000 hour rule, but Epstein tells us the rest of that story in this fascinating book. I was hoping it would be a little more readable–its tone is very textbook-like, at times–but it’s worth reading for anyone interested in elite sports, nature vs. nurture, or a more nuanced look at the 10,000 hour rule.

(If you’ve never read Malcolm Gladwell’s book Outliers, which popularized the 10,000 hours rule, it’s worth a read: get the ebook on sale for $3.99 right now.)

the stitches 2

Stitches, Anne Lamott

I didn’t dog-ear this one to death like I did Help, Thanks, Wow. Despite that, I loved Lamott’s central metaphor about stitches and repair, and I used half a box of Kleenex.

dragons love tacos 2

Dragons Love Tacos, Adam Rubin and Daniel Salmieri

This is our family’s favorite picture book at the moment. It’s full of zany, ridiculous fun–and tacos.

I also read The Goldfinch and Five Days at Memorial recently, but they’ll be getting their own post later this month.

What have you been reading lately? 

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  1. I included a few picture books in my post this month, too! I hopped on the library wait list for Rosie (only 15 holds on 10 copies, the word must not have gotten out yet around here). I finished Stitches just after I wrote up my post for this month, I’d agree that I didn’t quite love it as much as H,T,W, but that one essay about mending the curtains? Wonderful.

  2. Jeannie says:

    Little Bookstore was “only okay”? I am … hurt. No, really, I’ll be all right, don’t worry about me (sniff, sniff).

    The dragons/tacos book looks awesome to me too. Imagine the gas, though! Just sayin’.

  3. Breanne says:

    The Rosie Project sounds like a fun winter read and I haven’t heard of it, only from you. Here’s hoping our library has it and the list isn’t too long. =)
    I also haven’t read any Anne Lammott but want to read her, what title would you suggest starting first?

  4. Susan says:

    Due entirely to your recommendation, Anne, I am reading The Rosie Project and enjoying it thoroughly. I wonder if it’s funnier to me because my daughter has Aspergers. The main character often says and does things that are so like her. A fun read. Hope to finish it up today!

  5. Carly says:

    Cool! I linked a post I wrote Monday which lists two books I’ve recently read and 11 more I want to read soon. Since I wrote that post, I’ve begun “The Circle” by Dave Eggars. Very intriguing so far.

  6. Angie says:

    I’ve heard such good things about Five Days at Memorial from such varied sources that I’m almost afraid to read it now – it’s been on my to-read list quite a while :/

  7. Based on everything I’ve heard about The Goldfinch, I can see how it might deserve its own post. Outliers has always intrigued me, but I’m so bad with nonfiction. It can take me forEVER to get through. I read The Little Book of Talent upon your recommendation though and learned so much from it. Like I said in my own Twitterature post, I’ll never think of practice in the same way after reading that book.

  8. Niiice on bypassing the library wait list, but I am not sure I could focus on an audiobook. Never tried it though, so it may surprise. The book looks great. I’ve read Bird by Bird and Traveling Mercies, and I need to read more Anne Lamott. Is Stitches a follow-up to Help, Thanks, Wow? Wondering if I should read that first…

  9. Jessica says:

    I just downloaded The Rosie Project after seeing it on a bunch of your best of lists from 2013. I haven’t started yet but am looking forward to it. My kids LOVE the Dragons Love Tacos book (especially because they dislike spicy salsa too!).

  10. Amy says:

    Hi! Connecting to you from Sarah @ BeautySchoolDropout. The Rosie Project is already on my list to read – I see a couple others to add. I’m trying to have more luck with audio books – a couple have been good choices; others – not so much. Thanks for hosting this fun roundup!

  11. Madeline says:

    Just wanted you to know that I save this post to read until I have time to sit down and really look at all of them with a cup of tea (or glass of wine, depending on the time of day!). It’s a special treat.

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