A dissenting opinion on the Ikea Ektorp sofa.

A dissenting opinion on the IKEA Ektorp sofa | Modern Mrs Darcy. I know people love their white IKEA sectionals, but can we talk about maintenance and upkeep for a minute? (And if you DO decide to go with one, you NEED to know these tips and tricks (and products!) for maintaining it.

Last fall we bought an IKEA Ektorp sofa. At $399, it was a steal.

Or so I thought.

If you’re unfamiliar with this classic IKEA sofa, here’s what you need to know: you buy your sofa base and choose your own slipcover from a dozen or so options. I had planned to get beige slipcovers, but they were sold out. Since we live 120 miles from IKEA, popping in a few days later to pick one up wasn’t an option. So we went with white.

Before you tell me I’m crazy (four kids and a dog!) let me explain: I’d done my due diligence. I’d read many blog posts (like here, here, and here) from busy moms who love their white Ektorp sofas, and who swore they’re not hard to maintain.

If you read those posts (and the other Ektorp reviews online), you’ll notice a common thread: the people who love their white couches wash their slipcovers all. the. time. (Typical recommendations are to wash weekly or every other week.)

We’ve now had our Ektorp sofa for four months. It’s comfy. It looks great.

The maintenance routine looks like this: I strip the slipcovers from the base and the couch’s six cushions. I wash them in two separate loads (even though I have a front-loader, it’s a bit much for one load). I dry each load separately to 60 % or so and s-t-r-e-t-c-h the covers back onto the frame and cushions. (I hate that last part.)

The whole drill takes about 30 minutes of active time, which isn’t a lot. But it’s not time well spent when I’m actively trying to decrease my time spent on home management.

The sofa looks best when I wash the slipcovers every week, but I don’t wash weekly unless we’re having guests or somebody spills something. It looks pretty good with every other week, and I can stretch it to three if I need to. But that’s still way more time than I want to spend maintaining a couch.

I have found a few things that make the maintenance a bit easier:

Folex. My mom gifted me my first bottle of this nontoxic instant stain remover, and it’s amazing. When I spilled red wine (sad but true) on the arm of the sofa, the Folex made it disappear. Miracle. (My kids have rules about where they can and cannot have snack, yet I’m the one always spilling wine and coffee everywhere. Anne may mean “graceful” but it doesn’t always fit.)

Biokleen laundry powder. This product relies on grapefruit seed and orange extract for cleaning power, and I love its fresh, subtle smell. My favorite part of washing the slipcovers is the way the whole living room smells when they’re newly cleaned. We use Biokleen because my girls and I have sensitive skin, but the important thing is to choose a detergent you really like the smell of–because the smell will permeate the whole room on that first day.

Biokleen oxygen bleach. I use this in every load to brighten and whiten. Similar to OxiClean but I prefer this brand.

Bleach. No, it’s not gentle, but I bleach the slipcovers every 3 washes or so to get rid of the dinginess that comes with having 4 kids and a dog (and a mom who sloshes her coffee).

I like my sofa. I love the look of the white. And I know I can buy new slipcovers or dye the ones I have or cover the couch with blankets to protect it. But what I really want is to not be high-maintenance about my furniture.

My sofa may have been cheap, but I can’t believe how much it’s costing me. This thing should have come with a maid.

A dissenting opinion on the IKEA Ektorp sofa | Modern Mrs Darcy. I know people love their white IKEA sectionals, but can we talk about maintenance and upkeep for a minute? (And if you DO decide to go with one, you NEED to know these tips and tricks (and products!) for maintaining it.

IKEA furniture: tell us all about yours in comments. 


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  1. Amy says:

    This is all interesting because we have four cats who like to claw furniture despite our best efforts (we’ve done everything including the cat tape on the furniture and the little guards you put over their claws) and we’re in the market for a new couch. We had planned on leather, which is what I really want, but if we spend a fortune on a leather sofa and the cats claw it it’s going to make me crazy. With something like this I could just replace the cover when/if it looks ratty. Thanks for the idea (I know you have a dissenting opinion) 🙂

    • Anne says:

      Amy, a clawed leather sofa would make me crazy, too! My concern is saving time and energy, and this sofa requires it. But if your concern is your cats, and a washable, replaceable slipcover takes care of it, it might be just the thing for you.

      Just remember you’re going to have to wash it–especially if you choose white!

      • Sheila Moon says:

        You should have bought a dark color sofa; I have an Ektorp sofa with a black slipcover and do not have to wash it so often. I have no regrets about the black color!

    • Danielle says:

      I highly recommend NOT getting a leather sofa! I have cats and my leather sofa has taken a beating… unless you are going to clip their nails diligently every week or so then a leather couch isn’t a good idea… I still love mine it just looks a little tattered!

    • Biali says:

      I have a ratty old sofa that my super pulled out from under a pile in his garage. Since it was free.99 and my husband and I are broke, I decided to make it work. I went onto amazon and purchased a Sure Fit 2 piece (very Important) slipcover in this awesome stretch velour fabric, and I love it. I plan on eventually buying a sofa to fit the slipcover, and possibly getting another one to rotate with. I also have a cat who loves to claw. I trim her nails once a month, but do far, no snags or shreds. I have a cream cover, and I wash it maybe every three to six weeks, and I lint brush it pretty regularly. I say, get a solid sofa that works for you, and plan on getting slip covers.

    • Martegy says:

      We have a leather sofa and chairs and cats. Our cats don’t claw the furniture on purpose…but it’s all clawed up anyway. Picture a cat sleeping on the arm of the sofa next to you. Picture yourself scratching kitty behind the head. Kitty doesn’t want to slide off the slippery leather, and kitty doesn’t have to. It’s just so easy to hold on with all 10 (or so) front claws. Sometimes the hind end starts sliding, and then a big scratch occurs.

      I have found that most cats love the flat, round scratching station with the ball. Soooo satisfying.

      We are looking at sunroom furniture, these are good comments. I want the white, but then again…As far as “Scotch Guard” goes, we will use “303 High Tech Fabric Guard” to protect from UV light. It’s waterproof, too. We used that on our outdoor Sunbrella cushions after we washed them. It’s also used for car convertible tops.

      • Donna says:

        Absolutely hate the Ikea slipcovers . Have bought two sets of white slip covers an both sets shrunk and are unable to even fit on the couch or chairs . I washed exactly as recommended. Now I’m stuck with a crappy couch and forced once again to buy more slipcovers .

        • Nefea says:

          I have had white Ektorp 3 prsons couch, Jenny Lund chair and the Ektorp footstool(?) for 8 years and have washed the covers more times than I can count. It was a friend of mine who have had it for about 5 years before I got mine, who advised me to get it. You have to make sure to put them on while they are damp/wet. It does require some effort to put them back on. Don’t worry if it looks small in some places and if the seating or back pillows bend, in a few days it will stretch as it dry.

    • Jean says:

      Amy if you put aluminum foil wherever the cats get on or scratch it will stop them in no time at all and they won’t ever get near your furniture again. Guaranteed! That goes for outdoor furniture too.

    • Jess says:

      Amy, I have a friend who bought a leather sofa and found that her three cats won’t go near it! Same thing for another friend who’s small Westie terrier stays off unless there is a big blanket cover on it. Maybe they are more aware of the leather smell than we are, who knows.

    • Faith says:

      Do NOT, I repeat, Do NOT buy a leather couch if you have cats. Even if they have been declawed in the front! My cats DESTROYED my very expensive leather couch in just days. And I didn’t have cats that scratched furniture. Within an hour, my cats slid across the seats and made scratch marks that were VERY noticeable, and not repairable.The arms of the couch were permanently damaged within days. Forgot the BACK of the couch where they would run across…horrible. Burn your money in the fireplace instead. It will give you more satisfaction. Oh, and we bought the *insurance*. Which was worthless for cat damage! So please…save your money. Do not buy leather until you are a cat free home. You will regret it if you don’t.

      • Maren says:

        I think it really depends on the cats. We have an inexpensive leather couch and love seat but my cats won’t go on it unless there’s a blanket down or they sit on our lap. I’m thinking of getting the Ektorp but know the cats will be all over a fabric sofa. Back to vacuuming the couch all the time.

        • Helen Bodel says:

          I have had my Ektorp sofa since 2003! I have three covers–white, dark grey, and follette beige–all of which I have washed multiple times, using a stain remover stick, and cold or warm water, and I offer this advice: When the cover comes from the washer, air-dry it for about two hours and then hold each of the four seams at each end and pull a bit, so it stretches back to its normal size while damp. When it’s been drying a bit longer, put it on the couch, pulling down at the four corners and around the skirt. I’ve never had trouble with the cushion covers which I simply stretch a bit while still damp. the whole process takes about ten minutes, and my sofa looks new again–at least until my grandchildren have romped on it for another season!

    • Kim Burch says:

      I have the same problem with my cats and have had the exact same idea. Why not buy a sofa that I can change the slip covers on and not have to buy a new sofa after it’s hit the ratty stage? I live 4 hours from the closest IKEA and have not purchased this sofa yet but it’s in my future plans. I’ve had leather before and my cats do not claw it as much as they do other upholstery but they do damage it some. Good luck with your sofa choice.

    • Sheila Callahan says:

      Have you tried feliway plug ins? 3 cats, new leather sofa and chair. 3 plug ins, feliway spray and a 3’6″ heavy duty scratching post. I trim nails every week or so. No scratching my funiture. It’s great!

    • Judith says:

      We lost a beautiful leather sofa to cat clawing. Thankfully, it was up against a wall so it didn’t show until our cats wore out the back and started clawing the front. By then, the cushions sagged and didn’t fit. So we got rid it it.

    • Anne says:

      Well, we’ve only had ours 4 months, but it seems like it holds its own against its (more expensive) competitors. It won’t last forever, but I wouldn’t expect it to. And it is comfortable.

      • leslie says:

        I also have 4 kids 17 – 10, when you do spill something on the sofa and wash the slipcover does he stain come out completely? I would love a white sofa but I am nervous it will not look well even after I wash it.

      • Dan says:

        I’ve had an Ektorp for approx 3 years, and it’s held up really well. The Couch Cushions could use a good fluff. Of course, I bought a Black One.

      • Amanda says:

        I’m glad to see a different perspective on the white Ektorp. We had an Ektorp with a tan cover and the few times I washed the cover it was a pain to put back on AND feathers popped out from the cushions while trying to wrestle the cover off/on, lol!

        We had our Ektorp for 5 years and we were more than ready to ditch it for a real sofa at that point. It was hard, sagging a bit, and the pillows especially needed to be fluffed constantly at that age. Also, our cats had destroyed the corner with scratching, ugh! It was a decent solution to our tiny budget as a newlywed couple with a newborn but after 3 kids it just couldn’t take any more. We replaced it and are very happy with a more solid, and more expensive piece. We now use fleece throw blankets draped over the arms to keep the cats from scratching and that has worked out quite well.

