Links I love

Links I love

My favorite finds from around the web:

• This woman’s tweet to a bookstore’s official Twitter account ended in wedding bells. “It all started with a tweet. Back in 2012, Victoria Carlin took a shine to the contents of Waterstones’ nerdy tweets, and decided to tweet her mystery crush.” This will restore your faith in humanity. (“Book nerds > dreamboats.”)

You are surprisingly likely to have a living doppelganger. I happened to read this 24 hours before listening to the Overdue Podcast episode on Tana French’s novel The Likeness. Excellent timing.

A snapshot of a 21st-century librarian. “Everyone seems to like their job here…. It’s amazing, and really uplifting, to be around people who like going to work everyday.”

When your meal plan has House Hunters syndrome. “We can’t have everything all at once without paying a steep price. We notice it on HGTV, but we miss it in our own kitchens.”

Favorite instagram:


When in doubt, go to the library. (Follow me on instagram @annebogel.)

On the blog:

One year ago: Everything I need to know about planning my life I learned from The September Issue. “The September Issue shows how a dedicated team of people pull together the year’s most important issue, over many months, with lots of collaboration, a good bit of conflict, and continual trial and error. As I watched the film, I was struck by how applicable the film’s insights were to putting together not just a magazine, but a life.”

Two years ago: 13 thoughts on taking the rainbow bookshelf plunge. “Last week, I found myself standing face to face with four empty bookshelves, and I had absolutely no idea where to begin. Until I did. It looks like this.”

Three years ago: Girl drama and the central struggle of parenthood. “I know that children need to learn to handle their own dramas. But I worry (I’ll admit it) about how soon, and to what extent? I want them to learn how to work through conflict, but I don’t want to hang them out to dry.”

Four years ago: Busting the makeup myth? When I revisited this old post I was surprised to discover I’ve happily been using the same eyeliner for four years.

Five years ago: Unplanned? More like, unplannable. “You can dream, you can plan, you can hope, you can pray–but ultimately, you can’t make anything happen, one way or the other.”

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  1. Shar says:

    Last summer I read an article on the Yahoo news feed that talked about how people had met their real life dopplegangers and what it was like for them. The lady in the article, if I remember right, was traveling in Europe (Italy?) and someone walked up to talk to her and that person was mesmerized. From far away they thought she was their friend. An introduction took place and both women were captivated at how similar the resemblance was. They showed a photo of both women and it was amazing. They shared no ancestry or even descendant ethnicity. So they started a website to help other people find theirs, on the home page there is a brief video. You should check it out just for fun.

    • Shar says:

      I forgot to mention that you can see the two women on that page, if you scroll down there is a heading titled, “Twin Strangers Exist!”. The two women in the pictures on the left, both in denim shirts, are the two the article featured.

  2. Mary Kate says:

    This Overdue Podcast may very well be my new fave! I could talk about The Likeness (and all things Tana French, really) for days and days and days. I’m not one to wish away time but I cannot wait until fall and her new release…

  3. Andrea says:

    I really love the picture of your pretty blue books my favorite color. I’ve never thought of going to the bookstore to look for paperbacks with blue spines, but now that’s one more crazy thought in my head!

  4. Cheryl Bollish says:

    I’m loving everything you write so far. Thx so much for all the great book info. I’d like to know more about your book club especially if there will be one again soon.

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