What’s saving your life right now?

It’s almost time for one of my favorite Modern Mrs Darcy traditions.

Winter has never been my favorite season. It’s cold, it’s grey, it too often brings colds or worse, and usually brings a bit of cabin fever—but of course this year the dread of illness is something else entirely, and that “stuck inside” feeling is next-level.

And so to beat back the dreary days, this winter I’m remembering how helpful it’s been in the past to keep a list—a literal, physical list—of the things that are saving my life right now.

The idea comes from author Barbara Brown Taylor. In her memoir Leaving Church, Taylor tells about a time she was invited to speak, and her host assigned her this topic: “Tell us what is saving your life right now.”

Most of us know what’s killing us, and can articulate it, if asked. (My list is SO LONG right now, friends.) But few of us stop to note what’s giving us life. 

Taylor says it’s too good a question to not revisit every once in a while: what are the things—big or small—that are saving us?

Every season carries its unexpected challenges and joys. Sometimes the challenges nearly crowd out the joys; sometimes (perhaps, I hope, please say yes) it’s the other way ’round.

Our lives reflect what we persistently think about. This practice calls me to pay attention to what I’m dwelling on, and to intentionally look for the good. It calls me to see not what’s killing me, but what’s saving me.

Next Wednesday is February 2, the halfway point of winter. For many years now, we’ve been joining together to combat the winter doldrums by making our lists of the things that are saving our lives, and sharing them here.

On February 2, I’ll share my list—and you’re invited to share yours, too: in the comments section you can link to a blog or social media post, or simply type your list there for us to read.

This can be a hard season, but by pausing at its halfway point to share the things that are helping us through it, we’ll lighten the load.

I can’t wait to hear what’s on your list.

P.S. We’ve engaged in this practice for nearly ten years, but now I can point to my book that touches on the subject. For more about intentional practices like this one, pick up a copy of Don’t Overthink It and flip to Chapter 7, “Tend Your Garden.” My hope is that this book can be one of the things that brings you joy, peace, and life.


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  1. Aimee Sterk says:

    Celexa (truly), finding little things to embrace (a video of my daughter who is 3 playing the harmonica and pronouncing harmonica as “ugga mugga”, longer days, pausing to see sunlight reflecting off of the snow, my 5 year old finally sleeping in his own bed so I can get back to reading time before bed for me, watching “Escape to the Country” on Britbox and “The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes” on Netflix–wow architecture is art and design and is fascinating and wonderful, therapy, my new fish I named Hope, my new breadmaker and Beth Hensperger’s Bread Lover’s Bread Machine Cookbook–the smell of baking bread filling the house is divine.

  2. Comfy cozy pajamas. I have young kids and we’re coming out the other side of a Covid quarantine and having soft pretty PJs has been a small but meaningful source of joy these past couple of weeks. I’m in love with the brand Little Sleepies – but I’m pretty sure any pajamas that bring you comfort and happiness will save your life too.

  3. Maren Levad says:

    Ice Skating, LEKFIT, Yoga With Adrienne, buying seeds and planning for spring, tea – all the tea, David Hockney exhibit, Abbott Elementary on ABC, All Creatures Great and Small on PBS, houseplants, fantasy books like Gilded and The Priory of the Orange Tree, Jeni’s ice cream, flannel sheets.

  4. Tamara says:

    Stocking up on great stationery, reading first thing in the morning before starting work, hot tea in my favourite handmade mug (kept hot by my excellent new mug warmer), having a trip to look forward to, creating photo books from past travels, yoga pants, cozy sweaters and merino wool socks.

  5. Amanda Johnston says:

    The occasional warm sunny day to play outside.
    Going to bed early.
    Putting in the effort to eat healthy and move by body.
    Quiet time alone in my car every day on the way to work.

  6. Barbara Faulkner says:

    I too have a long list of what’s “killing me”. To the question what is saving me?
    1. Cooking😊
    2. My best friends
    3. My grown children.
    4. My grandchildren
    My husband is very ill. Thank you for making me remember what is saving me. It lifted my heart.
    Houston, TX

  7. Terry says:

    Winter is saving me. Yes I know I’m in the minority but I love the cold. I love taking long walks because it’s a quiet time. Some may say dreary but I say it just makes it cozy inside with my book and a cuppa tea. Homemade soup simmering on the stove. Louise Penny and Inspector Gamache and wishing I lived in “Three Pines” lol.