    • Monica says:

      I have had mine for 5 years. I have 6 kids who are not at all gentle on the furniture. They do gymnastics on it and parkor. They have held up great and they still have the original slip covers which are a dark Khaki color. I wash them once a month and spot clean in between. I love it.

  2. Andrea says:

    Hi Anne, As one of the “busy moms who loves our white Ektorp sofas” you linked to in your post, I thought I would share that we’ve had our white sofa in our main living room for almost 2 years now and I’ve never, ever washed it yet!

    We had it protected with a stain guard right after we got it home… and that seems to do the trick. I’ve spot cleaned 3 spots in 2 years and also use a lint roller every couple of weeks to remove fuzzies, hair, etc. I’ve probably spent 1 hour total on “couch maintenance” in the 2 years we’ve had it — so not too bad!

    I will admit that I have an odd obsession with white (seriously!) so I’m definitely still loving our white couch! 🙂

    • Anne says:

      Really? Okay, I’m impressed–and a little jealous! Thanks for sharing that.

      You had yours professionally stain guarded–am I right? I did scotch guard at home myself, and I’ve read there’s a big difference between the DIY and the professional route for that.

      • Andrea says:

        haha — yes, we had our couch professionally stain guarded and I’m told it’s much more effective than doing it yourself. I’ve never tried doing it myself, but we are very happy with how well our couch has held up!

      • Terre Tulsiak says:

        Never Wet- $10.00 at Home Depot works just like the ads. BUT…wear a mask and use a fan for a few days. And refuse to feel quilty because you save much more in chemical impact by doing it.

  3. Maureen says:

    I have the ektorp sofa with the striped black and white slipcover. I completely agree with you on the time and effort involved in washing the slipcovers! But I only wash mine quarterly (ish). Admittedly, I don’t have kids living there (though they visit) and my dogs don’t go on the furniture, although they are the reason it gets washed as often as it does. I think buying a new slipcover in a different color would be a good investment for your sanity 🙂 And I love the ektorp for its reasonable purchase price, size, and it is very comfortable.

  4. Thank you for this post! I have been eyeing the sofas at IKEA for years. They are so cheap and look so classic. However, I’ve purchased an IKEA chest of drawers and dresser, and the chest of drawers has not held up well. The drawers fall apart easily, and they don’t stand up well to kid handling. And you better believe all of our furniture is going to be kid handled. Anyway, as much as I love IKEA for so many things, I think I’m going to have to stick to quality Craig’s list buys or make a bigger investment for good furniture whenever we need something. We have a bedroom set for my daughter’s room that belonged to my husband’s grandmother. It was purchased in the late 50’s, and it’s still great.

    • Anne says:

      Kelly, I asked for IKEA input on the MMD facebook page and my own personal page before our last trip up there, and I was surprised how many people specifically said to avoid the dressers. Sorry about that. 🙁

      There are some things IKEA does really, really well…and somethings they don’t.

    • Gail RiegI says:

      I have had good quality furniture made by Lexington for my bedroom. The drawers fell apart within one year. They discontinued the line and could not find a replacement for me. They took the dresser out and put in new drawer slides. So, you can buy expensive and you can buy cheap, you just never know what will hold up. I am on my second Ikea kitchen, 2nd home and they are still great. My desk grouping from Ikea is over 15 years old and besides scratches, it is still strong and sturdy. I guess it boils down to how much you want to spend.

  5. Julie says:

    Did you know that you can now buy online from IKEA? I just checked it out, and it looks like the beige slipcover is an option through the online store. Yeah, you still have to pay shipping, but you’d probably end up paying that much in gas just to get to the store.

  6. Keren says:

    We purchased the Ektorp about 3 months ago, as well. (We have 3 little ones, age 5 and younger.) So far, it’s okay. But that’s probably because my husband has done the frustrating work of putting the covers back on. 😉

    I asked for advice on Facebook when we were about to buy, and didn’t get any dissenting views from owners. So, I’d have loved to have read this then! 🙂

    We haven’t washed the entire slipcover, just one or two at a time as each one has gotten dirty. We also bought a backup slipcover. (We have the 2+2 sectional since it was in the as-is section, and 2 chairs). Our living room is two stories, and I’ve noticed the couch collects the dust pretty quickly. We use a lint roller to pick up some of the excess.

    We don’t have a formal living room, so this is the “family room,” plus where our guests see as our main living room space (as is probably the case for many). For us, I think it’s the best happy medium. I guess I’d be afraid we might ruin something nicer, so I’m glad these can be washed if/when needed. But yeah, if it came with a maid, that would be nice. 😉

  7. Tim says:

    Thanks for warning me away from the slipcovers, Anne. We just bought a new sectional sofa last year, so I guess we weren’t in much danger of going that route anyway. We opted for low maintenance by buying leather, The only thing we do to keep it up is shift the cushions around once a month. Two minutes and I’m done.

          • I have bought the Ektorp sofa, easy chair and barrel chair (all Ikea, but not the Ikea names) and all in the white. Love them all. Bought them all 2nd hand from craiglist: $40 for couch, $30 for one chair and $15 for the other chair. They all came in excellent to very good shape. Have washed each one time and found it no big deal. I’m not washing by hand….I’m watching TV while the washer does the work. I squish all the pieces back in place while 75% dry (I barely put in dryer and let air dry for awhile). I can’t imagine this being a problem. I did wait until my little children were grown and just big people, gardening and pets were potential hazards but …. I think of all the couches I had that couldn’t be washed! It’s just no comparison. In contrast, I bought a nice, comfy couch for the TV room, gold in color. Paid $900 and it’s looking dingy from my jeans. Can’t wash it. Hmmm. (Law and Order is more of a Time Suck for me.) I’ll take the Ektorp! Thanks for your post.

        • Carrie says:

          Yes indeed. It came with leather cleaner/polisher and a microfiber, and when we used that up I used only a damp microfiber cloth on it. The only downside is the bottom cushions aren’t removable, which means you can’t really clean under, only around them. But the leather hides everything.

          • Ditto! We have Ektorp but in leather, and I haven’t done a bit of maintenance on our pieces except for wiping up spills when they happen every now and again.


  8. I’m glad you posted this as I was looking at a white Ektorp (our current couch slipcover got destroyed in the wash so now the couch is maintained with a very complicated system of layered bedspreads that makes me want to tear my hair out every single day).

    How do you get something professionally stain guarded?

    Also, I wonder if your mother’s helper would do the cover stretching for you? Or if you get someone to clean your house, could that person handle the weekly washing and stretching? Then again, as you said, it makes the cheap sofa kind of expensive in the long run.

    Lots to ponder before I make the leap. Thanks again for the post!

    • Anne says:

      In my town there are carpet cleaners that offer professional stain guarding services, but I’ve never really looked into it. I’ll let you know if I do in the future.

      I think you’re right: my mother’s helper could do the stretching, and we’re having our house cleaned later this month, and I think the task could be done by either person. But then I’m paying someone to do a job I wish didn’t need to be done in the first place. That’s still not a great place to be.

  9. Shelly says:

    Hi Anne,

    We just bought a white one in Jan. We wanted the grey too, but they were out!! We couldn’t believe it. Should have called first.
    So far so good, we have a few spots, but I don’t know if I should just wash those covers, or wash the whole thing. I hate to take the time and effort doing all that when only a few cushions need it. But, I don’t want some parts of it to look different than the others.
    I have wanted a white couch forever, but I, too, am trying to spend less time on home management. Not sure about how I feel about it all yet.

    • Anne says:

      My mama always told me to wash everything at the same time so it wears evenly….but I don’t think an occasional blip will hurt anything. 🙂 If I had a bad spill on just one cushion one time I wouldn’t hesitate to wash only that cushion. But doing that weekly wouldn’t be a good thing.

    • julie says:

      I have had my ektorp loveseat since 1995 andhave the beige slipcovers. I always call IKEA and order before I go. The loveseat is still comfortable. We are now getting an IKEA sectional sleeper sofa (not the Ektorp) as we love the slipcover look and is the most practical way to go.

  10. I love the look of white, and I’ve read posts where people rave over how great they still look. And then I’ve read where they wash them regularly, and think no no no. I want things that will minimize the time I have to spend on housework so I have more time for fun things like reading. Realistically, I would *never* wash it that frequently.

    Last year we bought a new couch & loveseat, and when we went to buy it I told the salesperson my preferences: a real back so not a series of pillows (because I knew otherwise my kids would eternally be tossing the pillows around and I would lose my mind at having to mess with them), and the most forgiving-of-stains material they had. Oh, and in stock because we needed it asap.

    She led me to four options, and it was so nice only having a few choices to pick from. We went with a subtle patterned one that has brown and grey and navy. And within a few days of having it someone spilled coffee all over the cushion and didn’t tell us, and I wondered if perhaps the subtle pattern was perhaps too good at hiding spills. 😉

      • Too good in that it was a few days before we discovered it; would have been nice to find it sooner. Perhaps that also says something about how observant I am though, haha. We knew when it had happened since we don’t drink coffee & had only had people over drinking coffee once since we brought the sofa home.

        Although perhaps if the spiller had just told us about it when it happened that would have worked too, instead of hiding it under a toss pillow. 🙂

  11. Jillian Kay says:

    I’m a big fan of slip covers, but I’ve never had a white Ikea sofa. So far I’ve been able to get away with washing just the pieces that need it with a big spring cleaning wash once a year. It does seem like you’re doing a lot of work for your couch!

    • Bj Hopkins says:

      In reading all of the comments, it seems that a lot of moms have trouble with occasional spots but don’t want to wash quite so frequently. Here is a great tip: get a rough cheap washcloth, about a half a cup of cold water and a spray bottle of Shout.Spray a bit of Shout on the dirt or the spot, dip a corner of the washcloth in the cold water and rug and rub vigorously. you will notice that the spot immediately disappears.

  12. Amanda says:

    I really considered getting an Ektorp, and I read the same reviews from the same busy moms. 🙂 But in the end we went with an Ashley couch from a local store. We ended up paying only $499 for it, so not much more than a Ektorp and I felt more confident about the quality. It really came down to the same thing you’re dealing with-time-and I just couldn’t imagine myself spending time each week washing more laundry.

  13. Elisabeth says:

    I only have the white Ektorp chair–it was my big purchase back in college, lol–but it’s held up great over the years! Mostly just sitting in my sister’s room gathering dust after I got married, and now in our sons’ room (where it’s mostly used for reading time and a jumping-off point for little boys). I’ve only washed the cover 2 or 3 times, but it’s starting to look a bit dingy, so will have to do so again soon! Wish I could get the sofa, too, but we’re moving overseas soon 🙁

  14. Marie K says:

    Thank you for the review. I’m considering buying an Ektorp. Does anyone know how the frames hold up? I have read a couple of chair reviews claiming the frames snapped, and the people were small in size. I’m afraid my 6’4″, 250 pound, husband will break the couch. It is a petite couch, which I like. He’s also a flopper. He doesn’t sit on furniture, he flops onto it.

