Links I love

Links I love

Hello and happy weekend! I was expecting to be on a plane to Georgia right now to continue the Don’t Overthink It book tour, but COVID-19 has wreaked havoc with all our plans. This weekend we’re practicing social distancing: I hope that means catching up on homework, books, and movies, and finally finishing a gorgeous Liberty puzzle we’ve had going for a few weeks.

Happy weekend, readers!

My favorite finds from around the web:

  • Don’t Overthink It is a bestseller! I’m thrilled, but also: book sales this month (including the ones reflected on this list) are and are expected to continue be very, very low because of the current public health crisis. If you’re inclined to buy a book from an indie right now—whether that’s my book or anyone else’s—your purchase would mean a lot.
  • Cancel Everything. “Social distancing is the only way to stop the coronavirus. We must start immediately.”
  • The Coronavirus Outbreak. The New York Times has made this coverage available to all (instead of paywall-protected) right now. (I’m a happy paying subscriber, but am so glad everyone has access for the time being.)
Stay at Home Book Tour Modern Mrs Darcy Anne Bogel

Book news

We’ve been cooking up this idea for a week and just announced it on Instagram last night.

Read the post and comments for more info, but here’s the nutshell version: We’re inviting authors whose in-person book events have been disrupted by covid-19 to join us online for a virtual, stay at home book tour. We’ll keep the format of a bookstore author talk, but we’ll do it online. We’ll do multiple events over multiple days. We won’t do signings or selfies, but we hope to bring the DELIGHT of a good book tour event straight to you, wherever you are.

In these wild times, I’m delighted to offer up this option. Details coming to the blog real soon. (If you’re not on our email list, may I suggest you sign up for blog updates right now?)

Don’t miss these posts:

  • Book Club 101. Everything you need to know about starting a book club.

Have a great weekend, friends! Stay safe and wash your hands.

xoxo – Anne

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  1. Dana Kumerow says:

    Hello Anne,
    So sorry about your book tour. I am an author from a small indie press and just yesterday I cancelled my participation in event I was really looking forward to, an arts and literacy festival at a college in my state. I have an elderly, frail parent and the risk is too great. I am hopeful that events I have planned for the summer and fall will be able to take place. Instead of worrying about book sales, I am going to concentrate on continuing to work on my next book. I will also be ordering your new book ( as well as others on my TBR list). I have really enjoyed your other two. I always look forward to your Friday posts and links. The variety and scope of the reads is interesting and informative. Plus, so, so many of the books I read and have on that huge TBR list are due to your recommendations! Thanks for your contribution to reading, literacy and positivity in the world!

  2. Anne, We are all so disappointed that we will not have the opportunity to meet you in person. I’m assuming the Dallas event at The Slate is cancelled. So, I have ordered a signed copy from Carmichael’s as you suggested. I’ll be sure to post accolades on my social media. I’m looking forward to not overthinking along with all your other readers!

  3. SoCalLynn says:

    I don’t mind a story on a food blog to get to a recipe. But, many of them are SOOOOOO long and seemingly rambling. Maybe a little more concise would be better. I’m sorry, too, about your book tour. I’m planning to be in Milwaukee on your tour date and was hoping to see you there.

  4. Allyson Wieland says:

    Love the idea of virtual book tours. Lets those of us in states NOT on the original tour to participate. And a delightful way to fill my suddenly empty calendar.

  5. Melissa says:

    So many cancellations right now for so many aspects of life. Thank you for finding a creative way to engage! Any chance Lois Lowry is on your list?! I was hoping to see her in San Francisco!!!

    (And thanks for your Don’t Overthink It strategies, especially right now!)

  6. Rita Szollos says:

    I’m in CA and our NorCal schools are closed for anywhere from 3-5 weeks. My own district told us not to treat this time as a vacation – do not add to the community spread – and practice social-distancing. Therefore, all the moms I know are sharing links with ideas about how to stay home AND stay sane, and many of the lists suggest “reading that novel” you’ve always wanted to read. So if you have a List of Books (Favorites!) While Social-Distancing, this might be a great time to post it 🙂

  7. Anissa says:

    Anne, I just bought your book yesterday at my local indie bookstore, and I was so pleased to hear that it was being recommended by one of the booksellers! As a teacher, I have loaded up on books (actual and virtual) to treat myself with as I navigate the maze of online learning.

  8. Suzanne says:

    That really is the dumbest foodie battle ever. I enjoy reading the back-stories, but only if they’re well-written (often, they are not), are by a blogger I’m already invested in rather than a random stranger I found via Pinterest, and if I’m not in a hurry (sometimes, I just need a recipe ASAP). The stupidly easy solution? The Jump-to-recipe button at the top of the post that some bloggers provide.

  9. Kaitlyn says:

    I don’t mind a story before my recipe when I am looking for new recipes but the ads, videos, and extra are really frustrating when I am using a recipe on my phone. The long stories also get annoying when it’s for a recipe I am returning to and I’ve already read the story. Now I just want you out of the way and give me the ingredients.

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