    • Elisabeth says:

      Winter is my favorite season. The cold is so much better than the dreadful heat and humidity of summer. I’m not a fan of Louise Penny, but otherwise everything you described is a perfect day to me!

    • Kam says:

      Terry, me, too! Same, same, and same to the feeling cozy, book, and tea —- BUT, I now live in Florida! so I have to savor these days when I get them. Was very chilly on Sunday and the pastor asked the congregation who likes this weather and, well, mine was the only hand that went up. Lol, it’s all good! I love it and am not ashamed!
      And yes to Three Pines with the armchairs in front of the fireplace at The Bistro.

    • Tamara says:

      Definitely living in North Texas I love winter here……Originally an Oregonian I love very seasonal weather with it being on the cooler, no humidity side. 🙂

    • Debby says:

      I love Louise Penny. It is cold in Kansas but we don’t have the snow that Three Pines has. I would love to try it, as long as I had my quilts, puppies and books.

  8. Alana B Ward says:

    The crisp, fresh air I feel through a cozy scarf on walks with my dogs, winter blooms such as tulips, and the smell of hyacinths, Diana Gabaldon’s latest tome, long historical fiction, the smell of the pages, a cup of warm coffee , gazing out the window at the birds frolicking in the trees around the feeders,my heating pad..
    It’s been 5 years since my diagnosis of fibromyalgia and other chronic spine conditions. I’ve learned it’s these moments that get me through every day, not just winter.

  9. Sarah Jane says:

    Somebody, Somewhere on HBO Max
    Coming Home by Rosamunde Pilcher
    Yoga with Adriene
    My hot water bottle put in my bed about 15 minutes before I hit the hat
    Bundling up and going for walks
    A cup of tea

    • Sarah says:

      all of the above to Sarah Jane from Sarah Jean. I read Rosamunde Pilcher’s 4 novels seasonally – although I can never figure out which season Coming Home should be!

    • sonya says:

      I absolutely love Somebody, Somewhere. That first episode at the end had me crying my eyes out. Such a gentle, honest show about grief and friends.

  10. Eileen Sullivan says:

    Saving me in this cold New England winter:
    1. Daily 6 AM walks in the dark with neighbors, getting a little lighter every day
    2. Knitting while listening to a book about knitting (Curse of the Boyfriend Sweater)
    3. My cats, Jon Snow and Ygritte, being goofy
    4. All Creatures Great and Small on PBS
    5. My work friends, who have become the only friends I see regularly
    I realize this list makes me look like such a cat lady, but that is who I become in the winter when I cannot hike or garden (or travel during Covid!)

    • Mary Alice says:

      Seconding All Creatures Great and Small on PBS – it is perfection! I have 2 ACGAS adjacent recs – the recaps of each episode on Vulture regularly make me LOL and listening to the score/soundtrack on Spotify makes me feel like I’m laptopping from the Yorkshire Dales instead of cold/gray Chicago!

      • Eileen Sullivan says:

        Thanks for the recommendations. I always love a good spotify soundtrack while working… Harry Potter, Outlander, Downton Abbey. I will look for the podcasts. When we visited our daughter in England last year (finally!) we stopped in the National Park town of Grassington to start a hike. It looked kind of familiar… turns out, it’s the filming location for ACGAS village scenes!

    • Kathleen says:

      Does it make you happy that Jon Snow and Ygritte are married in real life?
      For puzzlers: Eeboo jigsaw puzzles are the best!
      On TV: Gilded Age is good, but no Downton Abbey.

      • Eileen Sullivan says:

        Kathleen, it does make me happy that Jon Snow and Ygritte are married in real life, although it also makes me squirmy because my cats are brother and sister. We would have felt even squirmier though had we named them Jamie and Cersie! Thanks for the puzzle recs!

      • Linda Ream says:

        I love to knit while listening to audio books. Librivox is one of my main lifesavers. It has free audio books that are in the public domain. Lots of classics. I’m currently listening to “Washington Square” by Henry James.

  11. Jen says:

    The walking path my husband created through the bush in front of our property. Everytime it snows he goes and grooms it so it stays easy to walk on. I appreciate having a quiet place to walk my dog. Loving my headlamp for said above walks. YouTube for decluttering motivation. My battery charger for my car that dies once a week when I don’t use it often. Winter is hard!

  12. Becky says:

    Really appreciate the timing on this!