    • Elisabeth says:

      My husband’s also 6’4″ and probably about 220; he flops on that chair nearly every night to read to our boys, who like to climb all over it and bounce on and off of it! Our almost-4-year-old is around 45 lb., too, so it gets plenty of use as he uses it to climb onto his bed. So far so good! (We’ve had it for three years together; I bought it in college a few years before we had kids.)

  15. Stephanie says:

    Very interesting. We glanced sideways at the IKEA sectionals last time we were at the store, but ultimately decided against them. Leather has always been our material of choice – the upkeep is so easy!

  16. I missed this post the first time around. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE our Ektorp sofa…BUT. We went with white, I’ve washed them twice, and I’ve got the tan cover on my wish list. 🙂 Otherwise – the couch is super comfy and I do not regret going with the $399 couch at all. Just wish I’d gone with the more expensive slip cover (because of the color).

  17. Katie says:

    I always knew people who bought white furniture were crazy.

    Of course, people who own black labs pretty much shouldn’t have anything white, ever.

    We own: a green couch inherited from the DDH’s mom and a brownish-green couch he brought home from when he worked at a disaster restoration company (if the insurance company totals out the furniture, most people just tell the shop to go ahead and keep it–even though a lot of times it’s not that badly damaged. So we got a couch and some armchairs and a few other things that way). They’re ugly, and not at all what I would have chosen, but given the constraints of dogs, children, and laziness, I’m not entirely sure what I would choose. And for free, I guess I don’t care too much how they look. 😉

  18. I just stumbled on this blog whilst googling Ektorp covers and really enjoyed your post! I have a white Ektorp sofa which I have had for 10 YEARS and it’s had an eventful life, it was mine when I was single and had a cat, it was used by tenants for a few years, then it spent a couple of years with my sister and her young kids (whilst I was working abroad) and it’s now back with me and in a house with a toddler and two dogs! It’s been back here for a couple of months and I haven’t washed it yet, BUT it does have a quilt over the main bit of the seat, which protects it a little. By the way, the reason I was googling covers is because I have a blue Ektorp too, the covers on that are two years old and they have washed up terribly and are faded.

    • Anne says:

      Clare, that’s good to know about the fading on the blue Ektorp covers, because I definitely had that in mind as an option for my house.

      It’s good to know your sofa has lasted ten years! I don’t think IKEA has even been on my radar for that long. Impressive. 🙂

      • Arianna says:

        Here’s my experience…..I’ve had my Ektorp sofa, loveseat and Tullsta chair for 14 years and they still look and feel great! I wanted white sofas but only if they had removable, WASHABLE, slipcovers. I initially wanted a major furniture retailers white, slipcovered sofa but was told the covers were only to be dry cleaned, not washed so I passed. Then I found Ektorp. I wash the covers twice a year with detergent and bleach, dry till damp and then put them back on. Putting the cover on the frame can be a bit challenging but much easier when they’re damp. We have 2 cats who particularly like the loveseat for napping!. Hubby naps on the sofa! I’ve had numerous parties, dinners and get togethers with drinks & food and the sofas have held up beautifully. I just washed the covers last month before our Easter dinner for 9 adults and 3 children and the sofas looked great. I do put a flat sheet over the sofas when I’m not expecting guests and this helps to keep them clean. I don’t think the covers need to be washed every or other week – twice or quarterly would be just fine and that’s coming from a clean freak! This includes nooks, crannies, baseboards, and corners! And even though I’m OCD about cleaning, I don’t worry about my white sofas because I know they can be washed. I think just knowing you have an “out” makes it less stressful. A few years ago I bought a 2nd set of covers in blue. I used them one time for about 3 months but never really liked them so I gave them to a friend. I like the white better.

  19. Lynn says:

    I just ordered an white slipcover from Ikea’s website for $49.00! Absolutely amazing that you can have a spare slipcover for your couch for that amount! I can’t wait until it arrives!

      • Anne says:

        And once a year they are on sale for $1!! I think it’s with the purchase of other furniture, but how great would it be to show up that weekend to buy your sofa!!!

        • Anne says:

          I’ve been in IKEA before on days when if you buy any slipcover, you get a white one for free. Too bad I didn’t have an Ektorp at the time!

        • Courtney says:

          When is this sale? I have ektorp sofa/loveseats, and I would really love to buy slipcovers for them. I’ve been online for 20 minutes now trying to figure out when it is 😉

  20. Helena says:

    I just stumbled upon this review as I was looking for decoration ideas involving the Ektorp. We’ve had ours for more than a year now and I am very happy with it. Yes I have to wash the white covers regularly (every month probably. We have a strict “no food or other drinks than water on the sofa” policy my 3 kids – under 4 years – and hubby need to follow) but I love the smell of the freshly cleaned sofas. Just because you don’t SEE any stains or dust or slowly built up dirt on the sofa doesn’t mean it’s not there. To me the thought of sitting and putting my head on a dirty sofa is pretty yuckie.
    Before these white covers I had another sofa with a grey slipcover. I washed it before putting it on the first time (as I do with all washable things, due to the chemicals used in the production process). After 6 months of use I washed these covers again and saw how extremely dirty the water was in the machine! (as I’d washed it before I knew it was not the color running) It was as if the cover had been lying in the mud. Same thing with leather. Whenever I used to clean or old leather chair, the rag was unbelievably dirty.
    I mean we wash our hair and hands and shower regularly and wash tablecloths, so why not our slipcovers?
    What I want to say is: yes it’s time consuming to wash slipcovers regularly but I think it’s time well spent to have a clean sofa.

    • Anne says:

      Helena, I’d never thought of it like that…but of course the dirt and filth is there even if you can’t see it. Thanks for pointing that out–it helps to redeem the time I spend maintaining my slip covers!

      Glad you like your Ektorp. 🙂

  21. Lindy says:

    Was searching the web to find out if Ikea sell washing solutions for their sofa covers. We have had two white etkorp sofas for 15 years (living in Europe) and wash them every spring. They have got paler over the years but freshen up nicely to last one more year. I was wondering if anyone has ever put one of those waterproofing rinses in the wash to help protect the fabric afterwards. Was just a thought I had as we use it regularly for or outdoor gear…
    NB the idea of washing sofa covers every week is just amazing!

  22. Anne says:

    Did we end up disclosing how to have the slipcovers professionally stain protected? I don’t see it? I have the chair and ottoman and five cats (plus a foster cat). I wash my cushion covers every other week and the base monthly. I’m really fussy about housekeeping, so I wash them fir freshness rather than soiling. They never seem dirty or dingy (and I do use oxyclean and fabric softener). Adore the white and its softer with each wash!! We are planning a trip to Denver in two months to buy the sofa and I’m beyond excited!!!

    • Anne says:

      Anne, professional carpet cleaning companies can apply professional-grade Scotch Guard treatments. I did a DIY Scotch Guard job on my Ektorp, and I don’t think it makes a difference at all. It’s worth going the professional route. 🙂

  23. AnnMarie says:

    I wanted mention a bit on the Ektorp durability factor. I bought one 7+ years ago, our only couch. We have 5 kids, the oldest being 8. This couch doubles as a jungle gym. The arms seem especially strong…they are constantly jumping off of them (yes, not the best habit…we mention often that they may only do this on OUR couch), and we sit on them. I have been impressed. I am only sad the middle back cushion always seems a bit saggy.

    • Anne says:

      That’s so good to know–not very many people have had an Ektorp for that long, and it’s great to hear about your long-term experience with it. Thank you!

    • Judy says:

      Thank you for this information….good to hear the Ektorp from IKEA stands the test for durability. I too have loved the look of this sofa for years and know it is very comfortable. I believe one of their best sellers. We have built our retirement home in the Canadian Rockies and the style of this sofa would fit beautifully with our decor plans. I will be buying two of them with different covers they offer.

  24. Kim says:

    After living with my white IKEA slips for almost a year, I had had it. I saved up and bought the Velinge Beige slips, which are like microfiber, and could.not.be.happier!! Totally worth the investment and better yet, they can be dry cleaned. I’m sooo happy!!

  25. Alison says:

    Thanks for all the helpful info here. I’m considering buying an Ektorp. One question about its functionality as a sofa bed– is it comfortable for sleeping? What do the guests report?

  26. Patricia says:

    I am so happy to have Googled reviews on Ektorp sofas and found this blog. I have been looking for a new sofa and recliner. It has been hard because I am 5’2’’ (100 pounds) and my husband is 6’3 (230 pounds).

    We have five cats and five dogs, shelties. I love white furniture and would have never considered getting a white sofa until I read your posts. I like the idea of taking the covers off and washing them, but not every week. So, I will get the Folex and eventually get another cover to change the look of the room. I will also cover it with a doggy cover.

    I was looking at the Collins from Lazy Boy, but the price is double. Does anyone know anything about the Collins?

    Now, does anyone have any ideas on a recliner for a 6’3’ 240 man?
    Blessings to all of you

    • Anne says:

      My parents have a Lazy Boy recliner (can’t remember the model). The men in my family are all just shy of six and a half feet tall, and that recliner has been comfortable and sturdy for them for at least ten years now. I wish I could help you out with affordable alternatives, but that’s the only recliner experience I have. Good luck!

  27. joy says:

    ladies, let me tell you i have the ektorp sectional with a white slip cover and we love it so much! here is why: i have three kids, ages 2, 4, and 6. we also have tons of little nieces and nephews in and out of the house all the time, so this thing takes a beating. when my son drew his first drawing ever, it was ball point pen on an entire sofa cushion. did i stress out about it? nope, i just took off the cover, scrubbed it with a paste made of resolve and oxycleaner, washed it in bleach, and it was as good as new! so many mom friends were amazed at how much easier it was for me to deal with his “accident” than it would have been for them on their microfiber sofas, or sofas with cushions that don’t come off.

    the sofa is so comfortable, i regularly slept on it when i was pregnant with #3 and couldn’t get comfortable in my super soft bed. i just needed more support for my back! now, my husband likes to take naps on the weekends on the sofa. he’s 6′ so he has to curl up a bit, but he still swears it is comfortable. it hasn’t started to sag, like some of the sofas in friends’ houses do. and we’ve had it for five years now!

    we know that once the cover gets a stain we can’t remove, we can always buy a replacement instead of having to scrap the whole sofa. so much more cost efficient and environmentally friendly!

    i do, however, flip the cushions when company comes over. we have a “family” side and a “guests” side for obvious reasons. 🙂

  28. Michelle says:

    Does anyone have trouble with the cushions slipping out? Also, are the back cushions attached to the sofa? We don’t have an IKEA store where I live, but love this style. My only fear is that I will constantly have to push the cushions back in place after lounging around. GRR!

