Links I love

Links I love

My favorite finds from around the web:

The 21 Documentaries from the 21st Century Everyone Should See.

theSkimm’s guide to the best of Skimm Reads 2016. I love theSkimm’s short and snarky book reviews.

How I became a morning person, read more books, and learned a language in a year. “All these outcomes came from doing small things every day over a long period.”

Literary podcasters best of 2016 (and most anticipated of 2017).

Favorite instagram:

From last night: “Summer reading prep starts now, obviously. (Just kidding! Prep started six weeks ago. But the “reading” part starts tonight.)” Follow me on instagram @annebogel.

On the blog:

One year ago: 9 books for your New Year’s resolutions.

Two years ago: Survival strategies for winter, my least favorite season.

Three years ago: Forget about results: my new approach to goal setting.

Four years ago: 7 lessons I learned the hard way.

Five years ago: 3 tiny habits to meet my New Year’s resolutions.

Have a great weekend, and happy New Year!

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  1. Sonya says:

    I have another suggestion for curing the winter blues, I decorate for “January”! I change all my colored light to warm white and snowflakes. Fat cheerful plush snowmen are EVERYWHERE! I’m in upstate NY (5 minutes from the Canadian border) and have ALWAYS loved winter, your suggestions are perfect and something I look forward to every October when I start to anticipate the first snowfall

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