10 things I learned (from YOU) in 10 years of blogging

Earlier this month, this blog turned 10. I published the first post from the old computer in my basement on February 8, 2011.

I recently shared some of the things I learned in ten years of blogging, but the wonderful thing about blogging is it doesn’t happen in a vacuum. It’s a communal effort. And so today, I’m sharing ten things I learned from you in these ten years of blogging.

With oodles of affection and a big smile on my face, let’s do this!

10 things you’ve taught me in 10 years of blogging

1. Start for the writing, stay for the community.

It’s fitting to begin here: you are what make Modern Mrs Darcy what it is (thank goodness). But back in 2011, I didn’t know anything about the blogging community; I didn’t understand how writing alone would connect me to others. I’ve never been happier to be so surprised.

I’m so grateful for this community; it’s the best part of the blog. After ten years, I’ve met a substantial number of actual friends online. Some of those friendships began right here, in the comments section.

2. It’s never just me (and it’s never just you).

I feel like I’m constantly saying this on the podcast: whenever it comes to anything in the reading life—any unpopular opinion, sneaking suspicion, or secret delight—you are not the only one.

In fact, I wrote this in I’d Rather Be Reading:

Reader, you’re not the only one. Keep confessing to your fellow readers; tell them what your reading life is really like. They’ll understand. They may even say, “You too?” And when they do, you’ve found a friend. And the beginnings of a great book club.

I’d Rather Be Reading, “Confess Your Literary Sins”

3. And that goes for more than the reading life.

Whether we’re talking about the hard things, or what’s saving our life, or the pleasures of being a terrible beginner, or the FOMO that comes with a TBR list longer than you are tall, or any of the hundreds of other topics we’ve covered here, it has been an utter joy these years to say “you too?” in the comments section, over and over again, and to see you say it, too.

4. We contain multitudes.

One of my very favorite blog comments from these ten years: “I want to live a meaningful life, I want to discover wonderful books, and I want to find a really great mascara. I love that this blog knows and celebrates all three of those things.”

5. This is a safe place to try things out.

Whether it’s me test-driving an idea in a blog post or you thinking out loud in the comments section, this blog (any blog?) is a wonderful, maybe even tailor-made space to float first drafts and fledgling ideas, whether they’re seasonal experiments that turn into summer traditions or blog posts that plant the seeds of future books.

6. Books are a shortcut to the good stuff.

Back in 2011, I didn’t envision books being a central focus of this space, and for a long time I would argue that it wasn’t a “book blog.” Remember, we contain multitudes! And besides, I didn’t want to be limited to “just talking about books.”

But along the way, I discovered something that changed my work, and my life: books are an accessible, enjoyable, socially-approved doorway to talking about the big things in life: love and work, family and friendship, triumphs and failures, hopes and fears. It’s all in there, and it’s all talk-about-able—with the help of a good book.

Our inaugural MMD Book Club Retreat crew, plus our guest author Ariel Lawhon, in my home library.

7. Book people are the best people.

My favorite example: Summer before last, I accidentally emailed our MMD Book Club survey to everyone who signed up to get our MMD newsletters. That means I sent it to about 100x more people than I should have. Cue mortification.

I instantly realized what I’d done, and sent out a quick apology to everyone with some bonus reading tips. The emails I got back from hundreds of readers were unspeakably kind and encouraging.

Thanks for hanging out here with me in this little corner of the interwebs. You make it a better place, and a better world.

8. The joys of the comments section.

They say blogging isn’t cool anymore (hasn’t been for a while, actually). And that you should never read the comments on the internet.

Well. I don’t really care if blogging is cool, and our comments section is my favorite part of this blog. This is where I hear “me too!” and “you’re not the only one.” It’s where you tell me what recipe I should try, and how not to kill my houseplants. You PACK it full of wonderful book recommendations. And it’s where you’ve introduced me to so many of my favorite things …

9. My favorite things:

My favorite coffee (Monarch), flats (my trusty Tieks), sunscreen (Unseen Sunscreen), kitchen goods (like these parchment paper sheets), and recipes (like these easy Korean meatballs).

I am constantly discovering new things because of you, and I am grateful.