    Things that are saving me:
    -my new nightly routine of a hot hot bubble bath
    -afternoon hot tea instead of a diet coke
    -wordle and the ensuing conversations with friends about it

  13. Sarah says:

    Taking a short walk as soon as the sun is coming up, jump rope intervals in the morning cold facing the sun, tea (lots of tea!)

  14. Casey Tibbles says:

    Things that are saving me:
    1. Lots of hot tea
    2. electric blankets
    3. The Golden Girls
    4. Sertraline
    5. Sunny days
    6. Homemade soup

    • Chrissy Anderson says:

      Amen, Sertraline! And the extra Vitamin D3 and DHA I take, too.

      I love everyone’s lists! Saving my life are:
      – trying new recipes
      – preschool days for my small children
      – tropical-smelling Briogeo Superfood shampoo
      – busting out heart decor of all colors to warm up the house
      – these Colorstreet nail color strips, super fun to be glittery for no one other than me
      – Wheel of Time on Prime (has anyone tackled the books???)

  15. Kimberly Fox says:

    There are many things that are saving me right now. Audiobooks, are my new best friend. I have been struggling with reading this month, and audiobooks have helped tremendously! My orchids. Over the past few years my husband has added to my orchid collection. (mention one time you love orchids, and for every birthday, anniversary, holiday I get an orchid) We honeymooned in Hawaii in 1998 and saw some amazing orchids there. We actually brought a plant and had it shipped home. I could not keep that plant alive. But now, my husband will order orchids from Hawaii, and now I can keep them alive. They make me smile every day! They are so pretty and on a cold winter day, a blooming tropical plant gives me many smiles! And lastly is my cookbooks. I have been blessed to be able to read and review cookbooks since April of 2020 and I found out that I really do like to cook. I have been sent Vivian Howard’s last cookbook, This will Make It Taste Better as well as 4 different Milk Street Cookbooks. I try and make a new recipe every week and it has given me a lot of confidence in my cooking ability!

    • Tamara says:

      I have two Milk Street Cookbooks. I have been using Fast and Slow the last two weeks…Instant Pot is a great convenience for the most part and not a lot of clean-up after.

    • Claire says:

      Hi Kimberly! A friend gave me an orchid for my birthday a few years ago. I am way out of my league with these beautiful plants. Any quick tips on repotting an orchid? Thank you!

  16. Amanda says:

    I live in central CA so my stay inside time of the year is more in the summer with temperatures over 100 for weeks on end. However, we have had the cycle of common illnesses around my house so that’s kept us inside a lot. I recently finished the new novel by Fiona Davis (LOVED IT!) so I dove into the virtual tour of the Frick Museum (where the novel takes place) this weekend. It was glorious! I want to explore more virtual tours.

    • Rita says:

      Hi Amanda, I’m in the Central Valley too, Turlock. I am so enjoying our sunny January days, even though we need rain, I love summer evening gs when it’s warm but not stifling.

  17. Amy Hourigan says:

    Things that are saving me:
    1. My dogs, playing ball for a few minutes and taking a walk in the cold winter sun
    2. Morning workouts and Yoga with Adrienne.
    3. Baking
    4. My daughter’s indoor soccer season, the games are short, intense and so fun to watch.
    5. Getting under thick blankets with a good book as many evenings as possible.

  18. What’s saving me:
    – the view of the ever-changing Hudson River from my desk
    – my husband being home in the daytime
    – my children’s sense of humor
    – the feeling I get when I write one good sentence
    – pie
    – having a new book in the works
    – my multi-colored sneakers, which still make me smile when I remember to look down at them

  19. Teri says:

    I have been limiting my trips to a variety of places d/t an autoimmune disease. I have had episodes of feeling frustrated with this but have found so much to keep my mood elevated! Love the MMD podcast ad well as a few others. Any book talk is awesome! Walking outdoors almost every day! 😊

  20. Rietta Goodglick says:

    This community is certainly one of the things saving me right now. All the comments above make me feel like I have really found my people. Yoga with Adrienne, I cannot recommend her enough. Warm tea, I recently discovered Bellocq tea and my favorite is Mr Dickens, a rooibos blend. The crisp morning air. I’m in LA so it’s not cold but is just delightful. The guy that I’m dating. We have a two person bookclub and just finished the Lincoln highway which we adored discussing. Knitting. My two wonderful boys and how they can enjoy a party bath (we have music and a disco light and I let them have popsicles in the bath) and snuggling. Watching them take care of each other.
    Thank you for all you do Anne and for this very timely post. Was having a ROUGH morning.

