The Summer Reading Guide is coming!

The Summer Reading Guide is coming!

Regular MMD readers know it’s almost that time again … I’m hard at work on the 2019 Summer Reading Guide and it’s coming on May 16!

Summer is made for reading, but how will you find the books that are right for you this season? That’s the goal of the Summer Reading Guide: I read stacks and stacks of 2019 releases cover-to-cover so I could send you straight to the good stuff, and want to give you the tools you need to find the books that are right for you.

This year we’re doing things a bit differently—or, perhaps more accurately, going back to our roots. I want to share an immersive summer reading guide that is beautiful to look at, easy to reference, and filled with extra tips to make your summer reading the best it’s ever been. To accomplish this, we’ve decided to format the guide like we did in the early years: as a PDF in the style of an e-magazine. And we’ve decided the best way to share this with readers is by email.

It’s right around the corner and I don’t want you to miss out. On May 16, newsletter subscribers will receive the Summer Reading Guide in their inboxes.

So, yes. This means if you want access to the free 2019 Summer Reading Guide, you’ll need to sign up for my newsletter.

If you want to be one of the first to get the Summer Reading Guide in your inbox on May 16, sign up below. We’ll also send you my monthly-ish newsletter with stories and content only for subscribers.

Sign up here to get the 2019 Summer Reading Guide for FREE

We have lots of great summer reading content coming your way soon: we’ll have lots of book posts including Quick Lit on May 15, hotly anticipated summer 2019 releases, a first-time-ever summer romance list, a minimalist guide, and more.

It’s so good to be among people who are reading, and I can’t wait to read with YOU this summer. 

P.S. If you’re in the MMD Book Club, you get the guide first. I’m virtually “unboxing” it on May 14 in Book Club, just like last year. 

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  1. Janean says:

    I love the e-magazine format idea! Can’t wait! I even have a ‘SRG Guess List’ to see how close I come to picking what you’ve picked. 🤣🙊🤓

  2. Anne Szabo says:

    I am anxiously waiting for the summer reading guide. Since I joined the MMD group and book club I have not read so many enjoyable books. Thank you Anne

  3. Janean says:

    Summer is coming…! ☀️
    With Game of Thrones ending on May 19th, we will be in desperate need of summer! 🗡🐺🧝🏻‍♀️ Of course, we could just start reading the entire George R.R. Martin Song of Ice and Fire Series? Anyone?

  4. Deborah G Ball says:

    I am looking forward to this like my grandchildren in the prospect of Christmas eve!!At 64, it takes a lot to get excited, but you do it, Ann!

  5. Wendy says:

    The Summer Reading Guide is like better than Christmas.
    I even reminded my husband last night that it was going to be released soon. He’s not a reader-he just rolled over and went to sleep.😱😂

  6. Suzanne says:

    This will be my first SRG- so excited!! (Meanwhile, my Goodreads Want to Read shelf is saying “uh-oh”.) 😉

  7. VERA WEBB says:

    Brilliant idea, I can’t wait. I have stopped watching TV and started reading lots of books. I am nearly religious about listening to the Podcast. Thank you………….vera

  8. Sue says:

    First of all, if I’m getting this notice, does that mean I’m signed up for your newsletter? I know I signed up for E-Book deals, and I get notices about One Great Book and WSIRN on Instagram…I’m confused, there’s too much!
    Second, I am so STUFFED with suggestions and TBR ideas and ebooks deals I’ve now bought from Kindle that I need to catch up on, per your suggestions on WSIRN and One Great Book, that I couldn’t POSSIBLY be ready for NEW summer lists!!! I’ve read Out of My Mind and The Lola Quartet and am listening to A Gentleman in Moscow (which has become my new favorite book) just bought The Perfect Nanny and Widows of Malabar Hill from Kindle….and many more….I’m swamped and it’s all your fault!! But I’m loving it, and it’s opening up my “in a rut” reading life. Thank you.

  9. Ruthie says:

    So, even if I receive blog updates (such as today’s), I might not be on the newsletter list? What’s the difference between the blog and the newsletter, and how would I find out whether I’m on the newsletter list? (I know: I’m clueless.)

  10. Kathleen says:

    When I tried to subscribe to your list I got a pink box with a message “promise is undefined” I would really like to get your summer reading list

  11. Antonia says:

    Hi Anne,

    I love the summer reading guide – have got some great books from it over the years. May I ask one thing though? Please can you put Amazon UK links in as well as all the US links? The two stores are separate. Thank you!

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