Busting the makeup myth?

Busting the makeup myth?

I wear makeup almost everyday. I didn’t always: I’ve worn lipstick since high school, and added a little eye makeup in my twenties, but I didn’t wear it much.

My 29th birthday was the turning point, when my makeup use went from sometimes to everyday. 29 was a traumatic birthday for me. I had had my 3rd baby just two weeks before my birthday, I was exhausted, and I looked it. Mascara helped me at least look awake, and I’ve been wearing it nearly everyday since.

I thought I was in the solid majority with my everyday makeup habit, but I saw some interesting links on the internet last week that made me wonder how many women really do wear makeup regularly. When I polled you on the MMD Facebook page about your makeup habits, I was surprised by the results:

The Answers: Almost Always: 15 | Sometimes: 18 | Everyday:11 | Never or Almost Never: 14 | Just Concealer: 1

It turns out, those of us who wear makeup nearly everyday are in the minority, at least according to this unscientific Facebook poll. I’m curious to hear more about your makeup habits, and today I’ll get the ball rolling by sharing mine. Here’s what’s in my makeup bag. This is the stuff I wear everyday, and it takes me about 5 minutes to put on each morning:

  • Clinique lipstick in Tenderheart, my very favorite neutral lipstick. (I also carry a tube of Clinique Black Honey Almost Lipstick in my purse, which runs a close second.) Clinique Quickliner for Lips in Honeystick works with both shades.
  • Lancome eye liner in Black Coffee.
  • Clinique eye shadow/blush, because I am a Bonus Time junkie.
  • Clinique mascara, another Bonus Time goodie.
  • I wear a touch of drugstore powdered foundation three seasons of the year, but never in the summer, so I don’t have any to show you.

busting the makeup myth

So, that’s what I do. How about you?

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Do you wear makeup regularly? Why or why not?

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  1. My makeup habits? I don’t wear any. Ever. Not even at our wedding (which absolutely killed my sisters!). I wear the face God gave me, and Peter loves it, so I’m happy with it.

    However, one of my favorite quotes about makeup came from one of the founders of Teen Missions International, Bob Bland. At boot camp (where we were all slimy and hot and tromping around in 8″ high construction boots and long pants, learning how to lay block and use puppets), he would give a talk about modesty and makeup, and his opinion was, “If the barn needs painting, paint it!” 😉

    • Allison says:

      I didn’t wear makeup at my wedding either! *high five* Then again, I just have disgustingly nice skin, which I attribute Norwegian genes, only having worn makeup about 6-7 times in my entire life, and using Mary Kay Timewise 3-in-1 face cleanser every night since I was 16.

      I’ve tried makeup a few times, but I look AWFUL. I look like a 15-year-old tramp whenever I put on light brown mascara and a little eye shadow. My husband hates that look! Plus, my morning routine couldn’t handle any more steps beyond putting on clothes, eating breakfast, and brushing my teeth before I book it out the door.

      The best description I’ve ever heard from my friends who do wear makeup is that “It’s my war paint!”

      • Anne says:

        Not even for your wedding? I’m impressed! I like it, ladies.

        I wouldn’t mind having “disgustingly nice skin” myself. Here’s to good genes, and to war paint.

      • Serious *high five* for no wedding makeup! Sadly, I do NOT have “disgustingly nice skin” – in fact, I’m not sure my face got the memo that we left puberty about 18 years ago and it can stop acting like a teenager now! 😉

        Still, I stick with what I’ve got – mostly because I can’t stand to have stuff on my face, I don’t want to spend the money, and my husband adores me the way I am and supports my no-make-up wearing ways. I’m all for that – I’d rather have a White Chocolate Mocha from Starbucks any day over a bag of make-up… 😉

        • Katherine says:

          You can add me to the “not even for my wedding”. I have never worn makeup in the entire time my husband and I have been together, and he likes it that way. Why would I want to look like someone else on our wedding day?

          • Anne says:

            Katherine, this reminds me of what Kate Middleton told the reporters when she was asked why she wanted to do her own makeup for her big wedding: she wanted her groom to be able to recognize her!