    • Melinda Kohn says:

      We used to have glow stick parties in the tub when my kiddos were littles. Crack a bunch of glow sticks, throw them in the water, turn off the lights. And we had a song “ain’t no party like a glow stick party, ‘cuz a glow stick party don’t stop”!!!

  21. Jackie says:

    Yesterday I downloaded a Kindle book entitled “Year of Wonder: Classical Music to Enjoy Day by Day” by Clemency Burton-Hill. I just started it today, but I predict that it will make my winter days a lot more pleasant. Each day of the year is dedicated to one particular, short (less than 7 minutes) piece of classical music. The author provides background on the composer and details on the particular piece such as the inspiration behind it. I’ve been able to find the musical piece online and listen to it while I’m reading about it in the book. I think I will make it my morning ritual along with my cup of coffee.

  22. Meg says:

    Candles! I recently discovered Hotel Lobby Candles – they have strong, unique scents. I get so excited to light one up every day! It’s amazing how a candle can change my mood. Also, baking cookies brings me joy; I make them for my daughter’s boyfriend who lives with 2 other guys and they feed my ego with their praise 🙂

  23. Dawn Hays says:

    I am knitting a Temperature Blanket for 2022. I have a graduated color rainbow of yarn (one color designated for a 3 degree temperature span) between 20 degrees and 95 degrees. Each day, I knit one color stripe that shows the high temperature for my vicinity that day. Right now, it is shades of grays and blues, but it will slowly graduate into shades of purple, green, blue greens, pinks, yellow, orange, and reds as the high temperature goes up. The greens should appear in my blanket about the time the plants outside are all turning green again!

    • Christina Mayo says:

      I love the idea of a Temperature Blanket. I’ve never heard of one, but love the concept. Living in Phoenix mine would probably be solid red all summer long – LOL! Did you buy a kit?

  24. Lindsay says:

    The things currently bringing me life: Sudoku puzzles, homemade soup for dinner with sourdough bread, blasting music on my living room speakers, having the kids AT school (finally), slowly reading and savouring The Lincoln Highway by Amor Towles (!!!), sunny drives down country roads to deliver flowers to a sick friend.

  25. Christine G. says:

    1. Meditation
    2. A more effective work/life balance (I hope!)
    3. Reading as always. Part of #2 is that I have scheduled reading into my day to make it a priority since it is what I love to do.
    4. All my meds that keep me safe and sane 🙂
    5. My family who are so supportive.
    6. My kitties who love to snuggle with me while I read.
    7. And now, thanks to all the endorsements above, I have signed up for “Yoga with Adriene.” I start tomorrow!! Thanks everyone; I’m super excited.
    I hope you all have a wonderful rest of winter.

  26. Sarah Bennett says:

    Those sunny days when the winter light pours through my windows! I am also trying to get at least 15 minutes outside every day.
    I signed up for a flower bouquet subscription and I am never disappointed when they arrive.
    And a re-watch of Jane the Virgin – it never fails to make me laugh.

  27. Ali Barnes says:

    Laughing at the funny things my 3 year old granddaughter says and does. She called spaghetti “wormy pizza” the other day and it will forever be called that in my head.
    My dogs. Going for walks with them, petting them, snuggling with them. They are the best therapists.
    Nature. I have to get outside, even when it’s cold. Maybe especially when it’s cold. We’ve been going to the mountains and snowshoeing, and seeing the blue ski and breathing the clean, crisp air revitalizes me.
    Of course, books. Escaping into another world or reading how someone else overcame their troubles helps me put things into perspective. But I don’t have to convince any in this group about that.

  28. Nan G. says:

    The things saving me this season are Winter hikes, hot tea, new recipes to try and using my new bread maker. Best of all sweet hugs from my one year old grandson and long talks with my sister.

  29. Kimberly Robinson says:

    Things that are saving me right now:
    Gluten-free Oreos with hot tea
    Going for a walk
    Audiobooks (Elin Hildebrand’s Winter Series)
    Britbox – Vera
    Books – Suspenseful thrillers
    Yoga with Kassandra on YouTube
    SheReads Truth – Bible study and podcast
    Reading with my husband at night before bed.
    Conversations with my adult children.
    WOW, I didn’t realize I would have so many!! Hooray!!