10. Book people bring the book recommendations—and such good ones, at that!

You know who first turned me on to Louise Penny, Tayari Jones, Tana French, Kate Morton, Kazuo Ishiguro, Kent Haruf, and a whole bunch more? YOU GUYS.

A few superlatives from 10 years of blogging

Since this post is about you, let’s take a look at the most commented posts from our time together:

1. 10 of my favorite books to read over and over again.
2. A Rom-Com Syllabus.
3. Tell me about your favorite authors.
4. 7 series to read next after you’ve run out of Louise Penny novels.
5. Confess your literary sins.
6. 8 movies that are better than their books.
7. What’s your favorite independent bookstore?
8. 10 favorite audiobook narrators (plus 30 excellent audiobooks they narrate).

Thank you

Readers, thank you for making this a wonderful ten years. I’m looking forward to what comes next.

I’d love to hear from you in the comments section: what post have you particularly enjoyed, what book have you discovered, what favorite thing have you found in this space? We’d love to hear all about it!


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  1. Rebekah says:

    I love your book lists. Like “10 books to read that remind you of fall” or “back to school books” (where I discovered crossing to safety!) and book lists for genres.

  2. Brittany says:

    I am new to reading your blog, but I have to say the comments section is my favorite, as well! I’ve learned a lot from your readers and enjoy hearing their feedback.

    I am also new to blogging, myself. I write a children’s book blog. Reading your posts (and listening to your podcast) has been inspirational! Thank you for the great ideas, and also for the “grown-up book” suggestions. I like to make time for those books, too!

  3. Cassie says:

    I discovered that I am HSP here and it has changed so much. I’ve also read a lot of good books thanks to MMD and team: Mexican Gothic, Penny Reid, Louise Penny, Alex & Eliza, when we left Cuba, in five years, just to name a few.

    • Brittany says:

      I also discovered that I am an HSP here and that has been SO helpful in so many aspects of my life, including which books to read!

  4. Monica Wilson says:

    Although I did not discover your blog ten years ago, I first found you through your book “I’d Rather be Reading” and my love for all that you do has just grown since then! Especially this past year, your blogs, your podcasts, and Book School have given me so much joy during quarantining. It has opened up a whole new world of fellow readers, book ideas, and thoughtful fun. Thank you Anne for giving me so much! My book shelves and TBR list continues to expand through all that you offer and that makes me happy!📚

    • Siobhan says:

      Me too! I’ve been wanting to branch out for some time but really had no idea where to start. The What Should I Read Next podcast is my favorite!

  5. Corrin Sellen says:

    I retired as an elementary school librarian two years ago.(Best job in the world!) My summer reading consisted of binges of favorite adult authors. How would I find new books and enough books to read in retirement? You have helped me and led me to so many new authors and titles Thank you! (You have also shown me that not loving mysteries is not a character flaw.)

  6. Suzanne McGregor says:

    My friend and I get together once in a while (is there any other way to describe the past year?)mainly because our husbands are friends and they arrange the get togethers. She and I have bonded over books, writing and art. They talk golf and politics. Actually, it’s like they are not even on our planet. She recommended your Podcast “What Should I Read Next?” which led me to this blog.
    While I prefer to listen to nature during my daily walks, I sometimes listen to Podcasts and I have found myself stopping in order to note which books you have recommended to your guests. I am not that savvy with my cell phone that I can type and walk at the same time without possibly injuring myself.
    Congratulations on the 10 Year anniversary! I’m looking forward to your future posts, Podcasts and book recommendations.

  7. Siobhan says:

    I’m relatively new here and this blog post (and many others I’ve read) just make me so happy! Reading your posts are a really nice way to start my day 🙂

  8. Susan L Craig says:

    Love the blog. The first and most important thing I learned is to love all genres. I used to only read romance novels on my Kindle (today’s version of a plain brown wrapper.) Now I read anything I want, and comment to people.

  9. Crystal says:

    I found you through the Podcast as well, but have enjoyed reading many new books I never heard of! I have started Louise Penny too! For anyone who loves her,she was recently on Hillary Clinton’s podcast called You and Me Both. It was a great interview!