            I love that idea, on any scale 🙂

  2. Carrie, you made me laugh.=)
    My dad called me a painted woman when I tried wearing lipstick as a teen. Not the best choice of words, I’m afraid.=)
    Regardless, I wear Loreal brown-black waterproof curl mascara. They discontinued LaGrand Curl, which I wore forever. Now I wear something else. I love it. It runs like $8, so is definitely affordable.
    I also wear MK chocoholic liquid lips. I have two of their other liquid lip colors, but this one is my all time fav. I wear their tinted lip balm. It has spf, and I like it when I run.
    And that’s it. My make up routine takes all of 1-1/2 minutes to apply. I like the fresh/natural look.
    Anne, I know what you mean about the baby-makeup thing. Last summer I felt I look tired and washed out-especially compared to my 17 year old sister. That was a catalyst to me, to making sure I got myself pulled together and primped everyday.=)

    • Anne says:

      I like the natural look, too. I do wear makeup everyday, but I hate to looklike I’m wearing it!

      Glad I’m not the only one who was inspired to wear mascara by postpartum fatigue.

  3. Carrie says:

    I wear a little makeup most days. I recently discovered BB creams and love that as a one step concealer/foundation/spf. Right now I use Garnier. Beyond that it’s using my eyelash curler (which for me is a desert island product!), and lip color. Women with my coloring, I believe, don’t look good without a little color on their lips. Mascara if I’m going out. I use undereye concealer if I’ve lost a lot of sleep and/or postpartum.

    I wear less makeup now that I ever have. I guess I finally began to accept my face. 🙂

  4. Sara says:

    I rarely wear it. Usually for special occasions or when I’m dressing up particularly nice and then only light makeup (concealer, mascara, a light eye shadow). My husband often compliments me on how I look without makeup- he prefers none and so I don’t see any reason to really wear it. I honestly wear makeup more for other women…so I can feel confident around them. 🙂

    • Rachel says:

      I thought I was the only one who did that! Glad to be wrong. I usually just wear makeup when I go to see my sisters and mom. Seems like women are most likely to notice another woman’s makeup.

  5. Like you, I didn’t wear makeup everyday until I was 30 and suddenly noticed the effects of being a mom. Now, at a minimum, I wear tinted moisturizer, mineral powder, mascara and blush. On days I’m at the office, I wear the whole shebang. Oh, and Tenderheart has been my go-to lipstick favorite for about 15 years now! I stray but the color never looks as good and I always come back!

    • Anne says:

      Victoria, I had a moment of panic when they told me at my local Clinique counter this spring they’d discontinued the shade! Turns out they were just out of stock, because hey, it’s a popular color!

  6. Sarah Beals says:

    I use tinted moisturizer, mascara, eye liner, lip liner and gloss. . And everything is from Clinique Bonus time as well. Including whatever color lipstick they throw in. I love their mascara. 🙂

    • Anne says:

      I do too, but I have never actually purchased the mascara because of Bonus Time. I like their makeup remover, too, and am always excited when it’s in my bonus time bag!

  7. I wear makeup almost every day. I like it, whether or not I am going anywhere. Foundation, blush, lipstick, mascara are the usual ones, and depending on what I feel like, I may do eyeshadow or I may just do eyeliner instead. I also like experimenting with a variety of colors of eye makeup.

    I like Mary Kay makeup but for drugstore brands I almost always end up with Maybelline.

  8. Katie says:

    Chalk me up in the “almost never” category. Sometimes I get the pomegranate Burt’s Bees chapstick, which is red and maybe? tints my lips slightly. Does that count? ^_^

    I will admit that my reasons have more to do with laziness than anything else. I have absolutely terrible skin and I’m sure I would benefit, lookwise, from some sort of concealer/powder/whatever the heck it is women use to cover up scars and acne, but so far I can’t be bothered to learn. I don’t even wear it for special occasions anymore because the DDH so consistently insists he doesn’t like me with makeup.

    The caveat of course being that I’m only just 26 and haven’t yet had my first kid, so there’s that. ^_^

    Also, if I’m on top of things, I’ll wear mascara and lip gloss on Sundays when I’m up front doing praise team. I did do theater for awhile and though I’m not looking to do full stage makeup, I know that a bit of definition/color does help me from being completely washed out.