  30. Taylor says:

    Playing card games with my kids in the evening. That first cup of coffee in the morning by myself when the house is still dark and I can just sit and savor it for a moment. And I can’t wait till 9:00 pm when I can crawl into bed and read, right now I’m working on Pachinko by Min Jin Lee, which is amazing!

    • Eileen says:

      Taylor–I loved Pachinko… one of best books of 2021 for me. Compelling story and I learned so much about the Korean culture

  31. Rita says:

    Wow! I love everyone’s lists. Mine would be sewing projects and pretty fabric, citrus I can pick from our trees, books on audio or on paper. Right now I’m listening to The Unseen World, it’s so good and I’m reading Before We Visit the Goddess. Sunny days and riding my new bike and of course time with my pod of friends. Lastly, I just spent 10 days with my 6 month old grandson. How lucky I feel to have him in my life! His giggles, smiles, and his rolling over make me laugh and also I love watching my daughter be a mom!

  32. Teresa says:

    I’m loving your lists! Some of the things saving me are…
    Long, unhurried chats with my husband
    Planning my spring garden
    Afternoon tea
    Listening to audiobooks and cross-stitch
    Reading the book, “Wintering” by Katherine May. It gives me a new perspective on winter. I highly suggest it.
    Gathering ideas from your lists is life-giving! Thank you for sharing them.

  33. MB says:

    1. Savoring the series All Creatures Great and Small on PBS
    2. Rewatching The Durrells in Corfu (also PBS) – love it!
    3. Cooking my way through The Vegan 8 cookbook (by Brandi Doming) and Plant-strong cookbook (by Rip Esselstyn) (Both have FABULOUS Recipes, whether you eat plant-based or not! My omnivore hubby has loved everything I’ve made!)
    4. Mary Liwanag Yoga on youtube — I feel great after doing these!
    5. Eating a spoonful of strawberry jam in tiny little bites when I need something sweet
    6. Reading Traveling with Pomegranates by Sue Monk Kidd — just finished the Mitford Series by Jan Karon for the umpteenth time (pure joy!)

  34. Susan says:

    All Creatures Great and Small on PBS, sunshine that teases the coming of spring, fuzzy moccasins resembling Pomeranian pups on my feet, gas logs + remote control, dried mango strips, and shelves filled with books begging to be read.

  35. Andrea says:

    I started slanting my blinds downward at night and leaving them slightly open instead of closing them tightly so that every time I wake up, I can see the sky. After my family had covid last February and then were immediately after shut inside by a historic Texas snow and ice storm that took out our electricity for several days, I somehow started finding the simple ability to see outside a comfort. Almost a year later, and a glimpse of the sky or the sight of a neighbor’s porch light will remind me all is well.

  36. Quite honestly the concept of hibernation is saving me right now. I am in a time of forced solitude as I heal from surgery and an infection that developed after surgery. I think of my study where my recliner welcomes my weary body as I rest each day as my special hibernaculum, my place of protection where I do not have worry about being exposed to all of the vicissitudes of life. I have a perfect excuse to hide away as I heal, and quite honestly I’ve loved this time of rest, restoration, recuperation where I have no pressure put upon me. I’ve written a poem about this experience which I have printed in my blog. You can read it here:https://www.sallywessely.com/blog/january-a-time-of-hibernation-or-a-time-of-healing

  37. Michele Hagen says:

    What a great idea to do this Anne! Here’s my list
    1) All Creatures Great and Small – such a comforting escape
    2) weekly yoga that I schedule even though I do it at home
    3) paint by numbers picture that I’m working on. It might take me years to finish and my eyes can’t really make out all the fine detail, but I wanted to try something creative. I’m finding it peaceful and calming!
    4) in house “happy hour” with my husband several times a week. We might do trivia or play a game, usually with a cocktail and maybe a snack while dinner cooks. It’s been a nice transition between work and the evening.

    I feel more relaxed already just listing these!

  38. Jane says:

    Love reading everyone’s lists!
    Mine are puzzles, decorating/hanging pictures in my home, audio of the Bible read through in a year, noticing it is not dark when I drive home from work!

  39. Nicki Kirchoff says:

    Creating and crafting have always given me a boost to my midwinter blahs but this last year its just been so hard to focus on a project. So enter the dot to dot books. It’s low stress, low commitment and when it’s done in 20-25 minutes I feel like I actually created something! I get the same feelings of accomplishment minus the work of pushing through to completion. Love them!

  40. Mary Lou says:

    This is such a wonderful idea. The best one you’ve come up with yet. I’ve been a MMD member for a couple of years but I do not remember this one the past two years. But obviously it resonates for me because I have now noticed it!