  10. Lori Williams says:

    Listening to your guests talk about the books they have read and suggest to others is so helpful in finding the next book. I used to cringe when the guest would have to talk about a book they didn’t care for. Hearing so many people like and dislike books, realizing that the same book is liked by one and disliked by another, helps us become better at choosing books that are right for us. It’s ok to be picky!

    Thanks, Anne, for all the hard work!

  11. I’ve loved this blog and wish I’d been here for all if its ten years instead of just the last four! I found great books like Americanah here and book darts and the best stocking stuffers ever. MMD is a happy place in a world in such need of happy places…

  12. Michele Hagen says:

    I look forward to your blog posts every week and always find something new and interesting on them. I’m now a big fan of Louise Penny! I’m even starting to consider branching out of my comfort zone of fiction and mystery to maybe fantasy?! Big leap for me but you’ve had so many interesting recommendations on the show and blog. I’m a big fan of the Flypaper website, which I first heard about on a gift list on the blog. I also love reading other people’s comments. You’ve created such a great community Anne. Thank you!

  13. Cindy says:

    I’ve re-read a number of your posts, but the one I come back to the most is the one about saying what you need to say. It’s helped me be bold and create a habit for myself of doing exactly that.

  14. Mary says:

    I recently discovered your blog and your podcast, but I am so happy I did! Not just for the book recommendations (I constantly ponder whether you ever sleep given the number of books you read), but also for the reader comments. Like so many who follow you, I am comforted by the idea that I do not need to love every book that I read, but I do need to continually try new authors. Thanks for all that you do.

  15. I discovered your blog after I heard you on a favorite podcast, after ignoring ALL the Pinterest suggestions about this Modern-Mrs.-Darcy-Person wanting to tell me what to read – I mean, who does she think she is? I thought I knew what I wanted to read, nobody else was gonna tell me. Turns out, I fell in love with MMD and my reading life is ALL THE BETTER for it. Thank you, Anne-with-an-‘e’, and Happy Bloggiversary.

  16. Janet says:

    My only complaint about the blog, podcast, etc, is that they take time away from actual reading! But I can’t give them up! I have a huge TBR list, but nearly all the books at the top are from these two sources. I’ve read so many books that I would have never seen. I’ve bought items I didn’t know I needed, tried new things from recipes to soap, and thoroughly enjoyed the journey. Thanks, Anne, for bringing me exactly what I was looking for!

  17. Tara says:

    You have helped me find so many great books and now I’m one of those with a tbr list that I don’t think I will ever be able to finish. What a great problem though. Congratulations on 10 years!!

  18. Linda M Smith says:

    Congratulations! 10 Years! I have been reading your blog for – can’t remember; a few years now. I don’t think blogging is out of style and I love the comment section. Thanks to you I have learned about so many authors, books, audible books, etc. And, on Fridays I almost always find something on your list that I like and do order. I have your books and have recommended them to others as well as your blog. Keep up the good work. Many thanks!!!

  19. Simone says:

    Thank you for this blog! I love this space – and I love that you cover so much ground: Books are life, yes, but so is a whole bunch of other stuff and I love reading all about it through your lens. I’ve actually just started my own blogging journey (please let’s hope that blogging isn’t dead!) and I’m already feeling a lot of these same sentiments: the (still microscopic) community that I have gathered is inspiring me in ways I would never have believed possible. It truly is amazing! I hope that you continue on – I can’t wait to see what your next 10 years brings!

  20. Sarah says:

    Listening to the podcast and reading the blog first helped me to resume a reading habit after dropping pleasure reading during my residency. Then it helped me to think more deeply about why I love certain books (I’ve always been able to clearly articulate/rant about books I didn’t like–sometimes I finish a book just so I can fully commit to the hate). It has also encouraged me to reach out to other readers in my life more, including starting family book club.

    Listening to other readers here has also helped me to embrace other formats. In theory, I prefer holding a good printed book in my hands: in practice, my kindle paperwhite allows me to read much more often and easily. Other perspectives also helped me embrace some audiobooks by considering how different genres and types of reading might be ok/better on audiobook (although it’s I don’t find it to be the same as the written word, I don’t remember as much and have a harder time focusing, which is why I mostly use them for fluffy books and rereads.)

