We’re having a party!

Big news hit the interwebs this morning! The Popcast LIVE is coming to Louisville this summer and my town is the first stop on their summer tour!

In honor of the occasion, I’m hosting the VIP pre-party on Friday, June 23, 6-8 pm. At my house.

Let me back up.

The Popcast with Knox and Jamie is a delightful pop culture podcast dedicated to educating you on the things that entertain, but do not matter. (Think celebrity personality types, who’s stealing whose lunch money, and Chris Hemsworth’s arms, although my favorite episodes are more likely to be in the awesome book-to-movie-adaptations/best fictional places to live/favorite fictional neighbors camp.)

They’re bringing their LIVE show to Louisville on Saturday, June 24. I’m so excited Knox and Jamie are coming to town—I attended their very first live event in Birmingham late last summer, and it was a blast. Knox and Jamie are even funnier in person, they’re both completely charming, and their show attracts the sweetest, nicest fans I think I’ve ever met. (I’m not saying they’re nicer than MMD readers … but I am saying I think everyone will get along swimmingly.)

Jamie, Knox, and me in Birmingham. It’s a good sign that I’m laughing so hard I have four chins, right?

I can attest that their live show promise is 100% true: the live show will have the same heart as the weekly episodes, but with the added bonus of Knox’s fear of public speaking and Jamie’s unedited filter. (Neither is to be underestimated.) They have great energy and they are a ton of fun, and I’m so excited to be taking the stage with them as one of their guests/victims.

Bonus: Will and I recently attended a great event at the Tim Faulkner Gallery, the awesome venue they chose for their Louisville show, and I’m so excited to get back there!

Now, about this VIP party. When it comes to making new friends or meeting up with old ones, there’s nothing like being in someone’s home. So we’re coming to mine. We’re now in a new-to-us, hundred-year-old home in a great old neighborhood, the kind with heaps of character and easy walking distance to good stuff like food, drink, shopping, and books.

We will have delicious food, signature drinks, swag bags, and lots of mingling. We have a GREAT setup for mingling. (Psst—the MMD team is actively discussing what to plunk in your swag bag, and I can tell you two things: it will be bookish, and it will be awesome.)

While you’re here you’ll meet Knox, Jamie, and me in person, and chat with your soon-to-be new best friends. You can peruse my actual bookshelves, and according to Jamie, my bathroom cabinets, too. (I have been told I have the cutest, tiniest sink you’ve ever seen in my hall bath.)

We’ll have a special live VIP segment for our partygoers, probably right in front of the fireplace, and it’s going to be fantastic.

We only have room for 100 people, so don’t delay. It’s going to be a great time, plus your ticket to the VIP party gets you $15 off your ticket to the live show on Saturday (while those tickets are available.)

Get your tickets here.

I can’t wait to meet you there!

Note: VIP Party and Live Show tickets must be purchased separately. VIP party ticket purchase will include a discount code for a Live Show ticket on your confirmation email, so buy in that order. Party address and other event details will be sent upon purchase of your VIP party ticket. No refunds available for either type of ticket. 

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  1. Leigh Kramer says:

    All week I’ve been trying to figure out how I can make this happen and wish so badly I could just magically appear. Why do pesky things like work and travel time have to interfere with fun?!

  2. Michaela says:

    Do you ever think about your influence in the world? I mean, inspiring people to read more, and giving them resources and strategies to do it is noble in of it’s self, but do you ever wonder if maybe that person you inspired to read more ended up picking up a book that changed their life? Maybe it inspired them to go do charity work in a third world country, or enter a medical field where they saved lives, or get involved with any number of philanthropic causes that have direct impact on the betterment of the world. Anyways, kudos to you for continuing to expand your influence and I’m so happy to see you doing cool things!

  3. Kate Johnston Tucker says:

    I was beyond excited to read this news in my inbox today! A long time reader and now podcast listener (and a recent, so very grateful, convert to the Popcast), I will be traveling from Seattle to visit my sister in nearby Lexington during this very time! You better bet we jumped on the opportunity for a sister road trip to spend the weekend in lovely Louisville. Looking so forward to the VIP Party and Popcast Event. Anne, you make the world a brighter place.

  4. Rose Booth says:

    SOOO excited about this!!! I can’t make the VIP party, which makes me so sad, but I’ll be there for the Live Show!! My 3 favorite podcasters all in one room….I can hardly stand it! Anne, can’t wait to meet you in person after doing your podcast!

  5. Jennifer Haddow says:

    So wanted to attend, but I have a family wedding that evening. If it weren’t family, I’d ditch it for you ?

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