    Journaling is saving my bacon, as are audio books. Sometimes I just sit and listen – I love being read to now as much as I did as a child.

    • Corinne says:

      Mary Lou! You’ve just made me realize why I love audiobooks so much; it’s immensely comforting to be read to by a skilled narrator. I hadn’t put that together, so thank you!

  41. Corinne says:

    – Forest rambles with my dog, Benson
    – Having time and mental capacity to read after finishing a second degree
    – Growing plants from cuttings and seeing my windowsill geraniums and kalanchoes budding their little hearts out
    – Hugs

  42. Betsy says:

    I love BBTaylor and her wise words. My list includes:
    *my health
    *being close to my children and one grand (we moved to Lexington right before COVID hit)
    *wonderful books to read, including my local library that reopened last year after the long virus shutdown
    *good coffee in the morning
    *something sweet to nibble on after dinner
    *new shows on PBS, Netflix and Amazon Prime
    *dedicated readers that I can meet here each week

  43. Kay says:

    Things which are currently making me happy are:
    The very occasional sunny hour that happens instead of clouds and grim, wet weather.
    Books, obviously.
    Perfume, always a necessity for me. I have a few and choose the one that feels right each day, today I am wearing Beautiful Belle.
    A once a week deep and hot bubble bath treat.
    We are currently watching Junior Bake Off, it’s the version of The Great British Bake Off for children.
    I feel the cold easily so having a throw over my knees in the evening has now progressed to a daytime thing too, I am turning into an old lady but it helps me to be cosy.
    Daffodils on the windowsill in the kitchen. As soon as they are in the shops I buy myself a £1 bunch most weeks because they are just so cheerful and gives me hope of better days ahead.

  44. Lisa says:

    I’m recovering from foot surgery, so I haven’t been able to go on winter walks with my dog, Scout, so I’ve had to discover other things that are saving me: Herbal tea. Trying my hand at knitting selbu mittens. Watching the hundreds of birds during breakfast that visit our feeders. Hobbling onto the front porch so I can breathe the fresh air. All my extra time for reading, of course! And lastly, my mom brought over all 8 seasons of Monk for me to watch during my recovery, and my daughter and I are plowing through them.

  45. Dulce says:

    Things that are saving me as we recover from Covid:
    1. Daily scripture reading.
    2. Sunrises and sunsets.
    3. Sourdough toast, smeared with butter, whiskey honey and sprinkled with Maldon sea salt.
    4. Listening to audiobooks while cooking.
    5. All Creatures Great and Small and Around the World in 80 days from PBS.

    • Rebecca says:

      Sunrises and sunsets always draw me in, but especially lately I have wanted to photograph them and watch even more. They are so beautiful and never exactly alike!

  46. Claire says:

    I love hearing of what is saving everyone! I would say for myself, knitting, drinking a warm cup of tea every day, walking, reading and bowling with my sweet husband (he is the good bowler)!

  47. Alison says:

    Piling the kids on our bed for read alouds every morning (Rosemary Sutcliff’s King Arthur Trilogy) and evening (A Little Princess) for read alouds.

    Poetry (currently Malcom Guite)

    Good quality tea and chocolate from local shops

    Occasionally gathering with friends and family for yummy dinners and celebrations

    Walks in the snow with our dog

    Nightly routine of ending the day with my husband where we turn on the local classical music station, have a beer, and chat

  48. Dawn says:

    These are my sanity-savers:
    Quilting – I’ve jumped into quilting anew and thoroughly enjoy it. I get lost in time whenever I’m working with fabric.
    I love being with my grandkids, reading, a great cup of coffee, snowy days, talking with my sister, hanging out with my best friend, and meeting with my book club when we can.
    I’ve started a gratitude journal. Before I go to bed, I write down three things I’m grateful for. It’s made a world of difference in my attitude.

  49. Casey says:

    Dance classes online with the Denver Diamond Dolls
    Aveda Tea
    A space heater under my desk at work
    Bioidentical progesterone
    Base layers every day it’s below freezing
    Cashmere sweaters
    Aveda Be Curly Co-wash (one step and my hair is done!)
    Heated mattress pad
    HBO Max with my husband
    Lois McMaster Bujold’s Vorkosigan Saga books

  50. April says:

    1) making my bed and then opening my curtains to see if it is light enough to see the mountains across the valley yet.
    2)All morning coffee (trying to learn how to clean fast/intermittent fast).
    3) knowing I have a plan for fun every Monday for the kids homeschooling throughout February. February homeschooling was HARD last year!
    4)Reading and copying a Psalm a day.
    5)The calming colours in our living room.
    6) knowing that each and every day the sky is brighter for just a little longer.