  29. Kati says:

    I’m kind of intrigued by the IKEA couch but am hesitant to purchase. Not because of the white slipcover — but the “stuffing.” Does it hold up well? My current couch’s back pillows are constantly needing fluffing because they sag so terribly, and the bottom cushions seem to have lost all of their support too. The couch is from Ashley’s (I think?) and is less than 5 years old! Granted, we bought it on super-sale, but still. I just want a couch that I don’t have to FLUFF all the time! Anyone have any input on that?

    • Anne says:

      Kati, we had a sofa in a style similar to the Ektorp before this one (can’t remember the store, but it was more expensive than IKEA) and had the same problem with the sagging back pillows after about 5 years. I’m expecting the same thing to happen to the Ektorp. I wish IKEA sold replacement cushions, but they don’t at this time.

      Of course, I’m speculating–we haven’t had our Ektorp a year yet.

  30. Peg says:

    I have a blue slipcover for the Ektorp chair. It looks faded and has stains. Do you recommend pre-soaking or anything else like that?

    Also, has anyone tried dying their colored slipcover after stains and fading? How do you do it in your own washer? Is it dangerous for your washer or future washes?

    • Anne says:

      A good stain treatment couldn’t hurt, but might not help–especially if the stains are old.

      But before my eyes even made it to the second paragraph I was already thinking about dyeing the old slipcover. I’ve only done home dyeing in a big bucket, never in my washing machine, and have had good results so far. If you try it come back and tell us!

    • Sara says:

      DO NOT try and DYE them! I did what a mistake, each piece took the brown dye differently. Spent 3 x more then I wanted too On the dye trying to get them the same color, never worked, had to toss the covers! What a waste!

    • Cynthia says:

      If you have stains before dying, they will almost certainly show once dyed. I’ve dyed other things on the stove and in the washer with no problems. For grease stains, I use K2R. It’s a spray that turns to a powder and gets out those annoying grease stains in t-shirts. I do seem to remember reading of some home formulas for removing these as well. I would think K2R would work fine on an Ektorp slipcover, but you might still see a stain after dying.

  31. wendy says:

    I bought the sofa almost a year ago with two white slipcovers.

    I still have a new set of the Ektorp white slipcovers in my linen closet. I live primarily alone but have two cats (one black and long haired) and a son who frequently visits.

    Today, I decided the couch needed freshening. I tested with the originals and did two pillow covers.

    I want a man! However, they washed beautifully and I was able to stuff them back in.

    The best advice I read was to do in cold water and only dry to damp. Stuff them back in and let them dry for a day after that.

    I do love this couch and will buy more slipcovers before Ikea discontinues the model.

    The cushions are still perfect and it is so comfortable.

    I will do the rest of the originals tomorrow and my boyfriend will be here to do the stuffing.

    Not to be snooty, but I have had the best sofas money can buy. The Ektorp and the white slipcovers are the best buy for the money.

    • Anne says:

      Wendy, that’s not snooty! It’s really good to know. I’m all about a good value (even if I am considering switching to beige. 🙂 ) Thanks for sharing!

  32. Kevin says:

    I have the Svanby Gray color 2+2 sectional here, and I haven’t had to wash it yet. Granted, I don’t have kids over all the time, but there have been a few spills that i’ve managed to clean up with no problem. I also rotate the cushions around a bit to keep them fresh (I generally sit on one side most of the time. I washed my slip covers for the first time a year in, and there wasn’t that much change. The Gray does cost more than the White, but it shows spills MUCH less.

  33. Riva says:

    I think I have you all beat! I’ve had my Ektorp sofa and sofa bed for about 15 years now and love it! It’s still as comfortable as the day I bought it. But here’s my biggest issue. My sofa has 2 (large) cushions for seating and 3 back pillows/cushions. I’m searching for slipcovers but they only make them for the 3 cushioned sofas. I went to IKEA to try to buy 3 cushions to replace mine but they don’t sell them separately from the sofa. I’m totally confused as to what to do.
    Any suggestions?

    • Sarah says:

      Check out Bemz. They might have your version of the sofa. They are a 3rd party company that makes slipcovers for IKEA furniture, including Ektorp.

    • Che says:

      Apparently you can get replacement cushions from the ‘as is’ section if you ask. They get returns and floor models sent back, so they keep the cushions for emergency replacements. 🙂

  34. Coral says:

    I just spent the day at IKEA on Saturday to make some decisions about what to get and the Ektorp was my decision. Don’t think I want the white, but after reading all your messages, perhaps it’s the way to go.

    Just me, no pets/kids. But I am ill with stage IV carcinoid cancer and don’t need the weekly/monthly maintenance. I’m doing okay right now, but there will come a time I won’t be able to manage that. Still working part-time, and writing a lot (website linked to name) and making jewelry. Want furniture where things won’t get lost in the underneath of the couch frame.

    Am buying mostly all new furniture in this move I’m making. Time for me to have nice things so I can enjoy them. 🙂

    Glad I stumbled up this site re: Ektorp. 🙂

  35. Tammy says:

    I have had my Ektorp couch and love seat with the white covers for 2 1/2 years, and have only washed them twice. I don’t have small children, however I do have a teenage daughter and her friends who are here regularly and somewhat hard on it, as well as a couple cats. By the time I do wash it, it is necessary and dingy.
    What I am curious about is what a few people have mentioned about drying it to 80% or so and then stretching onto the frame and cushions, do you dry it partially in the dryer? The tag says not to so I haven’t, when you don’t they are very wrinkly when put back on, so I have ironed them, which is the biggest reason I don’t wash them frequently! If I could partially dry them in the dryer it would sure make it easier.

    • Anne says:

      I dry mine in the dryer, after washing them on hot, which is also not recommended. 🙂

      I did think I ruined my slipcover once because I disregarded the instructions on the tag: I dried them in the dryer and could not get the slipcover onto the sofa base. But I’d just dried it too much–after rewetting it a bit it fit just fine.

  36. Karen says:

    I am planning on getting an Ektorp but I live in St. Louis, MO, with no store close by. Does anyone know if Ikea will send fabric swatches?


  37. Zahra says:

    I have had ektorp 2 and 3 seaters for 12 years and am happy with them. The blue covers have faded so was looking into getting new covers. At the ikea store however the new ektorps didn’t look as sturdy which got me thinking if they changed the materials maybe they changed the size. Will the covers fit my old sofas? The 3 seater is 3 cushions.

  38. Kim says:

    Thank you so much for your honest opinion about the Ektorp sofa. I’m redoing my living room into a beach cottage motif and came across that sofa when looking for white slipcovers for our existing couch. Unfortunately, the slipcover I bought didn’t fit our ginormous sofa so I’m sending it back. I guess I’ll have to break down and buy the Ektorp (le sigh). I’m assuming that the base is sold separately from the covers…is this right? Or does each base come with a color and you pick which one you want? Our nearest IKEA is 3 hours away (this might be a GOOD thing for our bank account) and I’d hate to get up there and find out they are sold out. I’ll probably get two white covers just to have an extra. No kids but I have a very messy husband and two black labs – all of whom will be banned from my new living room. Knowing me I’ll probably drop wine or chocolate on it the first night it’s up. 🙂

  39. Amit says:

    Why are people putting these in the wash?
    It says dryclean only

    Care instructions
    Removable cover
    Do not wash.
    Do not bleach.
    Do not tumble dry.
    Iron, low temparature.
    Iron on reverse side.
    Dryclean, normal cycle.

    • Christine says:

      The washing/care instructions vary, depending on the specific model (fabric) of slipcover. Some are machine-washable; others aren’t.

  40. Tins says:

    I have been driving myself insane! So, please help me stop the insanity…we have built a “craft shed” outside the house..It’s all mine and I need a chair where I can crochet and decipher patterns, I need it to be comfortable! We live in Florida and I have been reading every single review on every chair made to man. I was looking at the Bradley on Home Decorators (div of Home Depot bonded leather red color everyone aid comfortable. And, then I stumbled upon your blog. There’s an IKEA about an hour from here. I was thinking about a red slipcover but, I’m afraid to get into that “clean it every week” pattern, I want to keep it simple. Opinion? best comfy chair is the IKEA?

    • Anne says:

      Tins, I’m confident the reason ours needs so much cleaning is because it’s white (and I have four kids and a dog. I think I would be washing our slipcovers quarterly (if even that often!) if they were tan or blue or red.

      I like my Ektorp armchair just fine–especially with a big pillow–but I wouldn’t say it’s the comfiest I’ve ever sat in. But it looks great with the couch and you can’t beat the price….

      Good luck! Your craft shed sounds delightful.

      • Tins says:

        Hiya Anne…
        We went to Ikea and I decided on the denim slipcover…goes great with the indoor outdoor rug I got…my husband and I only had one “disagreement” putting the chair together…You are right…not the most comfortable…maybe I will break it in…on the hunt now for a desk…I don’t know about Ikea with the 5000 pieces it will come in!
        The shed is certainly shaping up!

  41. Annamary says:

    I have had my Ektorp for almost 12 years. I got it when my kids were 4 and 1. I also bought two extra slip cover sets from “as is” that first year. It was the sanest choice I’ve ever made. The first month we had it, both kids got the flu. I washed the hell out of them in rotation and never looked back. I loved the ability to change the whole look of the room with a different color, too (we have covers in butter yellow, red, and grass green). Alas, the couch is looking pretty saggy and the red covers are becoming threadbare. It’s time for a new sofa and it’ll be another Ektorp.

  42. Thirkellgirl says:

    I’ve had an Ektorp loveseat for three years in our tiny living room, and an Ektorp loveseat-with-chaise for a year now, both with Blekinge white covers, as well as an ottoman for each, and I have washed them once a year. I hit them with a lint roller every other week (I’d do it every week, but there’s no lint or even dust to pick up). We love them. They’re very comfortable, equivalent to our previous custom Basset denim sofa, and I’ve got an extra set of blue and white stripe covers for the sofa/chaise that I got for $49 because they were on clearance at my Ikea. I cannot IMAGINE washing them and wrestling them back on weekly, even monthly, and fortunately, it’s not necessary for us. No shoes in our house… maybe that makes the difference?