  9. DFrazzled says:

    I work in an office setting and generally wear matte foundation, eyeliner, and mascara five days a week. Today I was running late and skipped the eyeliner since it takes the longest to put on. Saturdays I usually go without makeup–I like the break from “making myself up” and I may even let my hair air dry while I’m making breakfast or playing with my kids. Sundays I may or may not wear any makeup, depending on what’s going on.

    I had seen the beginnings of some fine lines around my eyes but they have largely gone away with the addition of a high-quality vitamin and fish oil supplement (I use Rainbow Light brand), and I’m cooking with more grapeseed and coconut fats and using grass-fed butter (your body needs fats, ladies!). My skin looks better than ever.

    • Anne says:

      Wow, I’d never heard thatas a reason to take fish oil. I do (usually) take some, but that’s a compelling reason not to skip!

    • 'Becca says:

      I agree, eating more healthy fats seems to reduce wrinkles. It may also have made me less prone to sunburn–something has! From about age 16 to 29, I ate a pretty low-fat diet, and most of the fat I did eat was vegetable oils (in fast food, and when I did cook or bake with fat it was corn or canola oil) and cheap cheese. When I switched to olive oil for cooking, started buying organic dairy products to the extent I could afford, shifted toward less cheese and more full-fat organic yogurt, started eating more nuts, and started taking fish oil (all of these changes happened over about a 3-year period) I saw big improvements in my skin, hair, and nails.

      • Anne says:

        ‘Becca, I do pretty good in that department, but there’s (ahem) room for improvement. That is some serious motivation for me–thanks!

  10. I never wear it when I’m just at home. But if I go out, I wear my Bare Escentuals blush (love it, never going back to another brand if I can help it).

    For dressier occasions, I’ll also use loose powder, a slight hint of shimmery neutral eyeshadow, and very occasionally my Bare Escentuals lipcolor.

    My husband tells me I look beautiful without makeup, so I definitely limit what I use. I also cannot use eye makeup, because of a problem that developed from my chronic illness.

  11. Virginia says:

    I am a Clinique bonus time junkie as well & I buy their concealer & black honey lipstick, eye gel & tinted moisturizer. My powder is an every once in a while thing that I buy from the drugstore. I also like to try a bunch of different glosses and lipsticks from all different places when they are on sale.

  12. Tim says:

    Did any guys answer your poll, because I suspect if they had it might have skewed the results a bit!

    Then again, if you count hair product I suppose I’d answer that I use it most but not all days. When you have a wicked double cow-lick like mine, you either use something, grow it long enough to lasso into a pony tail, or shave it all bald as a cueball.

    My job’s not ready for a pony tail and my wife’s not ready for a cueball.


    • Anne says:

      Nope, Tim–just women!

      Nice angle on this conversation, too 🙂

      And I’ll say this to the one husband commenting here so far: I’m surprised at how many husbands think they’re wives look better without makeup. I think that goes in the “plus” column for men everywhere!

      • Tim says:

        Yeah, my wife can do without make-up just fine. She’s a cutie-patootie no matter what. Always has been.


        P.S. You know how you can tell I’m an old guy? I use words like “cutie-patootie”.

  13. Heather says:

    I started wearing makeup regularly a couple of summers ago when my husband said “You look extra pretty today. Why do you look extra pretty?” and it was because I was wearing just a touch of eye shadow that really brought out my green eyes.

    I wear mascara and lipstick every day (this alone makes me look 25% better I think), and sometimes eye shadow and blush depending on the humidity. I want to learn how to do eyeliner right – I’ve really never figured it out.

    Right now I use all drugstore brands, but I’m slowly transitioning to nicer stuff. I just bought a good cleanser and moisturizer, so my fun money fund is a little too low to splurge at the Clinique counter right now!

    • Anne says:

      Heather, I’m new to eyeliner. I put it on pretty much everyday–not because I need to wear it, but because I need the practice!

      • Heather says:

        I should wear it every day for the practice, but then my husband’s comments go from “You look extra pretty,” to “Are you okay?!”

