The 10 most popular posts of 2015.

And so it begins: over the next few weeks I’ll be sharing a few year-end posts looking back on 2015: my favorite books, favorite blog posts, what worked for me last year, what didn’t. I love taking a look back before we move into the coming year.

Today I’m sharing the 10 most popular posts of 2015, as determined by pure numbers. These are the 10 posts that garnered the most pageviews during the calendar year beginning January 1, in order, most to least.

The internet is a funny place. It’s always interesting to see what ends up on this list, because “popular” doesn’t mean “best.” These aren’t necessarily my favorite posts, or yours. Many of them weren’t even published this year.

Some of these posts did well because you loved and shared them, but most did well because they ranked high in Google search, or they got pinned like crazy, or the Washington Post linked to them.

Without further adieu … the most popular posts of 2015, in order:

39 stocking stuffers that will actually be appreciated, don’t feel like a waste of money, and won’t be broken/destroyed/forgotten by New Years.1. 39 stocking stuffers that will actually be appreciated, don’t feel like a waste of money, and won’t be broken/destroyed/forgotten by New Years.

The life-changing magic of tidying up.

2. The life-changing magic of tidying up. Your cheat sheet to Marie Kondo’s blockbuster book.


3. Un-put-down-able. The page-turners that were so good I read them in 24 hours.

Books worth binge reading.

4. Books worth binge reading. We’re all familiar with the Netflix binge. These titles will make you want to binge on books instead.

2015 Summer Reading Guide

5. 2015 Summer reading guide. The home page for the 2015 Summer Reading Guide.

The ten item wardrobe.

6. The ten item wardrobe. Some people think this topic is superficial, but we all have to get dressed. If you put some thought and organization into this daily task, you can completely change your life.


7. A dissenting opinion on the Ikea Ektorp. The internet loves the IKEA Ektorp, but I’m not a fan of the required maintenance. Google put this one on the list.

8. My best Stitch Fix tips. (13 things I’ve learned in 30 months of Stitch Fix.) What to buy, what to watch out for, and how to tweak the service depending on your goals. I suspect this one did well because it wasn’t super-gushy about the service.

3 time management rules I wish I’d learned 10 years ago.

9. 3 time management rules I wish I’d learned 10 years ago. Non-obvious advice about how to spend your minutes—and your life.

My accidental capsule wardrobe.

10. My accidental capsule wardrobe. Style bloggers are all over capsule wardrobes these days, but their mix-and-match vibe isn’t for me. Nevertheless, my closet is far from full. I’m finding that the real magic of my capsule wardrobe isn’t from the “capsule” part.

I’ll share my favorite posts here soon. There is zero overlap between the two lists.


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  1. I had somehow missed your post about The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and just spent several minutes going through all of your posts on the book. Thank you especially for the one about kids! I recently read the book and was wondering about that specific topic. You’re right–there is no “one and done” approach to tidying when you have kids. But, hearing you say that released some guilt I’d been feeling! Thanks.

  2. Erin says:

    It is funny how our favourites as the writers aren’t always the favourites of the readers, though this list may not necessarily be the favourite of your regular readers but of searchers too.
    Had missed your Time Management post, loved it, so true.

  3. Courtney says:

    I felt bad that I missed your time management post! Until I realized it was from 2012! I don’t feel so bad. None of those articles are my favorites from this year, although I enjoyed the Magic of Tidying post. I’m off to check out the Unputdownable and Binge Reading ones!

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