    • Jenice Greb says:

      I always thought we should vacation in February because homeschooling during that month is awful. Everything falls apart

  51. Karin Westbrook says:

    I’ve got a few things that are saving me right now! First, we moved our family across country, from California to Tennessee. This move has been good on so many levels, but rewarding in that we have so much to learn and discover about our new home. It’s the discovery that keeps us young and active. Second, and this is HUGE, through the pages of a book I found an organization that led me to my birth mother and three siblings I never knew I had. The joy and love I feel every day since I found out is more than I could have hoped for, and will save me this year and beyond.

  52. Rebecca says:

    This winter has been a struggle. Life has its challenges, but this season they have been a more regular occurrence. Thankfully many things are seeing me through it.

    – stocked bird feeders
    – Pink Martini on Pandora
    – All Creatures Great And Small & Around the World in Eighty Days
    – Libby
    – our puppy & kitten
    – progress on the remodel on our house
    – chatting & correspondence with friends and family
    – an occasional splurge of flowers in a vase on the kitchen table
    – dark chocolate and hot tea
    – the faithfulness of the Lord
    – nature photography & writing
    – January birthdays in our house
    – getting out of the house
    – packages delivered to us (Think “My Favorite Things” – Brown paper packages tied up with strings.) They often seem like little gifts when they arrive even when practical.
    – The Holderness Family & It’s A Southern Thing on YouTube

  53. Jenice Greb says:

    We all had covid for weeks after Thanksgiving. Now I’m worried about what’s happening to our country and all the dire predictions. So this is a great way to re-focus. Here’s what’s keeping me alive:
    1. Books. Have read some great ones lately from recommendations here and elsewhere.
    2. The funny/charming things my 3 year old granddaughter says and does.
    3. Reassurance from God that he will provide.
    4. Having my husband at home.

  54. Kendra says:

    1. Winter (desert climate, so winter is the best season)
    2. Almost-daily walks—sometimes with my neighbor, sometimes without
    3. Whatsapp voice messages to / from friends
    4. My new She Reads Truth study Bible
    5. Resting one day a week
    6. The Wild at Heart podcast
    7. A lot of Taylor Leonhardt’s album “Hold Still”
    8. My state’s online library and Scribd (lifesavers when you love to read but live overseas)
    9. Scented candles
    10. Young Living’s Citrus Frost lip balm, Burt’s Bees flavored lip balms
    11. Plum Planners and colored G2 gel pens
    12. Bigelow’s seasonal flavored teas
    13. My Kindle
    14. Hammer’s Endurolytes Fizz tablets
    15. Amazon Music
    16. Embroidery
    17. My piano
    18. The Divine Hours
    19. YouVersion Bible app reading plans and audio versions
    20. My Thermalon eye mask for helping my dry eyes

  55. Dee says:

    I need to bookmark this page and come back for great ideas!
    What’s been saving my life since we lost our dog in November is reruns of The Mary Tyler Moore Show on Hulu.
    What’s saving my life as I have to leave one office with an amazing view to go to another with the view of a wall is that the space is bigger, the wall is a wonderful shade of blue, and I have the opportunity to purge and start with a clean slate.

  56. Gina says:

    Weekly phone calls with 2 different friends, the 2nd year of listening to the Bible in a year podcast, watching Abbot Elementary, working on a puzzle and re-reading The Boy, the mole, the fox and the Horse!

  57. Christina Mayo says:

    I just recovered from 3 weeks of Covid and that time helped me realize what was making me happy (i.e. saving my life) right now. Nothing like being laid up to help realize what brings you comfort and joy.
    – NYDJ Slim Jogger Pants (so comfy!)
    – Black Forest Gateaux loose leaf tea from ukcornershoppe.com (so yummy!)
    – Fly Lady cleaning routines (helps me not overthink cleaning and not do too much at once, which I have a tendency to do)
    – Yoga With Adrienne
    – My garden
    – Books/Audiobooks
    – My Reading Journal
    – The MMD Podcasts and the “Reading This Week” MMD Community
    – And most importantly, my family!!! I haven’t seen my older daughter for a month now due to Covid in our house and she finally can come over for Sunday dinner tonight. I love spending time with my family. 🙂

  58. Kristen says:

    Tea, specifically Harney’s Hot Cinnamon Spice tea. My playlist of the songs we sang most growing up at a small country church. Favorite poems. My daughter’s smile. Sunshine when we can get it – I open all the curtains first thing at sunrise every morning for the daylight, whether it’s sunny or not. Thanks for convincing me to stop and make a list, however short; it helps!

