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The 19 most beautiful libraries in the U.S. Now THIS is a great way to honor National Library Week.

How to read your Kindle in the bathtub. On my mind (and yours!) after Jamie and I talked bathtub reading on the latest episode of What Should I Read Next.

Eight simple but powerful habits that will make you more successful. I’ve been coming back to this list all week.

When you’re so awesome you take prom photos at Barnes and Noble. (Or wedding photos—why didn’t I think of this?)

Favorite instagram:

We had our What Should I Read Next LIVE event at The Novel Neighbor in St. Louis last weekend and it was sooo much fun to meet you there! Holland put together a special “MMD Recommends” shelf and let me run around the store grabbing books to add to it. (Follow me on instagram @annebogel.)

On the blog:

Quick Lit tomorrow! I share short and sweet book reviews of what I’ve been reading lately here on the blog, on the 15th of every month, and invite you to do the same.

One year ago: You will stumble. “A large part of my own growing up has been to learn that failure isn’t necessarily bad and success isn’t necessarily good. It took me years to believe this intellectually, and even longer for me to believe it in my core, as one of those bedrock virtues I act on without question, like brushing my teeth, or kissing my family goodnight.”

Two years ago: What it’s like to read for a living. “Believe it or not, I was never particularly interested in a job that involved a lot of reading, for the same reason I didn’t last as an English major: I was afraid that making books my work would take all the fun out of it. And yet, without exactly meaning to, I’ve made books a significant part of my life and my work.”

Three years ago: My view from Saturday. For your Easter weekend. “Our daughter’s birth, my neighbor’s marriage: they remind me to allow people their joy and their pain, even when they seem out of step with the rest of us. I’m betting it’s more prevalent at Christmas than at Easter, but I’m certain it happens every day of the year.”

Four years ago: For now and for always: a few words about this blog. “Not just in books, but in life, there are topics of the hour, and topics of interest for all time. Topics for now, and topics for always.”

Five years ago: You don’t have time for soap operas, so fire your dramatist.

Six years ago: Don’t be a drama queen, and other lessons in friendship from Anne Shirley.

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  1. Melodee Skiles says:

    It cracks me up to see my library (Billings Public Library) on all these “most beautiful ” lists. I know it is because it won major architectural awards. It is large, clean, and wonderfully functional, and a HUGE step up from our old, cramped one, but “beautiful” is not a term I would use for it! The picture makes it look better than it does in reality. They do have a rose garden and a lovely courtyard, though, which is the most beautiful part. And there are a few design elements inside that are cool. But give me a Carnegie Library for beauty any day. 🙂

  2. Stacey says:

    Both my alma maters made it on the list, though I’ve only seen the Beinecke in person. Hope to see the Sawyer library this summer on a trip back to Williamstown!

  3. M.E. Bond says:

    One of my friends had wedding photos taken in a library last fall. It was a nice old building right down the road from her reception venue, which was a historic house. I love the idea!

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