  43. Anne says:

    We don’t do shoes in our house either, but I love washing them for the fresh smell and look. I have had mine since August, and have washed three times. Once for cat barf (yuck), once for a spilled cup of coffee, and once just because I wanted to. Honestly, it takes my husband and I literally 5 minutes to recover the entire thing. I have a big front loader, so I can fit all six cushions in one load and the base in one load. I wash on cool, with Oxy and detergent (and fabric softener…yum). I tumble on low for 15 minutes only. They are dry in a couple of hours on the furniture, and I just keep my kitties off them until they are dry by bribing them with a heating blanket in the den. 🙂

  44. Ashley says:

    I have the white ikea ektorp. I have never had a problem with getting on. However, I don’t put it in the dryer. I let it air dry. Putting it back on is quite easy, when you don’t let it shrink in the dryer. However, ironing it is what gets me. I hate wrinkles so I painstakingly iron it every time I wash it.

  45. Anne says:

    Mine has never shrunk Ashley. And, by drying on LOW for just 10-15 minutes, it gets all the wrinkles OUT. I’ve never touched mine with an iron since I originally put the slipcovers on. And I swear they have not shrunk a bit.

    • Anne says:

      Once I thought I shrunk my slipcover base because I accidentally dried it thoroughly (instead of 75% like I usually do) and it would not stretch to fit on my sofa. But I dampened it again and it stretched beautifully. Phew!

      • Ashley says:

        When they are brand new or never put in the dryer, they are easy to put on totally bone dry. But once you put it in the dryer or wash it on warm or hot, it is no longer easy to put on unless you put it on damp. It also may vary a bit from cover to cover, as they are hand sewn.

  46. Lori says:

    I have owned Ektorp sofas for years — first the sofa and an armchair in 2001, then the sectional w/sofa bed (they don’t make this version anymore!) in 2008. Got another armchair and a Bromma ottoman I repurposed into a rocker for my little girl’s room (yay for upholsterers!) in 2009, and finally, in 2013, a sofa bed in our office cum guest quarters when my mom comes to visit. I have owned pretty much EVERY color of this sofa between slipcover purchases — so far, the cordoroy-esque ones have held up the best. I’ve never washed a cover, though I did dye the chair for my daughter’s room (Dharma Trading for dyes). That being said, I feel the “bones” of this sofa are great, so purchasing slipcovers doesn’t faze me. Even purchasing one or two (or three!) slipcovers is cheaper than a Pottery Barn sofa that has the same look but no slipcover options. I cannot recommend this sofa enough — you’ll love it!

    I will say the cushions can be irritating after a while — we’ve had our sectional for five years and the sagging was beginning to get noticeable. However, I just whipped out the back cushions from their slipcovers, sliced the covering open and fluffed the stuffing, adding some polyfill batting to plump the corners, and we’re back in business! 😀

  47. Anne says:

    Quick question. As much as I simply adore my sofa, I do have the sofa/chaise combo. Does anyone else have it, and notice the foot part sort of tips up at the end, so when you are sitting back on that seat, it almost feels like your legs are a little elevated. It’s not a huge deal, but it does bug me a little. I’ve looked to make sure I have it assembled correctly, and have moved the chaise part around, but it’s always the same; just a little tipped back.

  48. Rosie Quigley says:

    A to the men! Oh how I wish this post was available when I bought my white Ektorp sectional. I have a 2.5 year old and 9 month old so no matter how hard we try, we will always have little stains and handprints on the sofa. Also, having a 2.5 and 9 month old, I don’t have time to wash the slipcovers weekly. I am heading to the nearest ikea in a couple of weeks and am going to pick up another slipcover in another color. My question is, is the gray dark enough to hide said stains and handprints? I’m looking at the browns and grey. I want to keep the color as light as possible while still being able to hide the stains.

  49. Mandy says:

    I was just wondering, now that it is almost a year in, how is the couch holding up? We are debating between the Ikea and Pottery Barn white slip-covered couches. The Ikea version is such a savings, but with delivery added on it will run me about $750. I think one big savings will be when I need to replace the slip-covers. However, although I like to save money, I do want something that will wear well. Do you have an update on how you are liking your couch?

  50. tracy says:

    HELP! I have the ektorp, but the slipcover doesn’t cover the back. I have tried washing and leaving it wet to stretch it on the back but it barely gets over the back to cover the bottom of the inner sofa. I have an ever-present strip of white on the bottom of the sofa! What have I done wrong… Should I forbid anyone from sitting on it?!

  51. Sellie says:

    Mandy, I think the great thing about the Ektorp is Ikea has a 10 year warranty on it. When we first bought our house, we purchased the Pottery Barn Basic sofa which is identical to the Ektorp….except there is no warranty. About 6 months after we had it, the middle section on the front(where the back of your legs would hit)kept sliding down. I would try to fix it and push it back up but it kept happening till there was no more fixing and now i am stuck with $2000+ regret. i stapled foam to the middle section to mask the “dip” but it’s still aggravating. Also, the ektorp slipcovers fit the pottery barn basic sofa we have.

  52. Lina says:

    I am so glad I stumbled upon this website. We just purchased a home and I have been wanting to purchase a white couch to brighten up my living room, which is another entertainment room for us. Done with dark couches as it makes the whole space feel dark and depressing IMHO. LOL

    I have a question regarding the depth of the couch. It says its 34 inches in depth. Is that pretty comfortable to sit on? Is there enough leg room?

    Appreciate any feedback. Thanks in advance!

  53. Jason S says:

    Frames – are they covered under the 10 year warranty? I don’t mind washing slip covers or even buying new ones. But I am 6’1″ 230lbs and want to make sure if the frame breaks it is covered. Also, does anyone have the Rutna slip covers? Any durability issues with these covers? Thanks

  54. jenn says:

    I have a white 3-seater Ektorp since 5 years and its been great. we also have 2 leather sofas in the family room bought in Ikea in Germany back in 1991 and they still go strong after 3 kids and many visitors (I sometimes wish they would fall apart so I could buy new ones but they still look so good that I have no excuse to get rid of them!). Funnily enough the frame broke in the first month (Ikea came and repaired it) but then no more problems for over 20 years!

  55. Joan. says:

    Just a tip…they have these things called dining room tables. You could eat and drink at that and it would save you a lot of time having to wash food out of the sofa. They even sell them at IKEA!

  56. holly says:

    There are a number of very reasonable firms that make slipcovers for the Ektorp sofas. I used BEMZ which is european and they had a fabulous selection, it fit perfectly on my discontinued 2 seater Ektorp sleeper sofa and was cheaper than the IKEA options, with better furniture. Mine is in a more “formal” apartment but the wild patterns they have would be ideal for a kids room or more modern setting

  57. susan says:

    When I washed my white ikea slipcovers they came out with yellowish stains all over the seat, it seems to be in the areas that were most soiled. Has this happened to anyone else? I know the ikea website says no bleach but wondering if I should try it – nothing to lose as I will need to buy a new one if these stains don’t come out. I did not try oxyclean when they were washed, just regular detergent. Maybe I should try that first? Any thoughts?

    • Krista says:

      I use a bleach pen on the stains before I put it in to wash and use a small amount of bleach with the wash and have no problems. Stains magically disappear!

    • Anne says:

      If it were me, I would definitely try the OxyClean. You don’t have anything to lose! I also bleach mine, which is certainly worth a try if the alternative is buying a new one.

  58. Krista says:

    I have two white Ektorp chairs and love them. With teens/tween ages 16, 14 and 12, our living room is a TV (and unfortunately snacking) room. My covers need a wash every month or so. I use a bleach pen on any spots and a little bleach in with the wash and they come out beautifully. I put them in the dryer for exactly 8 minutes on low and put them on the chairs and cushions still really damp which is so much easier than when they’re dry and don’t stretch. As the covers dry it’s easy to smooth out any wrinkles and get the pleats to lay flat.

  59. Nicole says:

    I have 4, yes 4 ektorp sofas with white covers. Only one gets regular use and I agree it is a pain to wash. I loved the price, but mostly not having to worry about buying a new sofa everytime trends change. You know all the people that bought those tapestry look sofas.., not they are out of luck. I can buy a new slipcover or add different pillows if I want to change the look.

  60. Kris Smith says:

    I wanna thank everyone for their ektorp experiences; most helpful. I just scored my first Ikea (ektorp) piece today from Craigslist. The white slip cover and cushions were in bad need of a good washing. I used Oxyclean, Tide, a bit of bleach and Downy softener. Although they look a 100% better, they still have some stains. Ikea sells slip cover replacements for $50, but do they also sell the back & seat cushion covers? I’ve checked out Bemz (they have an awesome selection and seem to use quality fabrics), but sheesh, they cost more than the sofa brand new!

    • Paula says:

      Try our http://www.soferia.com. They also have a wide range of covers. Before getting my new covers I ordered some samples from them and other sites. Soferia won by a mile with their quality. I’ve been using those covers for over a year now and they still look as new.

  61. Kate says:

    I have a question about the shade of white…does it match other white? We’re buying a white Willow sleeper sofa from C&B for our lake house and would like to go cheap and buy an Ektorp loveseat in white as well…is the white ACTUALLY white or is it like more Ikea white and kind of off?


    • Anne says:

      I would call it a creamy white. It’s not crisp, stark white, but it’s not off-white. It has warmer undertones that a cooler, crisp white. Does that make any sense at all? LOL. I LOVE my sectional more than I can express.

  62. Ann Marie says:

    While we were in looking at the loveseat with a chaise lounge, the salesman at IKEA recommended to buy an extra cover to keep as a back up. We lucked out and bought two beige covers for $19.99 ea that were being discontinued. My daughter also picked up a floral cover for $5.00, so I can change up the decor with the seasons. IKEA also brings new styles in about every six months according to the salesman. I love the idea that as trends change you can change the cover to update your sofa. How many of us has had a sofa that was still in good shape, but the pattern or color has gone out of style.

  63. Juliet says:

    I bought my Ektorp sofas in 2002 or 2003 and they still are going strong. I had white covers for 5 years with two boys and they were fine. We went beige in 2007, and I’m going back white. The back cushions need help so we are refilling but they have taken the abuse of four children and out lasted my first marriage!

    • Peg Dunn says:

      I bought my Ikea Ektorp full 3-cushion sofa in 2002 because of it’s small footprint (new house, old couch way too big!). At the time I bought two slipcovers, one tan and one off-white damask. I still use both! Stains have always come out of both. Since they are 100% cotton, they wrinkle when washed, and I sometime have to steam them a bit when I first put a clean one on. A few years ago my daughter bought a red corduroy cover from Ikea. They still carry many different covers for this sofa (just looked yesterday and the white one was on sale for only $50). We change the covers seasonally for different seasons, although the tan one stays on the longest. My cats have clawed the arms some, but we don’t care that much. Some family members have loved mine so much that three of them have bought the same sofa!!!

      However – we do have one problem with some of the covers; the bottom cushions slide forward and we have to get up, lift the back cushions up and push the bottom cushions back into place. The main cover has a velcro strip along the back to keep this from happening, but it doesn’t really connect well to the seat cushion bottom. The red corduroy is the only cover we don’t have that problem with. I have found no similar comments in this and would be interested to find out if anyone has this problem and how they solved it.