  59. Jill S Fitzpatrick says:

    Wow, so many great posts. I loved reading James Herriott’s books as a pre-teen, but haven’t dived into the series yet. It’s on my to-watch list now.

    1. Reading, always. January favorites include Lincoln Highway (LOVE Amor Towles!) and The Firekeeper’s Daughter.
    2. Tea–I have SO MANY boxes of tea in my cabinet at home, and a smaller pile at work as well. Love Harney and Sons Hot Cinnamon Sunset, and adding lavender simple syrup to Twinings Earl Grey, but there are many others.
    3. My new (to me) car and her many new-to-me bells and whistles! Remote start and heated seats in particular in the winter. I have never been a “car person” but I am well and truly smitten with this car. I even named her – Belle.
    4. Audiobooks. For a long time, I was not an audiobook person. I felt I need to see the words on the page to really absorb the book. But over the last few years I have really become an audiobook convert. I love listening to biographies/memoirs on audio, it feels like the person is right there talking to me. Loved Stanley Tucci’s Taste.
    5. Related to the above, a good pair of earbuds. I was using a cheap freebie pair my husband received until I got a pair of Apple airpods for Christmas last year. What a difference!
    6. MMD introduced me to From the Page Candles and I love them! I have always been a candle person but had fallen out of the habit of burning them. I love coming home from work and choosing a scent. My husband is wondering why Etsy keeps coming up on our credit card bill. Shhhh…
    7. My book club. Whether we meet in person or, more lately, on zoom, our monthly meeting is usually the highlight of my month. They are truly “my people” and I treasure our connection.
    8. My students–I work in a middle school library and sharing my love for books with them still brings me so much joy. I missed them last year. (virtual for most of the year and the library closed to students for the rest of it)

  60. Marianna says:

    Yoga with Kassandra
    Lizzie Lasater’s Savasana Sunday’s
    Barbara Mahany’s The Stillness of Winter and her blog Pull Up a Chair
    My cuddly kitty Zoe
    Flour Power from BBC Scotland, currently showing on our PBS station
    Homemade Chocolate Chip Oatmeal cookies
    Poetry-Naomi Shihab Nye and Padraig O Tuama are particular favorites

  61. Donna says:

    Oh, this is a great idea!! To force us to think of what is saving us right now!! I am a veterinarian and admit that each Sunday I look forward to All Creatures Great and Small. Such a lovely show!! And related to that, having my beloved dog for each additional day is a blessing and gives me hope (she was diagnosed in 2020 with lymphoma and has done so well post-chemotherapy) and finally, seeing the love people have for each other and the comfort their pets give them saves me. Yes, there are difficult folks, but all memory of them fades when I have someone really appreciate what we do.

  62. Heidi says:

    This has been fun, and although I’ve heard others being asked this question, its more to be asked, myself!

    Well, I’m pregnant for the first time this winter, currently 6 months.
    So, Cinnamon raisin bagels w/ cream cheese HAVE been saving my life. Along with tropical fruit smoothies & chocolate.
    -Coffee has just made has just made a welcome return to me routine.
    -finally being able to play in person again with the musical ensemble I’m a member of. This has been so life giving!
    -my work. It’s been helping the days pass more quickly
    -aaany sunny day here in southern Ontario
    -the sparkly snow

  63. Kimberly Greene says:

    1) My ginormous TBR pile
    2) coffee mugs
    3) lighting candles at dusk every afternoon
    4) cozy socks and a heater to keep my feet toasty
    5) a heating pad on feet in bed as well
    6) peasant meals: anything involving sausage, potatoes, cabbage or beans!

  64. Karen says:

    I love this question! What is saving me right now?
    1. Knowing my children and grandchildren are doing well.
    2. Sharing moments with close friends in my neighborhood.
    3. Going on walks and listening to a book part of the time.
    4. Writing and my writing critique group.
    5. Painting for the joy of colors and shapes on paper, canvas, postcards, etc.
    6. Finding new recipes and cooking them.

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