  21. Kim Anderson says:

    I love your blog and podcasts. I never knew what to read next and now I have lots of options to choose from. Your reviews make me want to pick up and read all the books, even in genres that I would never venture toward before. I, also, love reading all the comments and everyone’s suggestions. Congratulations on 10 years. Here’s hoping for 100 more! 🙂

  22. Katie says:

    I just wanted to say that your podcast helped jump start my reading life again! I had been in a serious slump until your podcast was recommended to me. This year I’ve already finished 10 books, and just a few years ago I couldn’t finish that in a whole year. So thank you!

  23. Jennifer Geisler says:

    Thank you so much for the ideas, the gentle “pushes” to try something different, YOUR excellent, thought-provoking books, that I have given away as gifts to those I care about, and the comfort in knowing that almost every day, there will be something that will pique my interest in your blog!
    And thank you for sharing how much comfort you derived from reading Kate Clayborn’s books. Thanks to your comments, I picked up four of hers and am sheepishly admitting to close friends that I have re-read them 3 times this winter to help me through what has turned out to be a rough time.

  24. Vanessa says:

    I have read and loved your blog for…a long time! I think I’ve been here for over half your blogging journey. But honestly, I came for the life reflecting, personality discussions and then have finally, last five years or so, gotten back to reading like I used to when I was a kid. I love how this space is the intersection of so many things I love, books, self-reflection, make-up. I love interacting with fellow readers on here! Growing up I was often told to “stop reading so I would make friends” and it’s such a beautiful gift to discover that through my love of reading I have also made friends. Thanks for writing and being this space!

  25. Kate Dillingham says:

    Anne and the MMD community have helped me so much in the past year to home in on what I really enjoy reading and have introduced me to authors and books I never would have found on my own. “This Tender Land”, “Dearly Beloved” and “Crossing to Safety” are my all-time favorites and have enriched my life so much. I also would never have read any Jane Austen without you, and now I’ve read all of her novels and have scheduled them in to read again in the next year. Thank you all for what has become an extremely important component of my life!

  26. Susan says:

    I know if I had never found your blog I never would have begun reading – more – more books, more genres, getting outside my comfort zone of reading. But, I know I would never have begun my own book club, either, without first – your blog. Thank you.

  27. Erica DiBella says:

    I, too, love your blog! I found it through listening to your podcast years ago. The blog posts are one of the few things in my inbox that make me happy! It it never a burden to see a new email from Modern Mrs. Darcy! Thank you for all the hard work and love you put into each and every post!

  28. Lori says:

    Anne, your blog and your podcast have been a great source of joy and delight for me for the past 4 – 5 years, but never before have I needed it as much as I have in this past year. Thank you so much for building a place to learn, to escape, to discuss hard things, and to delight in the pleasures of reading.

  29. Susan in TX says:

    One of my favorite memories is that picture above number seven! So many things. Book darts, book recommendations, but one of my favorite memories was when you wrote about starting cross country with your kids. Maybe that wasn’t a post, maybe that was an email – but either way, I wouldn’t have gotten the email if I hadn’t been subscribed via the blog. You were embarking upon a season that I had recently ended and it was just so relatable. “No, it’s never just you,” has been another wonderful truism to have reinforced here, as has “books are the gateways to the deeper conversations.” And so much more – both here and in book club.
    Here’s to 10 more years! 🙂

    • Anne says:

      Susan, your comment put a huge smile on my face! What a weekend, and what an amazing group of women. I’m grateful I got (and get) to be part of both.

  30. Suzanne says:

    Happy blogiversary! I love the variety of your posts, but one of my favorite series is your Friday collection of links. This space is such a bright, cheerful place to engage about books and reading and so much else. Here’s to the next great decade!

  31. Stephanie says:

    Well, your blog is where I also discovered Tana French (have read them all) and Louise Penny (about halfway through the series and I may consider stopping the rest of my reading to finish it!) among many other books/authors. I was a voracious reader as a child – I can vividly remember my dad telling me to put my book down and go play outside! At some point after college and as a young working person I stopped reading so much. I had switched from library reading to buying books that stacked up, unread, all over the place. After getting rid of at least half my books because of moving across the country, about 2 years ago I decided to stop buying books and return to using my public library and that has made all the difference. Apparently, I need a deadline! And reading has been a lifeline to me over the past year – I’ve broken up with facebook and barely watch TV anymore as I’d rather spend that time reading.