  64. Lisa says:

    Okay, I reeeeaalllly hope someone can help me! I just bought the 2 Seater Ektorp Sofa Bed of Craigs List. Just what I wanted etc. However I live far away from the purchase place so daughter and her BF brought it over in his truck. I think he may have pushed too hard when putting in the small truck bed, and when they got here the are was broken! We looked at You Tube, Google and Ikea to try and find how it was put together but there isn’t one anywhere that looks like ours. So maybe it’s older, I don’t know. But it looks like the only way to even see if it’s fixable is to take all the staples out of the white this fabric that is covering it. I don’t quite get this because I don’t understand then how it was put together? Has anyone else had problems with the arm breaking? Thanks!

  65. Michele says:

    Im currently shopping for a new sofa as well. I like the fact that the Ektorp has a free 10 yr warranty. Also, I like having the option to change slip covers. Maybe, white in the summer… red in the holidays…? I have no children, but we do have a bichon puppy. So, not sure if white is the right choice though. Im sute leaning towards purchasing, the classic style looks great, and the price is just right! (I shop at the Houston, Tx location.)

  66. Jodi says:

    I just had to comment on this. I have an Ektorp sofa, have had it for 2 years and the slip covers look like brand new. I think I might have washed them 3 times simply to freshen it all up. It’s called Scotchguard people. You can get this stuff by the can but spend a little more first up & get it professionally scotchguarded & your sofa will have hardly any maintenance. Red wine? No prob, it just beads & rolls right off. The most I have to do is lift and vac under the cushions to get all the crumbs, & yes I eat on the couch all the time.

  67. Jeanie says:

    This is the thread that never ends, and I’m super happy about this as it helped me pull the trigger on getting an Ektorp. You see, I’m a total princess and do ridiculous things like pay high dollar for quality merch. This tendency + a cat that gets urinary infections and pees on things brought me to a crossroads in my life. I had to mourn for 3 whole days after my giant leather Lancaster sofa from Restoration hardware, plus 2 similar quality leather recliners had to be taken to the dump due to cat pee. I won’t sidetrack this thread on cat-pee issues, but suffice it to say I had to rethink my existence. I too am all about simplicity and not spending one iota of time more on something than needed. I have nothing decorative! Everything is functional. I’m about the crossroads of function and art. SO – we have lived with no couches/seating for several months now. I was going nuts. Family time screeched to a halt as there was no place to sit! I had a couch epiphany. What if I could get something washable where I could put plastic under the cover. . .

    After pricing things out at Crate and Barrel and Pottery Barn I ended up checking out Ikea. Sectioinal about 5K cheaper including shipping. I bought it. I had to take a red-stripe cover as it was the only one in stock on 15% off Ektorp day, but I figure I’ll buy another one anyways.

    So, I was thinking of wrapping the cushions in saran wrap before putting the covers on. . anybody with experience with this? Are those cushions something you can wash cat pee out of?

    We have made some headway on catpee fixing, but there is always the next bout to think about. . .which is why I can’t bring myself to plop down any more $ on Leather.

  68. Deb says:

    I bought 2 sets of the white slipcovers since they are just $50. I can change them and not worry about washing them right away. Also helps if I just need to replace one cushion due to a spill.

  69. Suzanne Stokes says:

    Hello, I am a huge Ektorp fan!! My college aged sons say it is the best sleeping couch ever. So that is a huge plus as well. I have always had gray covers but since we are building our new home “modern farm house” I am considering going White instead. I see that Ikea has two whites to choose from. Which one is the favorite?

  70. Christine says:

    I have an IKEA Karlstad sofa in Blekinge white — the same basic white the Ektorp comes in. However, washing all of the pieces of the slipcover requires either turning the sofa upside down or maybe even disassembling it (I can’t remember which). I live alone, so neither is possible.

    I decided to wrap each of the cushions and the side pieces in an IKEA Polarvide white fleece. Since the Karlstad model (unlike the Ektorp) doesn’t have a skirt, I can just line up the edge of the fleece with the edge of the side piece. I also covered the front of the sofa (under the bottom cushions) with a fleece, again lining up the edge of the fleece with the edge of the sofa. It actually looks pretty tailored.

    I wash the fleeces that serve as the cushion covers every 1-2 months, and I wash the ones from the side/bottom pieces once every 4 months or so. I’m amazed at how dirty they can get — I can’t imagine taking off all of the slipcover pieces and washing them once a week!

    I probably wouldn’t have considered a white sofa otherwise, but IKEA doesn’t make a Karlstad slipcover in navy blue (I’m envious of the Jonsoda blue that’s now available for the Ektorp)… and shortly before I got the sofa, I got a white cat.

  71. Jenny says:

    I just bought a Ektorp sofa with white slipcover on craigslist for $150. The woman was very nice and washed all of the loose cusions for me beofre I arrived and they went back on no problem. I have loved this look for a long time and my lab puppy made the decision by destroying my expensive Crate and Barrel velvet sofa. The only thing I am not liking is the bottom cushions seems to slant backwards a bit when you sit in them so it is not an even surface to sit on. Could I add something to the cushions to make them fatter and firmer?

  72. Che says:

    I wanted an Ektorp since they first came out about 15 tears ago. I finally afforded the loveseat and chair 8 years ago. I bought both wit white slipcovers, with a spare for each. No regrets, though I definitely spend time washing them with 3 kids, a dog, and a cat. Then recently, another Ektorp showed up at the thrift store so I bought that too. The back cushions are older than my original loveseat, so they are smashed. But after some research, I found that if I ask at the ‘as is’ section of IEEE, I can probably get replacements. Or make some with foam and a down topper… And I have picked up many replacement extra pieces for the cushion covers, notably in the svanby grey which is da bomb. I love the white, but it’s easier with the grey, so maybe I’ll have both. The frames have held up well, and yes, I would recommend them for sure. 🙂

  73. Cella says:

    When I went on pinterest, searching on “Ikea” I found your opinion… and I would like to tell you my experience..;-)
    I am also a mother of 4 children, when they take home friends, often there are 8 children walking around en sitting on our ektorp sofa’s… we also have a cat.. he uses it as a racing track.. Back to the kids.. they eat cookies, lollipops, chocolate en so on… We wash our covers about 2 times a year!! This ektorp couch is second hand, we bought it 3 years ago en it was allready 7 years old. I bought new white covers since they are the cheapest. At home I washed them en then.. i painted them with dark brown textile paint.. it took me 4 loads and added costs about 40 euro’s (we live in Europe) But not every little stain is visible and after washing they are perfectly clean. For little stains I use a textile cleaning spray and a dry towel. Works like a charm… So we are very happy with our ektorp!!

  74. sayra says:

    CATS!! People, they’re easy. Buy some bloody cat furniture. They make all sorts of fun modern looking cardboard scratchers. Training a cat to not scratch anything but their scratchers…is easy peasy. Rub catnip on it. Squirt kitty with water bottle, if they stray. Takes about 5-6 diligent reminders and you’re golden! Clip the claws, there’s many easy clippers on the market. Don’t be lazy, cats are trainable. Mine come when called. Crinkle the treat bag, boom!

  75. Chris says:

    Washing a slipcover is all you need to do. Put the thing on wet and it tightens up when it is dry. I have had white and beige and both washed really well and looked great when reapplied. Our Ektorp was a Kijiji purchase and it has been well used!! My son-in-law is a 250 pound FLOPPER and the frame has never failed him. You can buy custom covers from several suppliers around the world. A bit expensive, but it gives a totally custom look. (i.e. Bemz Design). I added height to the sofa by purchasing higher Ikea furniture legs. The skirt was off the floor a bit, but it didn’t really show. a pretty trim would cover that.

  76. Michelle says:

    We are going on our 6th year with the Ektorp sofas in white. I had a kid and a dog that are always on the couch making a mess! I wash the slip covers probably every few months or before we have company. We’re also on our second set of covers. Overall, they have been great couches for the price and the white hasn’t been that bad to maintain. It’s nice to have the option to just throw them in the wash if there is a spill. Now that they have som ewe at the feathers in the cushions are coming out in piles when we take the covers off. I also wish they were a bit deeper in size. We’ll probably end up getting something different soon, but I definitely think we’ve gotten our money’s worth and they held up pretty well with a lot of use.

  77. Leslie says:

    Late to the Ektorp party here, but I wanted to chime in as well.

    My husband and I were married a few years back and it was our first purchase to help turn “my” house into “our” house. My husband has four children and we have three pets, a long-haired cat, a long-haired dog, and a second cat with short hair. We bought the chair and the sofa with the chaise (to save me from a recliner). The pieces are about a year old. I didn’t buy white slips, but rather settled on two types of beige covers. One set was linen-like and the other is a twill. The latter pilled a bit and I don’t think it holds the cushions as firmly as the linen-like covers do.

    I just put on the linen-like covers yesterday. It was an all-day Olympic-style event. They do wrinkle in storage it was a tough work ironing the big pieces which I just steamed once I wrested them onto the forms.

    My only complaints are that would like the ottoman to go with the chair, but it’s always out of stock when we visit the store, 5 hours from our home AND it’s out of stock on line. Crossing fingers that it will be in stock when we travel to our nearest IKEA later this month. After we bought I first slip cover furniture, we bought an additional chair in a different style, Ektorp Tullsta. Its cover is the absolute devil to put on after laundering and it’s the chair that the shedding cat seems to like best. 🙁

    For a relatively inexpensive way to get new furniture while the kids and animals are still around, the Ektorp line was the way to go and having two sets of slips was brilliant because I don’t have to wash the dirty set and put the right back on.

    So far, no regrets.

    (Our covers are Risane and Tygelsjo beige)

  78. gail says:

    hi! we’ve had our ektorp for about 4 years now and I love the sofa itself but after the first 6 mo was so over the white which came standard at the time. I went back and bought the black slipcover and have never looked back. I’ve only had to wash the black a couple times in the last 3 years. I finally got the white back to looking good and now want to dye it but having never dyed anything am not very confident in my skills. I too live about an hour an a half away from the nearest ikea so its not always an easy store to shop. glad to know that online is now an option.

  79. Stephanie says:

    We bought the Ektorp with the tan cover about six years ago. Not long after that, my husband came home from Ikea with a light pink slip cover. I was surprised he’d buy it, but then he told me he’d found it on sale for $9! Later he bought another cover set in dark blue for $19. (I’m pretty sure they were deeply discounted because they were being phased out.) So, we change the entire couch color (and look of our livingroom and bewilder our returning guests) when it gets looking too dirty… or if it is just time for a change. The light pink shows the spots the most but also gets lots of compliments/comments.

