Links I love.

Links I love.

My favorite finds from around the web: 

Police sketches of 5 literary characters based on their book descriptions.

A Parisian model’s guide to French vs. American girls.

Secrets to long haul creativity. “Being creative over a career involves a whole subset of nearly invisible skills, a great many of which conflict with most people’s general ideas about what it means to be creative.”

24 Jane Austen quotes that still ring true today.

Favorite instagram: 

Harry Potter instagram
“Mom, will you have ME on your podcast when I finish Harry Potter?” – my 5yo ?   From the new What Should I Read Next? account. (Click here to follow @whatshouldireadnext on instagram.)

On the blog: 

One year ago: When we were in the fire.

Two years ago: The spiritual discipline of the long walk.

Three years ago: On letting my face speak what’s in my heart.

Four years ago: Best book you’ve never heard of on … architecture.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. A blogging question: how do you imbed your instagrams like that so that they’re an appropriate size? Mine always look HUGE and I cannot figure out how to edit them. I even downloaded an instagram plugin and that doesn’t help. IF you have time… 🙂

    • Anne says:

      Oh golly. I have NO idea! He reads a lot of short books with me and my husband and his siblings, but we usually only have one big fat book going at a time.

  2. Renee P. says:

    Are you ever going to have kids on your podcast??? I think it would be so fun! I actually just played “WSIRN?” with my son this week (inspired by you!).

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