    Thanks to you for all your posts, as well as to other reader’s recommendations. My TBR list never seems to decrease in size, despite reading roughly 2 books a week. 😉

  32. Joy says:

    As a librarian, I love your book lists and posts about books. I find good titles for me personally, but it also helps me find that next perfect read for our patrons. Your series to try when you’re out of Louise Penny novels was a lifesaver. All of the patrons at the library who came to me for suggestions on what to read when they finished this year’s book (thank goodness, she writes one a year!) would thank you if they knew where I found all of those great ideas!

    However, as much as love books, I also love hearing about when you try new things, where you found your favorite sweater, makeup, hard conversations, and more. Your posts on houseplants inspired me to buy more myself, and those plants have been lifegiving as I now work from home so much of the time.

    Thanks for ten years of conversation. I look forward to the next ten even if I don’t always have the time to comment.

  33. Kara says:

    I appreciate the variety in each and every book list regardless of topic or theme. I know there will be at least one title that intrigues me!

    Thank you for creating this community!

  34. Lisa F. says:

    I only discovered this site a few years ago, but enjoy it so much! My favorite posts have been “20 books to cozy up with this winter,” “16 jigsaw puzzles to brighten up your winter days” (this is how I found the Cozy Retreat and The World of Shakespeare puzzles I did this winter), the Travel Reading post about books set in Scotland, and “Let’s make Autumn Reading a thing” (I really love seasonal reading lists!).
    This is the place I discovered my favorite author (Kate Morton) and two of my all-time favorite books–Peace Like a River and A Gentleman in Moscow. And where I discover all sorts of other wonderful things through the links I find here. Thank you Anne for giving me something to look forward to in my email inbox!

  35. Ellen says:

    I found “Quiet” and thr concept of the HSP which has helped me understand myself. Also your first book. Through your recommendations and reviews, I’ve gained courage to try modern fiction again. I tell people about your blog all the time.

  36. I first found you by hearing you as a guest on a podcast and I’ve been following your blog ever since. As a former teacher, I saved most of that TBR pile for the summer because….exhaustion does not lend itself well to reading at bedtime. Now, I have read 12 books in the last year and I’m positive that is a record for me. I am thrilled to read your blog and get insights into books to add to my list. Thank you for all you do to bring readers together in this community!

  37. Rita Lane says:

    I love to listen to your podcasts and have found several books that interest me. I have just come to your blog recently so I look forward to the next 10 years!

  38. Sheila Dailie says:

    Not sure this is the right place, but I’m so glad that you are recommending William Kent Kruger’s books. Not only are his writing, characters, and plot twists page turning, but he is a REALLY nice person. I first heard him speak at a state-wide event at a workshop that featured his newest “Cork” book. However, later in the day, I attended a workshop by a less well-known author Nicole Baart and William Kent Kruger was in the audience. His comments and manner were so encouraging to Nicole–made me a fan of the man and his books! (Nicole has some great books as well!)

  39. Terry says:

    Hi Anne, I found your blog in 2012 and have been a dedicated reader since then. I’ve recommended your blog, books, book club, and podcast to more people than I can count. Reading is my favorite thing and you’ve helped me become a better reader and expand my reading horizons. My most recommended book that I wouldn’t have found without your blog is The One-in-a- Million Boy. I’ve given Tieks a try and think daily about what’s saving my life right now. You’ve improved my life in so many ways! Thank you! Congratulations on 10 years—here’s to 10 more!

  40. Lynsay says:

    This is just to say that I am OBSESSED with your home library! I’ve told my husband that I’ve always dreamed of rolling across bookshelves on one of those ladders, in song, like Belle from Beauty and the Beast. Yours is the first one I’ve ever seen pictured in a real person’s house and not in a Disney or Audrey Hepburn movie.

  41. Marybeth says:

    I found your blog way back in 2010…it has brought me joy to always be connected to books and bookish people. Thanks so much🥰

  42. Cady says:

    I’m a reader from a non-US English speaking country. I don’t know how I stumbled across your newsletter and blog in the first place, but for me it fills a huge gap in the information landscape – you give interesting lists of American books but you put them in an international context that makes it more accessible to people like me. Congratulations on 10 years, may you continue to enjoy many more of them!