  80. Lisa says:

    We purchased the ektorp sofa about 6 months ago and are very happy. We chose the off-white color. The fabric has some or all polyester, (perhaps this is the key) but feels like the cotton duck type fabric. It washes beautifully with no shrinkage. I have two little dogs that are on it all the time and I don’t wash the whole thing, just any piece that gets a spot on it. Hope this helps.

  81. Kat says:

    Wait…what?? I had a white Ektorp sofa and I have a husband and 5 year old son, and I NEVER washed my sofa cover in the whole two years I owned it. I eventually had to sell my sofa due to moving overseas, so I finally gave it a wash before selling, just so that it was pristine for the new owner. But that lady saw the couch before we washed it and commented on how lovely the couch was…and how clean. There is absolutely no way you would need to wash this cover more than every 6 months to a year TOPS. I can’t even conceive of having to wash it weekly!

  82. Amber says:

    Maybe you should just buy the beige slipcover? It’s only $50 and then you wouldn’t have to wash so much! Plus you could have alternate them too if you wanted!

  83. Lucille says:

    I decided I wanted white slipcovers, but don’t have an Ektorp. I bought the Ektorp covers anyway because they are so inexpensive. My sofa and loveseat are slightly smaller than the Ektorp dimensions, this worked out very well because the cover was easy to put on and I don’t have to worry so much about shrinking fabric. For my large chair, I bought both the chair and the loveseat Ektorp covers, the chair cushions fit but I needed the larger loveseat base piece. Careful tucking made the chair look good.
    I put a lot of pillows on everything to help discourage the dogs from jumping up(and they are brightly colored and beautiful). I do not anticipate having to wash more than maybe once a month.

  84. Ashley says:

    Thank you so much for this post! I too have read many great posts about this couch and since we are closing escrow on our home tomorrow I have been online picking out what we will need. I have 5 kids and we have a leather sectional from Haverty’s that hides stains but with the cushions non-removable getting every spot clean is difficult! I love all things bright and white and thought maybe I could do this white couch thing after all. Thank you for your honesty. I have to do laundry every single day as it is with 7 people and cloth diapers so adding another load of covers each week is something I need to really consider. I may just stick with the leather.

    Thanks again!

  85. Whitney says:

    I plan to use this couch in a living room with some throw blankets and beautiful pillows. We have little kids but we have another family room and a finished basement so I’m planning on it really being a no kid room. Do you think this couch would hold up better? I don’t wanna be washing it every week and I wanted this couch in white. Thanks for any input

  86. Anna says:

    I am SO glad I stumbled upon this review! I’m on the hunt for a new couch, and blog after blog (in addition to friend after friend) raves about the Ikea Ektorp couch! I’m not usually a huge Ikea fan- I love it for certain things, but generally find that their peices don’t last and aren’t necessarily meant to- and I have been very skeptical about the idea of purchasing a couch there. But the idea of a washable white couch, which looks so much like one from PB but at a fraction of the price? Seemed like a good idea! Sadly, it is really challenging to figure out where to buy furniture… Even “higher end” stores seem to sell a lot of less than quality furniture. Anyway, I digress. It was nice to see an alternative perspective on the Ektorp to help me decide if it’s really for me 🙂

  87. Summer says:

    Hi! I DESPERATELY want the Ektorp (in charcoal I hope! ) but my ONLY delimma is GETTING IT HOME. I, too, live 120 miles away (like almost exactly. Weird, right?) from the closest Ikea store. And if the measurements of the box are correct, there is NO WAY that box will fit in ANY kind of minivan, SUV or any other “mom” car. Should I RENT a small u haul?! That’s going to cut into my IKEA shopping budget.
    So! That’s what I need help with: GETTING THE SOFA TO MY HOME!!



    • Suzanne Willing says:

      Maybe you could fit its pieces in your vehicle if you take everything out of the box when you pick it up. The packaging ( box and packing material inside ) is so bulky. I’m sure it would hang out the back of an SUV but you can use tie-downs to secure it. I’ve transported many large boxed items with this step.

    • Lisa Z says:

      We had no problem fitting the Ektorp sofa box in our 2008 Toyota Sienna with only the larger section of the back row seat down–so our daughter could sit on the other back row seat. To me it’s one of the best things about IKEA–we can take it right home! And it was SO easy to put together. I love that couch so much.

  88. Nancy B. says:

    I’m so excited about finding this post. I’m a devoted follower of MMD, but missed this one and just found it through Google while dreaming of an Ektorp and wondering if it was comfortable. We’re headed over to IKEA (far away) on Monday to check them out!!

    I’m glad the slipcovers wash as well as they do. We have a dirty lifestyle as well.

  89. Ros says:

    I read this post before we bought our Ektorp, and we’ve now had it for a few months, so: perspective: we have cats, a baby, and are planning another baby. The slipcover was actually a HUGE selling point for us – I was so tired of trying to scrub baby puke off my couch cushions. We needed a couch that would last us to when our kids are of an age to not wrech the couch with bodily fluids and spilled bottles. The cat sheds, but a lint brush will pick up most of that (and clothing lint, and etc) without actually washing everything.

    I think this is a couch for a certain stage of life… the stage where you kind of assume that leaked diapers and puke are a fact of life, and don’t buy ‘investment’ furniture but instead buy what can be maintained to a reasonable degree of aesthetics and sanitation until you get through that phase. A slipcovered and washable couch fits the bill. One that is cheap and comfortable is a WIN.

    It’s not my dream couch, but it definitely is the one that suits our family’s needs for the next 7-10 years. After that, we can consider investment furniture.

  90. Pati Tedeschi says:

    does anyone know why Ikea has stopped stocking the “white” slipcovers? I went to order replacements for my Ektorp sofa and corner sectional and to my dismay, they are not only out of stock but not replacing them…and it appears they are out of stock over the country!!! (beige as well)…I have been a white couch enthusiast for over 10 yrs….I am having heart palpitations thinking this is the end of an era!!! someone must have some inside info…lol! (how am I going to make my covers last now! I fear I took them for granted….say it aint so! (and by the way, I will not spend more on slipcovers than I did for the actual couch!)…stumbled upon your blog while searching for info on covers, great blog!

  91. Beene says:

    my oh my… lots of posts… I guess I would like to politely offer a different perspective… that of a bachelor. I am a bit of an expert as I put these ektorp sofas in my house and in 2 rental properties I have. I have a total of 6 of these over many years. I LOVE THEM. you can alos pick them up on craigslist all the time. the new covers are only 50 bucks… so I replace them once a year. I also don’t wash them weekly wow…. your houses must be cleaner than mine. I use the Oxi products a bit of dish washing detergent and some tide. I spot brush the stains/spots. and these darn things look perfect. I didn’t think it wa s too much of a pain, but Im not doing it weekly. did I say I love these. I have blue/white/and grey. after a while of washing, the colored ones look a bit ‘overwashed’ but those white denim ones are great. yes they get a bit I need of ‘fluffing’ after a couple of years, but for the price….. love them. they also fit into tight places well, if you have a challenging ‘fit ‘ with doors. I gush enough…. love them. but again I don’t have cats and I don’t wash them weekly. Wow. I barely wash me weekly.

    • Emma says:

      Yeah I too have sofas with slipcovers and never wash them. I mean, sometimes, if they are super dirty, but this level of cleanliness is something I don’t think I could ever even aspire to. I am looking at the Ektorp and honestly, I’m thinking dark grey. Mainly cuz I just am not gonna wash a slip cover once a week, it’ll be lucky to get once a year.

      • Twin Momma says:

        I’m not quite sure why they need to be washed so often, but maybe that’s just me? I’ve had mine for 3 years now. I use the white most of the time but do have the dark grey, beige, and off white (all of which I got for under $50/piece). I have twins who are 7, host 2 weekly small groups and a black lab yet I only wash my white ones when I change to the other colors. I did spray each sofa (I have two plus the chair) with scotch guard but quite frankly they only need me to take a lint roller to them when the dog happens to get dog hair on them. I do usually use the dark grey during the winter for decorating purposes I’m crazy like that, and also a pretty darn well clean freak. I’ve never had any issues and love all the inexpensive colors I can choose from.

          • Lisa Zahn says:

            At our IKEA in Minnesota, I just bought a second Ektorp for the family room (LOVE the one in the living room so much!) and the light beige slipcover was only $29. They seem to run sales on them often but erratically depending on if a color is discontinued or who knows why… All other colors were $149. Go figure!

            I also only wash mine every few months. Even the light beige doesn’t get very dirty in my house, and I have a cat who sleeps on it regularly and a dog who gets on up on it when we’re not home!

  92. Carrie H says:

    it’s a shame that the only white options they have now are polyester. The blekinge are 100% cotton.

    I actually have a complete set (sofa, loveseat, and 2 armchairs) of blekinge covers, still new and wrapped in their packages that I don’t need as we switched to gray. I have no idea what to do with them.

    Should I sell them on eBay? Craigslist? Is there another site that is better?

  93. tamar says:

    I am moving in about a week to a new apartment. I bought the ekotrop 3 seater about a year and a half ago in brown. I use the sofa very often as I study on it allot the slip cover is faded and has cotton pilled so for my new apartment I want to get a new slip cover any recommendation of color or material that is low maintenance and last longer?

  94. Bobette says:

    Thanks for sharing. I’m glad to hear that you’re happy with the couch and that it cleans up well. The tips are very useful and appreciated. I’ll have to try that detergent. As a matter-of-fact, I have it in my Amazon cart.

    I’m thinking about buying this couch set. I’m remodeling a room, and I want it to look light and bright with white woodwork and pale gray walls. The white couch would look fantastic with the design I have in mind, but my husband would likely kill me if I bought white.

    In 2010, we’d bought the Friday slip-covered couch from JcPenney, which was a disaster for many reasons. And I couldn’t get more slip covers for it as they were discontinued. I had to make due with very pale butter-colored slipcovers, and they were a nightmare to keep clean. This is mainly, because I have a couch-loving Saint Bernard. So I don’t know if I could do white. The slipcovers on the Friday couch were also difficult to put on and remove and never looked the same after the initial wash. So we’re somewhat reluctant to try a slip-covered couch again.

    We recently bought a leather pit for our rec room, and that seems to work better with giant dogs. All I have to do is vacuum the hair away and wipe it down, and it’s as good as new. I like the look of the Ektorp couch much better though.

    Thanks again and best wishes.

  95. Jaime says:

    I had one when I lived in England. The cover would shrink and wrinkle and if you ever had the opportunity to see the inside it is cheaply made. Is good for single in a NYC walk up. It’s light weight because it’s made from cheap pine.

