Join us this summer in Book Club, where we’re learning to read better, together

Readers, I’m so excited that summer reading season is almost here. And this summer season looks SO GOOD in Book Club! We kick things off on Tuesday, May 12 with our Summer Reading Guide Unboxing, and that’s just the beginning of an incredible reading season full of author chats, new classes, small group discussions, and constant book talk.

This is all happening in the MMD Book Club community, where we’re learning to read better, together. We always have tons of fun while doing it, but the bookish community is extra-sweet now because it’s harder to come by these days.

In Book Club, we read and discuss a monthly selection together, but that’s just the beginning of what we do. We also provide special content, member meetups, and host regular classes that help us enjoy our reading lives even more. We hold our live sessions on video via Zoom; I typically host along with our community manager Ginger. (That’s the two of us above, in my local indie.)

When you join, you also get instant access to our full library of past classes and events, including Book Journaling for Book Lovers, the ever-popular Book School series, and our focused classes like how to get your hands on Advanced Review Copies and One Hour to a Better #Bookstagram. It’s all inside.

What our summer 2020 Book Club calendar looks like

There are many ways to participate in Book Club. There’s no need to come to everything, but we like to offer plenty of worthwhile events to our members, including the following already-scheduled summer events. (We’re constantly adding new events: view our calendar right here.)


First up: our Summer Reading Guide Unboxing, of course! On May 12, members join me live at noon or 7 pm Eastern while I unveil the titles in the 2020 guide, sharing why I picked each and why I can’t wait for you to read it. Immediately after Unboxing, members will receive their EXPANDED Summer Reading Guide, before the guide is publicly available. This expanded guide is new for 2020 and includes a dozen additional titles, extra reading lists, and more bonus content.

Our May book selection is Lovely War by Julie Berry, which I read and loved after a bookish friend raved about it, saying it’s the only book her book circle had ever read that everyone loved. Julie Berry joins us on May 26 for an in-depth discussion.

We’re rounding out the month with (virtual) member meet-ups, small group book discussions, and a session on how to get more out of Book Club, perfect for both old and new members.


In June we’re reading William Kent Krueger’s This Tender Land, and the author will join us for an in-depth book discussion on June 25. If you’ve never participated in an author talk, they are SO MUCH FUN, and I’m thrilled he can join us.

I’ll host a Summer Reading Guide-themed Ask Anne Anything on June 11, where readers can bring any and all guide questions. These AAA-style events are always a joy, and always lead in surprising directions.

We’re introducing a new and timely class this month as well, on different ways—especially digital ways—to get your hands on the books you want to read this summer, appropriately titles A Zillion Ways to Get Your Books. We’ll explore a variety of options and formats to obtain the books you’re most excited about reading.


In July we’re reading The Last Train to Key West by Chanel Cleeton, who will join us for a live discussion on July 28.

At the mid-summer mark, we’ll gather to share the best books we’ve read this summer, and enjoy small-group discussions about the reading life.


We’re continuing our “Austen in August” theme, reading Natalie Jenner’s The Jane Austen Society. Jenner will join us for a live book discussion on August 25.

We’ll host a community read-a-long of Emma, and a watch-a-long of Clueless (I’ve been looking forward to this for FOREVER).


In September we’re going Back to Book School! Details to follow.

I hope you’ll join me and your fellow readers for an incredible summer. Click here to get started.

I can’t wait to kick off a new literary season with you all. Happy reading!


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    • Anne says:

      Our members obtain the books in a variety of ways, depending on how they prefer to read: popular options are the library, local independent bookstores, and Audible, and online retailers. That cost is not included in the membership.

  1. Jessica Lorey says:

    Hi Anne! I am dying to join Book Club but am a very busy mom of an infant and toddler and working. As much as I’d want to join every month, I don’t think I’d be able to keep up. Is this something where if I join, I could see the upcoming schedule of which books you intend to focus on, and I could pick a month here and a month there during which to participate? I want to participate, but don’t want to start feeling anxious about finishing books on time! Also, I wanted to thank you for your blog and podcast. Since discovering it in March, I’ve read 10 books on audio (the easiest way for me right now with the kids). This is more than I’ve ever read in such a short period and I’m LOVING it! I get so excited for Tuesdays so I can hear a new episode. I also just ordered your new book – the signed copy from The Strand. Sounds like it’s a must-read for my personality. THANK YOU for re-awakening my joy for reading!

    • Anne says:

      Jessica, thanks so much for the kind words! I would encourage you to give Book Club a try—you can participate in whatever way works best for you; nobody’s going to kick you out if you don’t read every single book! We aim to inspire you and deliver bookish delight, not to shame you for not “keeping up.”

      Thanks for reading and listening!

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