Links I love

Links I love

This weekend I’m packing up my sweaters and reading piles of good books. (As the Summer Reading Guide deadline approaches, I furiously read soon-to-be-new releases hunting for last-minute gems!) I hope you have something to look forward to this weekend.

My favorite finds from around the web:

  • I’m currently spraying down sweaters with this favorite product to put them into storage for the season.
  • I gave my daughters the Allure Beauty Box as a gift but keep borrowing the products myself. High-quality skincare at a great value; right now get two full-size products when you sign up instead of the usual one.

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Upcoming Events:

  • April 20, 1 pm ET: Bird By Bird flight discussion: Time for our Book Club discussion of flight pick Bird By Bird by Anne Lamott! This is an MMD Book Club event. (Discussions are available as replays for members who cannot attend live.)
  • April 28, 7 pm ET: Live chat with author Lily King: Time for our Book Club discussion of Writers & Lovers with author Lily King! This is an MMD Book Club event. (Events are available as replays for members who cannot attend live.)

You can find more upcoming events here.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. That article, “I Called Off My Wedding”, is fascinating. Like ‘The Social Dilemma’ (on Netflix) it makes you consider seriously the dark-side of tech. It seems more and more people are questioning technology…I wonder what will become of it all? Worth thinking about it for sure!

  2. Gwen Diane says:

    The link for “this beautiful dress” does not go anywhere.

    I’d love to see it, as I’m looking for a beautiful dress.

  3. Kara says:

    One of the ways I’m looking to enhance my reading life this year is to create my own book nook. I really enjoyed the spaces designed by some of my bookstagram favorites. And that book nook chair is gorgeous!

  4. Lisa F. says:

    That sweater spray from The Laundress looks EXACTLY the type of product I’ve been looking for–Thank you, Anne, for bringing it to my attention! I wish, however, I could put my sweaters away for the season, darn it, as it’s currently 41 degrees here in PA. Guess I’ll get my spring this weekend from my two current reads–The Enchanted April and The Wind in the Willows.

  5. Mary Lou says:

    In the packing up my sweaters category, so glad I didn’t give into that impulse week before last when we had 80 degree weather in Denver. Overnight last night we got 6 inches of snow. Hello April in the Rockies.

  6. Nancy Lohr says:

    If you have not yet read While Paris Slept, released this February, you should. Easily at the top of my favorite list of WWII novels.

  7. I actually called off 2 weddings. One in 1992 and the other in 1994 (rebounded from the previous relationship). I am happily married now for 22 years and haven’t ever looked back, but I can’t imagine doing so now in the age of social media. I received a letter from a family member of the first relationship that was not very kind. I can’t imagine if they had taken those words to social media and blasted them to everyone we knew and didn’t know. I’ve seen social media ruin kids at school and leave them devastated for months….or longer. Plus I can’t imagine all the emails the writer talked about receiving and the phone scroll. In fact, that just came up in a conversation with a friend whose husband has been having an affair and she just found out. Her iPhone keeps sharing “memory” photos and he is often in them and it’s the last thing she wants to see or be reminded of. A feature that may bring joy to one person, may torture another endlessly. Such a great article. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Karen B. says:

    I love your site and enjoy your posts. I confess I’m a slacker where reading is concerned compared to you and many of your avid readers. Still, I enjoy your lists and links. Thank you for always being interesting and informative.

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