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8 bookish podcasts for lovers of literature.

Getting the circus metaphor right. “To use the metaphor right, if life is a circus, it has many moving parts, but they all work as they are supposed to work.”

When you bomb at the Book Club. “Even with the best of intentions, readers sometimes make unpopular selections. The result: awkward conversations and accusations of bad taste.” (Psst—if you get hit with a pay wall, click over to the post from a social media site, like my tweet here.)

27 reasons to buy any book, some of which apply even if you hate the author. “You think that if you support their fiction, maybe they’ll stop writing their poetry, which is even worse.”

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My favorite photo from the local used books sale. The full story is on instagram. Not pictured: giant tote holding 50 more selections. (Follow me on instagram @annebogel.)

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Two years ago: Books that are better together (and 4 literary flights to get you started).

Three years ago: For the Janeite who ran out of Austen novels.

Four years ago: A dissenting opinion on the IKEA Ektorp sofa.

Five years ago: My favorite natural skincare trick.

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  1. Terry says:

    I am bemused by the thought of a book club where if you pick the “wrong book” you are accused of bad taste or even forced to drop out. I’d leave a club like that in a New York minute (as they say!).

    My book group has been meeting, with a varying cast of characters, for more than 12 years. (We’re not exactly certain of inception date – we never thought it would last so long.) In that time we have had stinkers of books – it’s bound to happen. We just laugh it off and drink another glass of wine. And NO book is going to be to everyone’s taste. While we’ve had our share of real winners, we’ve also profitably discussed books that NONE of us liked.

    I can’t imagine reading with a group of people that don’t understand that, laugh, and go on!

  2. Jennifer N. says:

    The post about reasons to buy a book cracked me up. Essentially what he’s saying is there isn’t a BAD reason to buy a book, and that is a concept I can get on board with. I just heard that a 200-page hardcover can stop a bullet at normal range. If that’s not a reason to always have a book on you, I don’t know what is :-).

  3. Tara says:

    YAY for more podcast ideas, Anne! Thank you! Although, I have to admit, I’ve been fairly tied up with some great audiobook selections lately; I need to catch up on the podcasts I already have on my list – ha! Hope you have a great weekend!

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