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Happy Derby Day, friends!

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How to take a reading vacation. Ever since I appeared as a guest on the What Should I Read Next podcast, the number one thing people have mentioned to me is that they love the idea of the “Reading Vacation” I talked about on the show. And why not?

I made Zappos my personal assistant for a week. “Did you know that the customer service team at Zappos has a corporate mandate to answer (or at least try to answer) literally any query you throw their way? Neither did I. Upon learning this fact, I — not unlike a 4-year-old around a hot stove — was immediately compelled to test it myself.”

• The Darcy shirt, a tour rider. “Upon leaving the exhibit, all visitors shall give a stiff, awkward nod to THE SHIRT, say “good day,” start to walk off, and then turn back and deliver a searing, passionate look that no one can decipher.”

Why I read every day. It gives you a break, boosts empathy, and might even give you better sleep.

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This one’s from the all-books-all-the-time What Should I Read Next account. (Follow it here @whatshouldireadnext.)

On the blog: 

One year ago: Read a book your mom loves this year.

Two years ago: 5 books for figuring out what to do with the rest of your life.

Three years ago: The why & how of Sarah’s elimination diet.

Four years ago: What do you want from me? “At first my friend’s questions struck me as tactless: I wasn’t used to coming right out and saying what I wanted. But my friend was sassy and fun: we all knew her heart was in the right place. And to my surprise, I found I appreciated her straightforward approach….”

Five years ago: 11 pro tips for shopping the spring farmers’ market.

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  1. I took an accidental reading vacation last December when I took three weeks off work (I’m a freelancer, so my boss was more than happy to agree to my terms). I planned to just read and relax during my toddler’s naptimes instead of working . . . but the book I picked was Divergent. I spent the rest of the week devouring the entire series and keeping my daughter as busy as I could with independent play activities so I didn’t have to put my book down. 🙂 I’d love a real reading vacation at the family cabin someday! Bliss.

  2. Lee Ann says:

    Having just rewatched that version of Pride and Prejudice, I particularly enjoyed reading about THE SHIRT.

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