  43. Gaye Sanders says:

    I have followed your blog for about five years and I look forward to every single entry. I have found some of my favorite books of all time by reading your recs. Thank you for that! I loved the Rom Com Syllabus, as I’m a children’s author but wanting to try my hand at an adult. Be well!

  44. Hannah Ball says:

    I discovered, and now cannot imagine my life without, bullet journaling! I love the tactile experience of writing things down, and of being able to see on paper what my schedule, or task list, or lessons learned list is, etc. Thank you for sharing!

  45. Donna says:

    Anne–Are familiar with the Robert Frost poem that “Crossing to Safety” refers to? I think it’s magical.

    I Could Give All To Time
    – by Robert Frost
    To Time it never seems that he is brave
    To set himself against the peaks of snow
    To lay them level with the running wave,
    Nor is he overjoyed when they lie low,
    But only grave, contemplative and grave.

    What now is inland shall be ocean isle,
    Then eddies playing round a sunken reef
    Like the curl at the corner of a smile;
    And I could share Time’s lack of joy or grief
    At such a planetary change of style.

    I could give all to Time except – except
    What I myself have held. But why declare
    The things forbidden that while the Customs slept
    I have crossed to Safety with? For I am There,
    And what I would not part with I have kept.

  46. Rachel Winslow says:

    Oh goodness, reading through these comments made me remember my life pre-MMD. It was a life where I was lucky to read 1 book a month for fun and not work, I had no idea who Louise Penny was, I hadn’t found a podcast that really connected with me, and I had no idea about which bookstore to visit on my 2019 Scotland trip. Fast forward four years: I now read an average of 80 just-for-me books a year, I have bonded with my seat mate on countless flights over our shared love for Three Pines, I’ve listened to almost every episode of What Should I Read Next, and I made a pilgrimage to Typewronger Books in Edinburgh. So, even though I almost never comment here, Anne, you have indelibly and beautifully shaped my life these past four years. I’m grateful to you for doing such meaningful work in the world.

  47. GLEN says:

    FOr starters, i really, really your life your library room. My books are in every room in the house, except the bathroom, and I suspect that is only because I don’t ha veg room for a bookshelf in there! They are, loosely, roomed by subject….sort of. But I was going to talk about the books. I love Louise Penny, tho it took me several years to actually read her. I thot, no one could be that good, as I read one laudatory review after another. Boy, was I ever wrong. And I love I it when a bookstore employee (or customer) suggests a book they think I might like.. and why don’t more do that? In this fashion I found C.S. Harris and John Scalzi, suggested by different employees, in different stores. A customer introduced me to Nina Kiriki Hoffman, when I was working in a bookstore. All of these are mystery or sciences fiction. And then I found Gail Carriger, which I am steaming thru at present (I need to get the final books in these, and the series I haven’t read!). I’m not sure how to categorize these, except that they are steam punk, where science meets the Victorian age. They are, tho, definitely a lot of fun.

  48. Natalie says:

    Like this point and all these things (especially that at 50+ years, I finally learned how to blow dry my hair from a book blog, haha)…

    Also…can you please tell me where you got that round rug in your home library? I love it!

  49. Sue says:

    This is my favorite of your posts – which says a lot. It is so full of gratitude, humility, introspection, and joy. You have become a pioneer at digital community building and I am thrilled to be part of your tribe.

  50. Kelley says:

    I’ve learn is that we like what we like just because we like it. And that’s ok – we don’t have to read prize-winning books all the time. And no matter what I’m in the mood for, there’s a book on the blog or podcast that’s just right!

  51. Kelli Roberts says:

    While I love EVERYTHING (!), my absolute favorites are the “Examined Life” posts – ones like On Showning Up, In the Waiting Room, Split the Loaf with a Stranger, I Take the Long Way Home, and what might be my very favorite – Say What You Mean to Say. These are essays that I find myself going back to and always find them so meaningful. Thanks for all that you’ve written and shared over the past 10 years!

  52. Barbara Beckwith says:

    I do love the comments! I have learned a lot from this blog, from both the posts and comments. Happy Anniversary and Thank you!