        I think it’s time to buy a good eyeliner (as opposed to my ancient one that keeps breaking because it’s been dropped a few times) and sit down with a mirror and some youtube tutorials. Especially since soon I’ll be wearing contacts again, and my eyes will just look weird and small after being used to seeing them rimmed with black cat-eye shaped glasses frames.

  14. mandie says:

    I would say that maybe once or twice a month I go without makeup, but only on the weekend, and I don’t usually even last the entire day unless all we go out for is breakfast/grocery shopping. I did start to pay more attention to skin care this year, because I knew that 30 was heading my way (or vice versa). I started using MAC studio fix foundation and moisturizer about 5 months ago and I really, REALLY like it. Also, they don’t advertise, so their prices are a bit less than their competitors- about $30 for each. I like how it works with my skin. I still use drugstore eye makeup and blush, but I’m sure I’ll start with the better stuff eventually. I know it does work better most of the time.

  15. Michelle says:

    They used to have to hold me down to put eyeliner on me for plays.

    When I do take the time and effort to put on makeup (eye shadow, mascara, concealer, lip gloss being the extent of it), my husband’s tone is entirely neutral: “Oh, you’re wearing makeup.” Not positive, not negative, total observation.

    So, I’ll dab concealer on a bad blemish or swipe on some mascara if I’m looking tired, but for the most part I’m pretty low-maintenance.

  16. Carol Schneider says:

    I wear makeup everyday. I love makeup and I love my face. I love playing with style and color and I think makeup is a medium for that. I think it is fun. I like my face without it, but everyday I wear some amount of makeup.

    • Anne says:

      Carol, I have some friends who love playing with style and color in their makeup, too, and I vicariously enjoy their artistic facial experiments! For better or worse, I tend to play it safe when it comes to makeup, which is why I think I love my adventurous friends’ makeup experiments so much.

  17. From just a statics point of view I would guess that your readership is of the “crunchier” variety and thus less into makeup wearing and that is reflected in your poll. ( just a guess)

    At just weeks from 45 while I love the face God gave me, it just happens to look better with undereye concealer! Not to mention some mascara and Sea Fleur lipstick so that I then look closer to 35 than 45 🙂


    • Anne says:

      Maddie, I’ve wondered how MMD readers compare to the general population, but you might be onto something…

      Love your balanced approach: yes you CAN love the face God gave you…and still enjoy a bit of concealer and lipstick, if that’s what works for you. (After all, it’s just makeup!)

  18. Jennifer Haddow says:

    I missed your poll while I was in Disney World! I’m the opposite of you – as I get older, the less makeup I wear. I used to be a bonus junkie, mostly from Estee Lauder. Right now, I only wear makeup to work, church, or out to eat (or when I’m going to see my mother because when I was a teenager, she criticized me for not wearing makeup). I use Bare Minerals for a foundation, eye primer (peach colored, I forget the official name), eye liner in midnight. I use a Cover Girl mascara and Burt’s Bees lip tint in Fig. Sometimes I use the Bare Minerals Warmth for a blush. This summer I have played around with the Jergen’s self tanning face lotion.

    I have decided to embrace every wrinkle and gray hair.

    • Anne says:

      Maybe it’s not getting older, maybe it’s the sleep deprivation that comes from having more kids? I’m laughing as I write this, but maybe there really is something to it 🙂

  19. Susan says:

    I wear a little bit of make-up when I go to town (we live on a rural farm!), and make it a little extra special if I’m going out with my hubby or to church. Wish I had that great skin that looks fab w/o make-up, because I don’t like wearing it. I have nominated you for a couple of blogging awards on my website http://www.solesearchingmamma.com. Loving your posts!

  20. I wear make-up every day too! Cover Girl foundation, because I have bad acne and it helps cover the redness. Mascara is also a must, because I have blondey-blonde lashes that you can’t see at all, and I look a bit lizard-like if I don’t wear it. 🙂 Sometimes eyeshadow too, occasionally a bit of tinted lip gloss. Never more than 4 minutes worth of products though!

