A look at who’s reading this blog.

A look at who’s reading this blog.

Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts in the recent reader survey. It was the first survey in a year, and as always, I had so much fun reviewing the (2342) responses. I felt like I had a pretty good idea of who reads this blog, mostly because of the lively comments section, but you all surprised me (again) with some of your answers.

I promised I’d share the responses with you. This is part 1; in part 2 (coming soon) I’ll dive a little deeper and answer some specific questions from the responses.

Basic demographics.How old are you?

67% of you are between 26 and 44. I heard you: next year we’ll have more age categories. What's your relationship status?

82.8% of readers are married, which is a bit lower than last year’s 85% of married readers. I was happy to see that. I want my single friends and readers to feel at home around here. How many children live in your home?How old are your kids?

65% percent of you have children living at home; 25% of you don’t have kids.How did you find MMD?

Most of you, as has been the trend, discovered this blog from another blogger. Thanks so much to all the great blogs and bloggers who shared the love. What MMD posts do you want more of?

This year, an overwhelming majority of you (84%) said you want to see more books and reading themed posts. (This surprised me, because many of you also told me in comments you’d prefer to see fewer books and reading posts.)

Like last year, many of you specifically said that it’s the unusual mix of posts here that keep you coming back.

Would you attend a MMD live event?

So you know: I don’t have any grand plans to do Big Events. But several bookstore owner and librarian friends have floated the idea of meetups my way, and I wanted to see if there was a chance anyone would actually show up.

I’ll keep thinking this through. In the meantime, if you have any ideas, comment or email (modern mrs darcy at gmail dot com) anytime.

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