Links I love

Links I love:

• “All About the Books, No Trouble” from the Nashville Public Library, who’s got all the right books in all the right places.

• Can you guess the famous book from the first line? (13/15. So, mostly.)

This grant gives writers time to read. Oh, to be a New Zealander.

Keeping heirloom apples alive is like a chain letter. (Related: this incredible Tree of 40 Fruit.)

No, I don’t want to read your self-published book. Interesting insights into the world of publishing from a reviewer who receives 150 books a day to review.

Most popular from the blog:

My favorite cookbooks. (The comments on this are a gold mine. Get ready to take notes.)

Are you a savorer or a speed reader? More wonderful comments—from both sides.

39 stocking stuffers that will actually be appreciated, don’t feel like a waste of money, and won’t be broken/destroyed/forgotten by New Years. I don’t usually share old posts here, but this one got an insane amount of traffic starting October 1. This concerns me a bit—there’s still 82 days till Christmas!

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  1. Tim says:

    12/15 on the book opening lines, and of those I got right 9 were guesses. And, coincidentally, I think I’ve only read three of the books whose lines were featured. I’m so uncultured.

  2. Ana says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing about the heirloom apples! I live in an area that was part of the largest apple orchards in the US in the late 1800’s. My great grandparents and grandparents owned orchards, and I have their apple stamps that labeled the boxes. We’re growing two varieties of heirloom apples in our orchard, one of which was developed in my town around the time of the Civil War. I love looking through heirloom seed and nursery catalogs, as weird as that may sound. Just put Apples of Uncommon Character on hold–thanks for sharing!

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