  21. Ana says:

    ha! I didn’t answer your poll, but I’m an “almost never” gal. Special occasions only. I think in high school & college I used to wear lipstick everyday and I dabbled in eyeliner for a few years, but I gave that up at some point. I am always kind of surprised to hear that a good percentage of women actually wear full make-up every day (i.e. more than just lipstick); sometimes I had no idea that a friend or colleague I see daily wears so much make-up (I guess that speaks to their knowing how to apply it naturally!). My mother never wore a lick of make-up except to weddings and the like, so I wonder how much of what we end up doing when we grow up (out of the experimental phase) comes back to what we were exposed to growing up?

    • Anne says:

      Interesting, Ana. I certainly had the virtues of the “natural look” drummed into my head when I was young, and I’ve never shaken it. Maybe that is why.

  22. HopefulLeigh says:

    I started wearing makeup regularly when I was 22 and starting my fieldwork placement but I don’t think it was an every day thing until I got a makeover for my 24th birthday, where I finally found products that didn’t irritate my eyes and skin. Glory be. My mom wears full makeup every day and I’ve never wanted to be dependent on my makeup so I’ve always been fairly minimal. Plus, my skin looks pretty decent without foundation so that’s a bonus. In the last year, I’ve found myself skipping makeup a good portion of the week, depending on what else I have going on. If I’m just working and then planning on staying in for the night, I tend to skip it. I have no idea why! But if I am wearing makeup, I wear L’Oreal Voluminous mascara and Clinique eyeliner (currently trying L’Oreal’s eyeliner but don’t like it as well). I don’t think lipstick looks right on me so I wear gloss instead- either Bare Escentuals or Dior. Every once in awhile I’ll wear L’Oreal eyeshadow or use Bare Escentuals eyelid primer.

  23. When I’m at home all day, I don’t feel motivated to get all done up. and ever since I got glasses about six months ago, I’ve been less likely to wear make-up. But if I’m going somewhere where I have to look people in the face for any length of time, I make an extra effort with eye make-up and all.

  24. Lesley says:

    I wear makeup everyday, although I might occasionally skip it on a weekend if I’m just working around the house or going for a late afternoon run. It’s minimal though- Bare Essentuals powder/blush and/or bronzer. A little mascara. Lip gloss. It takes 5 minutes TOPS.

    My hair on the other hand, oh baby, that’s upkeep. I blow dry and straighten almost everyday, sometimes every other day. And I spend way to much to color it. Sigh.

    I’m surprised by how many women don’t wear much makeup! It’s refreshing, actually.

  25. I’m another of those people blessed with a ridiculously nice complexion…if I have a bit of a tan, I hardly even need blush.

    I quit wearing foundation of any kind a few years ago, mainly because it took too long to put on. I love the lip-stain I got to wear for my wedding (Covergirl, I think?) and wear that almost every day. I wear blush regularly, eye shadow (just a little!) fairly often, and eye liner almost never. Mascara is for special occasions, but I’m always worried that if I rub my eyes I’ll end up looking like a raccoon.

    I also have tinted moisturizing lip gloss from http://www.olivu426.com, which is made from all-natural ingredients and tastes good (and they ship things!).

  26. Amy Nabors says:

    I wore make up on the day I had my engagement photos & my wedding day. I’ve never worn make up. A couple of years at age 36 I did start wearing a bit of powder just to take the shine off.

  27. jimmie lee says:

    I like the no makeup make up look. If i didn’t have really bad acne I would probably be a wear make up sometimes person (esp in summer) But because I have acne I wear foundation (bare minerals, fair) everyday!
    Other than foundation i wear a little eyeshadow (usually maybelline or mary kay), mascara (maybelline), eyeliner (maybeline) on the bottom and usually lipgloss (lorel, or Nivea).
    I would love to just throw on some mascara and lip gloss and call it a day (maybe one day) adult acne stinks 🙁

    Besides for the most i like to wear makeup, its fun!

  28. sarah says:

    I didn’t really start wearing makeup until a few years ago (basically when we moved from Louisville!)…and I only started then because all of the women I worked with wore makeup.

    I loved those girls (and still do, although I work with a different bunch now), but they were a little brutal about it. I was still single at the time and they even went so far as to say that maybe if I wore makeup I would finally be able to “get a man.” Sheesh…it’s almost shameful that I caved!

