Links I love

Links I love

I hope you have a wonderful weekend ahead. I’m excited because today we begin our Stay at Home Book Club Retreat with MMD Book Club members. We’re spending the better part of the weekend talking books and I can’t wait.

About that photo: don’t you think daisies are the happiest flower? We named our pup with that in mind. And earlier this month I planted some in my own backyard—I can’t wait for them to bloom!

My favorite finds from around the web:

  • Congrats to Laura Vanderkam on her her timely new book release! If you’re curious about my own work-from-home habits, Laura interviewed me for The New Corner Office and you’ll see me discuss meetings, my “ferris wheel” of priorities, and more about managing my team remotely.
  • The Class of RBG. In case you’ve ever wondered what became of the nine other women in Justice Ginsburg’s Harvard Law class of ’59.

Don’t miss these posts:

  • From the trenches of parenting a highly sensitive child. “I first learned about “highly sensitive people” when I read Susan Cain’s book Quiet several years ago and immediately resonated with the description. It took me all of five minutes to realize that at least two of my four children are also highly sensitive. This realization was a game changer.”

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Taylor says:

    I read The House in the Cerulean Sea last week and I LOVED it! I’ll admit that when I read it on the summer reading guide I didn’t think it was going to be a favorite of mine so I was pleasantly surprised.

    • Susan says:

      Same here – I’m not a big fantasy fan. I put a hold on it because I knew I would have more time to read this summer. Glad I didn’t miss out.

  2. Kim Dushinski says:

    OK, that Myers-Briggs workout article was eerily, super accurate. I am and INTJ (with a very low I, so I often read things about ENTJs as well.) Both of the workouts recommended are exactly my favorite ways to exercise. Interesting.

  3. Sarah says:

    I also found the Myers-Brigg article interesting. My husband and I have different personality types, but the same recommendation – circuit type programs (for different reasons), which is exactly the type of work-out programs we have enjoyed together in the past.

  4. Shelly Sulfridge says:

    Sent the last comment too soon. Sorry!
    I especially liked the info on what workouts work for different personality types. Thanks!

  5. Lindsay says:

    Wow, the MBTI types of exercise nailed it for me! I’m INFP/ENFP (I always test right in the middle of E & I, while the -NFP is strong). I love both circuit training and hiking!

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