  53. Adrienne says:

    I used to read several blogs but yours is the only one I check daily. I love the posts about books, although I looked at my TBR list and the number of books I read a year (about 60) and simple math tells me I have reading material lined up for several years. Thanks also for the chocolate cake recipe, which you’ve shared a couple of times. It is a family favorite! Lastly, I went back and re-read the comments from the “confess your literary sins” post today (it’s one of my favorites) and I laughed and laughed…. So many hilarious comments! I am so thankful for this blog and the community here.

  54. Dee says:

    I wonder if your comment section is so much more active than other blogs because these are people who love, believe in, and understand the written word.

    While I consider you a book blogger, I appreciate that your content is more than books. While it’s predominantly books, I enjoy your posts on new finds and interesting observations. And anything with Daisy!

  55. Carolyn says:

    So, I very well may cry while writing this, but I’ll write it anyway. I’ve read you for years but didn’t join the Book Club until January. It was a risk I truly wanted to take…but it DID feel like a risk. While I’m well-educated, well-enough read, and can hold my own in conversation/at a party/in a job interview, one of the narratives I tell myself, sadly, is “I’m the dumbest in the room.” Who knows where our narratives come from…Sigh. Anyway, joining MMD Book Club has been a way for me, in my mid-40s(!!), to FIND, ENJOY, and EMBRACE sharing–and continuing to learn–in a positive, uplifting, mutually respectful environment. I’m finding a new part of MYSELF here, Anne, and I am happy + grateful to you, the community, and to me.

  56. Christina says:

    I first found your blog from a friend’s recommendation. When I saw your reading challenge, I was hooked. I’d been stuck in a reeeeally deep reading rut of one narrow genre for quite some time, and your simple, attainable reading challenge coaxed me out of it.
    Then, when I saw all of your book lists, and read all of the great book recommendations in the comments, I kept coming back for more. Your newsletters and blogs are ones I actually READ. Most just sit in my inbox.

    Thanks for caring about all the aspects of life (like laundry and cooking) – and finding ways to loop it in with books (they truly are a shortcut to the main things in life). Love it. Your creativity inspires me in my own writing and reading endeavors!

    P.S. – I don’t really care if blogging is out of style either. I’m loving the one I just started last August. 🙂

  57. Cynthia Mann says:

    My adult daughter recommended your blog to me. I read a lot to my children when they were growing up and helped them develop a love of reading, especially the older two. Now my daughter and I share our joint love through your blog.

  58. Katie says:

    I found you via the Lazy Genius Collective and haven’t been able to stop listening to your fascinating podcast. You boosted my reading life so much in only a few weeks – and filled my TBR with so many titles I hadn’t heard of before. After listening to one show where you recommended Noah Hawley’s Before the Fall, I convinced my entire family to read this book together. Even my younger brother, who has finished about 5 books in his life, joined in and everyone just loved it. We might have started a new family tradition, who knows, I just bought the second book (The Constant Gardener by John le Carré) for all of us … Thank you so much for your inspiration and dedication!

  59. Stephanie says:

    I have been here since almost the beginning and I have loved every minute of it. Thank you for all you share with us and for making every book sound AMAZING!
    I can’t wait until things get back to “normal” so maybe I can make it to a reader’s retreat!

  60. Jo says:

    Thank you for introducing MB to Louise Penny, Maisie Dobbs, Wallace Stegner, and personality types. And to your reading lists! And for the freedom to abandon a book when it’s not going the way you want.

  61. Rachel Hodge says:

    I spent many years as a mother of young children not reading beyond picture books. I can’t remember how I stumbled across your blog and it’s been a great source for discovering books to read. Louise Penny is an author I wouldn’t have picked up without reading your review of it. What Alice Forgot introduced me to Liane Morirarty who I have now read all of her works! Easy to do when she’s a local author. The irony of being told about her by an American is not lost on me. 🙂

  62. Erin Kathleen says:

    Happy 10 Years!!! Above all, this space you created is kind, warm and inviting. It’s been a haven for great books, discussion topics and people who just “get the book thing”.
    It’s because of you I started reading Foodie Memoirs (which are now my favorite genre!) and branched out to audiobooks. In an online world so full of noise and drama, thank you for being our calm in the (internet) storm and our all-around go-to book gal!