    But I did, slowly but surely…initially just wearing mascara (because that’s my fave!)…and now I also use a mineral foundation from Mary Kay. Wear them both most days of the week, although I occasionally go “naked” on Saturday and even on a stray weekday here and there. Usually on Sundays and for date nights I’ll branch out and add a little blush, eye shadow, and eye liner. I have to say though, for the record, my boyfriend swears he prefers the natural look over make up…but I’m afraid now that I’ve started the habit, I just don’t have as much confidence to go without anymore.

    Not to mention that I agree with Jimmie Lee…wearing makeup is kinda fun!

  29. Grace says:

    I am proudly in the no make up category. Sometimes when I watch What Not to Wear or other make over shows I quietly wonder what I could look like if was done up with make up like they are, but it’s just not worth it to me. Not wearing make up saves me time and money, plus it’s better for my health (just check out http://www.ewg.org/skindeep) and the environment which are big priorities for me. Plus my hubby loves the way I look au naturel. I remember for our high school grad a friend did my make up and my husband (then boyfriend) didn’t even notice the difference, haha.

  30. Natasha says:

    When I was active duty Air Force I rarely wore makeup. But since I’ve separated from the military I wear it more often. I “go naked” around the house, and put a little on when I go places. I only apply full war paint when I’m going on a date. Or going to war 😉

  31. Rebecca says:

    I’m an everyday gal 🙂 My skin is fair, and I have white blonde eyebrows and eyelashes, so I use makeup to even out my skin tone and add a little contrast.

    My fav products:
    Everyday minerals matte foundation gives full coverage (fair skin tends to be blotchy) and goes on in 30 seconds with a big Kabuki brush. Their prices are a fraction of the more popular mineral makeups on the market AND are silky smooth.

    Adorned with Grace mineral makeup is my absolute favorite product line. Their “Genuine” eyeshadow is the perfect color to darken my brows and line and contour my eyes. I use the bright gold “Candid” to put a little color on my lid right above my iris. That little punch of gold is a trick I learned to “wake up” eyes, and works wonders.

    I use Clinique Tenderheart lipstick as both creme blush and in the crease of my eyelids. . .a little weird, but it works!

    • Anne says:

      I’ve definitely used lipstick as cream blush (but never in my eyelids). I thought it worked great, but oddly enough I stopped when I read that was a professional move, and amateurs often had terrible results! I thought my results were good, but it was easy to doubt myself after reading that. That being said, I still use that method for travel, because it’s so easy to pack just one tube for multiple purposes.

  32. I’m in the “moderate makeup” category – I wear concealer under my eyes (and on blemishes) every day. (I look quite tired without it.) I usually wear shadow and eyeliner, but almost never blush (I have naturally pink cheeks) or foundation (I hate the sticky/orange/too-made-up look). And I love me some lip gloss, but that’s partly due to hating chapped lips.

  33. Leanne Penny says:

    My makeup Habits always seem connected to my mood, if I’m feeling cute, then I do a little bit of my face.

    It’s usually a powder mineral foundation, kohl pencil liner, 2 eye shadows and mascara. Apply shimmery lip gloss as needed per outfit colors.

    I use almost all Mary Kay stuff bc my BFF is a mary kay director and I’m supportive of her passions as she is of mine. She reads my blog, I use her makeup. We love well 😉

  34. I go back and forth with my makeup habits between wearing it nearly every day (except if I’m working hard outside, for example) and only putting it on for worship or other dressy occasions. That’s probably confusing for all of the people who see me regularly!)

    Why? I’m not sure. It probably involves laziness v. motivation and possibly ambivalent feelings about how much beauty should be a concern of mine. I don’t know the answer for this 45 year-old: some of the most beautiful women I know are elderly and never give a thought to makeup. Some of the most ridiculous-looking women I’ve seen would never be caught dead in public without full makeup. Plenty of perfectly nice-looking women are somewhere in the middle.

  35. CB says:

    My daily routine is very simple- a neutral eye shadow (Jest from Mac), black eyeliner (I use powder – carbon from Mac) and chap stick (I like the blistex stuff that comes in a pot, or Vaseline). Less than 2 minutes and finished!

