Links I love

Links I love

My favorite finds from around the web:

The Wear Your Wedding Dress 10th anniversary party of my dreams. So fun.

Why I was wrong about liberal arts majors. “It’s very simple. A well-­rounded liberal arts degree establishes a foundation of critical thinking.”

What my father and I learned about each other by reading the same books. “We’ve found this time and time again: same book, completely different reactions.”

The Simple Show episode 29: Summer Reading. Tsh and I talk all about our favorite topic to kick summer off right.

classics in beachy colors

Favorite instagram:

It happens every year. After an intense season of Summer Reading Guide prep, I’m ready to read the old stuff—especially when they come in beachy colors like these. (Follow me on instagram @annebogel)

On the blog: 

One year ago: The thirty-year rule. “I enjoyed so much of my summer reading, but after a while the steady diet of modern fiction took its toll. (Ironic, because I used to never read modern fiction. I didn’t know where to start, so I didn’t even try. Blogging has changed that.)”

Two years ago: Making a fresh start (and ditching my alarm clock). “I’ve had thirty-something years to assess my bad habits (or tendencies that direction) and know what I do when I’m stressed: I stay up too late, have to wake up early anyway, get really tired, and then I get sick.”

Three years ago: A three-hour tour. “Personality is also a factor: my husband is an introvert—though a sociable one, like me—and crowds are draining for both of us. Personality resists change.”

Four years ago: My (introverted) guide to surviving summer.

Have a great weekend!

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