  96. Lizabeth says:

    This article was so true. I have had 2 Ektorp couches for almost 10 years, with white slip covers and I too would stretch out the washings as long as I could. Last year we moved and I decided to splurge on new slipcovers. I was very unsure but went with Gray. What was I missing all these years. They are absolutely wonderful. We have lived here for almost 10 months and haven’t washed them yet. I definitely need to now, but you could not tell, there are no stains. So my advice is make that 120 mile trek and change your color it will open up a whole new world.

  97. Celeste says:

    So I notice every single one of these comments suggests driving to the store… I have had my doubts about ikea’s shipping and now after all these comments I’m beginning to think the horrible reviews I’ve read about their shipping nightmares must be true. Any advice on this? Should I really drive the 3 hours rather than take my chances with ordering online? Thanks for any help.

    • Lizabeth says:

      Our Ikea is about 2.5 hours away near Baltimore. We just make a day of it and go to all our favorite places near it as well. If you want larger items you will need a van or truck, but most items come in boxes, even couches, and you can get their measurements on the website to see if they will fit. Ikea is such a cool store it is like an adventure and you’ll probably come out with more than you wanted, so I would say it’s worth the trip. But my son and daughter in law moved into an apartment and used their delivery service for many items and it worked out fine as long as you check everything you ordered to make sure you got it all. I don’t know the delivery charge but for you 3 hours away could be pricey. Hope this helps.

    • Anne says:

      I think the shipping situation has improved A TON since this was first posted. This is just one experience, but my friend just filled her house with IKEA furniture, and chose to have it shipped, and it all worked beautifully for her. (Her nearest IKEA is 130 miles away.)

      I just ordered some bedding myself from IKEA: it’s my first online order, as opposed to visiting the store, but I can’t report back yet because it hasn’t arrived! (And it wasn’t supposed to—it’s only been a few days—but what I’m saying is I’m not ready to report on timeliness and packing quality, etc.)

      • Jessica says:

        I am following up on this comment section because I did a ton of research on Ektorp reviews before making the purchase. I, too, drove the 2+ hours to Orlando for the Thanksgiving weekend sale. I went with Lofallet beige in the couch, armchairs and two ottomans. It is the perfect light beige and I put every piece together myself within about 2 hours. I do not foresee the need to wash my covers for at least 6-12 months. There are no marks whatsoever, but we are easy on that furniture, as it’s just in a sitting room, and our dog is not allowed on furniture. I am very happy with it all, especially because of the price point! It’s comfy, affordable, and pretty cute if you ask me. Although, now I want their NEW line of slipcovered sofas!!! Argh. 🙂

    • TheMamas says:

      I just ordered my first delivery from IKEA; the white EKTORP loveseat; it’s really nice; anyway, I live over 2 hours away from our store and decided to go with the delivery option….we had no problems what so ever, they call and send emails; they were on time and incredibly polite and professional. I would do it again without any reservations!! Good luck!

  98. Love my Ektorp. I bought a beigy-brown slip cover and only wash it a few times a year. My kids are teenagers, but the two dogs are allowed on it. LOVE it. Just wish the slipcover of the main body of the sofa wasn’t so hard to get on. [Note: I believe laundering instructions say NOT to put it in the dryer–and I don’t. If it shrunk it would be REALLY hard to get on.]

  99. Ange says:

    I’ve stayed mine with a stain repelent and it’s great! Not cheap, but I wash mine one/twice a year! Twins girls and twin cats!

  100. As you have provided information about Ikea Ektorp sofa, it is seeming that it is really a best sofa with many qualities. Such type of things adds the beauty of our houses and also very comfortable.

  101. Terri Durbin says:

    Don’t do it. Just say NO! Our Ektorp was supposed to be delivered two weeks ago. Getting the runaround from Ikea and the delivery company. Considering a chargeback on my credit card because they don’t call and they don’t show, even after confirming delivery dates. Buyer beware!

  102. Kathryn says:

    Everyone comments about the sliocovers and maintenance. But I want to know how well the actual sofa holds up. Does it remain stable and secure, no breakage, no cushions squishing to flat or the bottom of the sofa breaking down

    • Tara says:

      I have had the sofa for two years now and it was bought used. We’ve had zero issues with the frame despite myself, three kids and their friends and a large dog flopping all over it. As for the covers, the Blekinge white looks best and holds up but shows dirt and is hard to get back on after washing. The Stenasa white is softer and easier to get on but started falling apart after one wash. Going to try the Dark grey covers next.

    • Lisa Z says:

      We’ve had our Ektorp for a year now and it’s holding up great–both the frame and the two covers we have (gray and the light beige). The frame is very sturdy. I did think the back pillows were too flat from the beginning, so after seeing the idea online, I stuffed each back pillow with a $13 IKEA feather pillow, and it’s almost a luxury sofa now. I couldn’t believe what a difference $39 worth of feather pillows made! The whole couch is more comfortable with those added pillows. I think it’s the most comfortable couch I’ve ever owned–and we’ve bought expensive ones in the past. Plus, I love changing out the slipcovers and have had no issues with shrinkage on them. I don’t mind the slightly wrinkled casual look so I never iron them, and the cover fits the cushions tight enough that there are no wrinkles on those.

      • Danielle says:

        Hi, did you take the feathers out of the cover or just put the whole feather cushion in the back slipcover?

        Also I’ve had my Ektorp loveseats about six months and save on the washing by having washable throws/bedspreads over each one. They seem to stay put which is great and I can change the look and wash easily.

        Also I love the “standard size” of the Ektorp as I was able to buy a rare Cath Kidston Ektorp cover on eBay and know it will fit.

          • Lisa Z says:

            Meaning, in the back cushions–the feather pillow part is actually what we sit against. It turns out like an expensive down cushioned couch. I first put the cushion in the slipcover, then I stick the pillow in and work it in there till it looks good.

          • Lisa Z says:

            Sandra, I don’t know why I can’t respond directly to your question/comment, but I’m trying it this way…I just got standard bed-sized feather pillows for the back cushions. 3 of them–one for each back cushion, and stuffed it in till it felt and looked right. They work great!

  103. Liz says:

    We have had 2 Ektorp sofas, one we had about 8 yrs and we noticed one of the arms was loose. Since we had the receipt and it is warrantied for 10 years we took it back to the store and they examined it and gave us a store credit for the exact price we paid. We bought a new one and have had it about 5 years now with no problems. The frame is a newer design and I think it holds up really well. I also think the cushions are great have had no problems with flattening or squishing. It’s really a great couch, the price is really reasonable, frame is sturdy, cushions firm and there is a 10 yr warranty (not on cushions though) so keep your receipt if you do get it!

  104. holly says:

    Bemz is a scandanavian company that makes custom covers for most Ikea furniture. I upgraded my Ektorp sofa to a dark gray cheniile and it looked fabulous. My daughter then took it to her first apartment and we got a bright marimekko-like cover for it. They can be pricier but the fit is great and it can give you a lot more flexibility with covers. They do swatches as well.

  105. GGR says:

    Came across this post while looking for info on replacement covers for cushions of the same size. Was curious to read what “dissenting” opinion would be given on the Ektorp, in light of its long-standing popularity. I enjoyed your post where is the “dissenting opinion”?

    A “dissenting opinion” is one that goes against the majority… yours seems to be in-line with popular opinion, not against… am I missing something?

  106. Vicki says:

    I don’t have the Ikea sofa, but I love the slipcovers. I use a complete set on our white 6 cushion sofa as well as our rattan set which is 10 cushion covers. I was lucky to live in a town neighboring an Ikea and I picked up a lot of display covers that just needed to be washed. I have new complete sets in various color and prints but it turns out I only use the white or the pink. And I don’t wash the big cover as often as I wash the cushion covers. Our dog has always been allowed up, but there is always an additional “dog cover” on the sofa. The big part of the slipcover was a little too snug on the front so I opened the two seams to releasd a little more fabric and sewed a stronger seam ontop of the overlock stitching. I love these slip covers, but I don’t think the newer ones are all cotton – something to keep in mind if you plan to dye them.

  107. Dolores says:

    I’m considering the Ektorp as I have kids and a dog. While the dog doesn’t lay on the couch, she does shed a lot, and so I want to be able to clean up the hair easily. What do you think about buying the Ektorp in coated fabric and then occasionally covering it with the slipcover for different looks? Do you think that would work?

    • BB says:

      I have a Saint Bernard so I know what you mean. If fur is a problem, I suggest that you get a leather couch. It’s the only thing that has ever worked for me. It’s so easy to keep clean.

  108. Liz says:

    Dolores: I’m not sure what you mean about buying Ektorp in coated fabric, but the slipcovers are great as they can be easily removed and washed. Also I have a dog as well and many times I just use a stickey roller brush which removes the dog hair well until I’m ready to wash the covers.

  109. Susannah says:

    We’ve had the leather ektorp sofa since 2009. We had three young children and no pets when we bought it. They don’t make them in real leather anymore. Then we got a cat and a dog in 2010. The cat scratched the heck out of one arm, one day and then never touched it again. The dog chewed the bottom corner off one of the cushions, and the kids (3 boys) split the leather in a few places on one of the seats, which I sewed shut. Another one of the cushions got really worn, because our old dog always sleeps on that one cushion.Then we got a new puppy a year ago and she is really wild, although not particularly destructive. One day she went crazy and started running all over the place amd kept running across the couch and tore a huge rip in one of the seat cushions. Another day she found that rip, and tore an 8 inch by 4 inch strip off of the cushion. She has never been allowed on the couch, just the senior dog now that he is old and calm. The leather one has attached seat cushions, so we have decided to cut them out and use the cheapest of the slip covers (currently tan, and under $30)to get many more years out of this sofa, which is in fantastic shape structurally! It’s 9 years old, so I think we can get through the rest of childhood(7 years to go), and furry pet ownership(we’ve decided no more, so we can travel once they are gone and our children are grown). I’m so excited, and hoping we can get away with not washing the tan as often as we would have to change the white.

  110. Tara Lee says:

    Oh my God, I just cracked up when I read your post, and I couldn’t wait to post so that I could share my sentiments with you… yes! I am the one that steals everything as well, and the maid thing! I was dying, the maintenance it’s just painful on that thing! And then I saw it: 267 posts since what? 2016? Anyway I still have to say something here now in 2021. I have really wanted to buy a new couch but 2020? No. 2021? Still no. I found an IKEA Lafollette beige slip cover Mark down for $249 and I thought what do I have to lose? Well much to my surprise it looks great. What I’m wondering now if I can Scotchgard the thing. Thanks so much for posting, it was fun!

  111. Karen C says:

    I know this is an old post, but I’m curious for my fellow Ektorp owners… How do you stop the cushions from slipping? Every. Single. Time. It’s making me crazy. I bought the Gorilla pad for sofas and that did nothing. Waste of money. TIA!

    P.S. we have dark blue, but I’d love to order a white slipcover if I can find it!

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