  63. Linda O'Donnell says:

    Anne, I love Fridays! Takes me the whole weekend to go through everything you cover in those Friday posts, and I love every minute of it. I am especially delighted when you allude to one of my all-time favorite quotes: “I contain multitudes.” I found William Kent Krueger through MMD, and am now finding my way through the long backlist of Louise Penny. It has been wonderful to find that I have lots of company of fellow book lovers who have TBR lists as long as mine. I found MMD just before Covid shut down the library, the book stores, and the thrift stores. You can’t possibly know how much this has meant during this time. Thank you and your staff for everything you do to make our reading lives so fruitful and fullfilling.

  64. Chrissa says:

    This is the *only* comment section I read! I think the key is that the readers here are focused on sharing their love for books, rather than on asserting dominance over other people. I have been introduced to so many wonderful books and authors through the comments, it’s like doubling the enjoyment I receive from your blog posts. Thank you for creating this community!

  65. Anissa says:

    SO MANY people have already commented, so this might be repetitive — but I love the links you send out on Fridays, the lists of books, and I love the beautiful photos you post on the blog (and Insta!). MMD was where I discovered that pandemic reading difficulties were a thing, and not just me. This year has held so many disappointments and losses that it felt like cruelty that I couldn’t just read to escape; knowing that others struggled with this made me feel like I was part of a community again. I love you Anne, and I love this space.

  66. Rachelle Wright says:

    I now look forward to the 15th of EVERY month for “What I Have Been Reading Lately”! I love to read this blog post AND ALL the comments where everyone else shares what they have been reading. Also, I was lucky enough to be able to be part of your launch team for Don’t Overthink It and it was so much fun!! My trip to Louisville for the launch party was my only trip for 2020!!

  67. Chris Grace says:

    I haven’t been here for all ten years, but it’s close. I’ve gotten so many book recs from you that I am never at a loss for my next read (and will need to live 100 years to make a dent in my TBR!) I’ve also gotten recipes, gift recommendations, and the comfort that on a tough day, I can read your post and know that I will feel inspired, understood, or cheered up. MMD is the only address that escapes my inbox purging. Thanks for all you do to share such great things!

  68. Judy says:

    Hi Anne and Congratulations!
    I came to you in 2016 when Ann and Michael from ‘Books on the Nightstand’ ended their podcast and offered alternatives to their audience. Been with you ever since!

  69. Beth says:

    I began 2019 with the goal of diversifying my reading and to do something to help me remember books that I have read, maybe journaling. I was also interested in personality theory. In browsing for both, I discovered one of your books and then the other, I cannot remember which was first. That took me to your blog, which led me to your podcast (my first ever podcast!) and then to bookclub. Both of those goals are still a work in progress, but you and this community have helped tremendously!

  70. Teri Hansen says:

    I’m somewhat new to your blog as well as a relatively new member of the book club. I have listened to WSIRN for a while now. I have really enjoyed the Book School and the “reveals” of the seasonal reading guides. It has been so exciting for me to experience new authors because of your recommendations. I recently discovered Zora Neale Hurston–I love listening to her books, btw–and Tayari Jones, because of MMD. I am so excited to have discovered MMD.

  71. Debbie says:

    Anne, you mention your favorite coffee is Monarch. I was looking at their website and the descriptions of the different coffees. Do you mind sharing which is your favorite? When they talk about the different flavor “notes” in the blends it is hard to make a decision without having tasted them. Thank you!

  72. Sharon says:

    Anne – congratulations on 10 years writing my favorite blog! Hey, I have an off-topic question…but it’s about your lovely library photo, so is it *totally* off-topic? How do you operate the art lights above your shelves? Love the idea but I wonder if they are hardwired and wall switch-operated? Otherwise, I’m thinking they’d have to involve cords and too-high switches…

  73. Anne says:

    I love reading your blog, and your books!
    But since comments can be used for confessions, I hereby confess that I am SO jealous of your home library. I’d love to have a library – especially one with a ladder! But I live in a small English cottage with rooms in eaves and low ceilings. 🙂

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