    To keep my eyeshadow on during the day I do one of two things:

    – I use the oil cleansing method to clean my skin (it’s awesome). If I’ve done the oil thing in the morning I use a little bit of translucent powder on my eyelids before the eye shadow. Otherwise I find my liner runs a little during the day.
    – If I did the oil cleansing the night before, I use a primer underneath…but learned a trick from a makeup artist. Instead of buying expensive primer I buy a product called Monistat Chafing Gel (you can get it at Target). It’s meant for thigh chafing but makes excellent primer…for $6 instead of $30!

    I might wear more makeup than this for a night out or a special occasion and in the winter sometimes I use a little bronzer.

  36. 'Becca says:

    Thanks for linking! I’ve been surprised at the popularity of my article–apparently a lot of people are interested in the topic of makeup vs. no makeup. I hadn’t really given it much thought in several years before being inspired by Jessica and Melissa Jenna last week.

    My brother got married 3 years ago, and I did wonder if I “should” wear makeup to his wedding because it was (a) a very special occasion, at which I would get some extra attention as the only sibling of the groom and would be making my first impression on my brother’s new in-laws, and (b) in Omaha. I had never been to Omaha, but it’s relatively near where I grew up (in a culture that believed all females over age 12 have a moral obligation to wear makeup) so I feared being judged a failure as a woman, or sort of rude or something, if I appeared bare-faced. My partner encouraged me to stand up to that fear. I was extra-diligent with my skin care for a week or so before the wedding, and I ended up deciding to powder my nose (I’ve been carrying that powder compact for years, for the mirror!), but I didn’t wear any other makeup. In the photos of the wedding, I think I look unusually pretty–and I didn’t hear, even second-hand, any comments about my not wearing makeup. That experience really strengthened me.

    The comments about wearing mascara to avoid looking tired postpartum made me laugh–one of the reasons I quit wearing mascara was that when I was more tired (blinking more often, I think) it rubbed off more, making the dark circles under my eyes worse!

    But I have dark eyelashes and eyebrows, so that makes it easier to resist the idea that I “need” mascara or eyebrow pencil–my facial features are naturally visible.

    • Anne says:

      ‘Becca, thanks for sharing the details of that story! “In the photos of the wedding, I think I look unusually pretty”–I love this!

      Also, thanks for pointing out that not every woman has the same experience with makeup. I’m laughing that mascara made you look even more tired postpartum, when it was the only thing that made me look awake! To each her own, I suppose 🙂

  37. Katie says:

    I usually wear makeup if I am going somewhere because my eyelashes are so light and I feel like my eyes get lost. So when I wear it I try to bring out my eyes more. I have gotten more lazy about putting it on if I am running a quick errand since my pregnancy when I did not feel like I had enough energy to put it on. My hubby says that I am beautiful without it on, so I guess it is more about me. I do feel better when I wear it.
    I put on a powder mineral foundation, eyeliner, blush (sometimes), mascara, and eyeshadow. Most of my makeup is Neutrogena, so I don’t spend a whole lot on my face products, but I get a really good skincare from Mannatech. All my makeup takes about 5 minutes to put on otherwise I would probably not mess with it too much.

  38. Anne says:

    ‘Becca, thanks for sharing the details of that story! “In the photos of the wedding, I think I look unusually pretty”–I love this!

    Also, thanks for pointing out that not every woman has the same experience with makeup. I’m laughing that mascara made you look even more tired postpartum, when it was the only thing that made me look awake! To each her own, I suppose 🙂

  39. Catherine says:

    Make-up everyday here too – very similar to your routine except that I throw in bare minerals foundation. It takes me 5 minutes to put on, and I feel put together and “dressed” for the day. Of course this is not heavy make up, but its enough for me. There’s such a huge spectrum on this – you say make up and some people think mascara and lip stick, while others think of those scary you tube make up tutorials that cake themselves in quarts a goo.

  40. Uylasti says:

    Hey, re makeup, do you have any ideas on how to create the cateye look with eye-liner? I have tried a few times but been not very successful unfortunately. Thankyou!

  41. seriously..... says:

    I believe women from the choices ‘almost always’ are the same as the ‘everyday’, as they both wear makeup most of the time they should be in the same catagory as “everyday wearers of makeup”

    Meaning the real majority is at 26 total and therefore the majority of women wear makeup daily.

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