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Happy Friday, readers! I’m on the road, talking books and writing and meeting readers. It’s been a joy but I’m not sad about heading home to my family and my favorite reading chair. I hope you have a wonderful weekend ahead of you.

My favorite finds from around the web:

  • Tana French Is Our Best Living Mystery Writer. “From the start, she has tossed her detectives overboard rather than put them through the indignity of quantum leaping from mega-case to mega-case. She sticks with each detective or duo for their most psychologically intensive case, the one that leaves them shredded to ribbons. She invests in the precise psychology of what will break a particular detective, what the forces of society will do to one beleaguered mind.”
  • I’m totally buying this kit (because I fell in love with a sample of this scrub) because it’s the same price plus an extra product. Such a deal! If the dry winter is hard on your scalp and your skin, take note.

Favorite Instagram:

I put my editor’s pencil to good use on my DON’T OVERTHINK IT page proofs. This was my final chance to get every word exactly right before my publisher zips it off to the printer so we’re reading for the March 3 pub date. Follow me on Instagram @annebogel.

On the blog:

One year ago: 8 investment pieces actually worth my investment. These pieces weren’t exactly cheap, but they’re made to last and have been worth it in the long run.

Two years ago: Anti-frantic. This is such a good reminder.

Three years ago: 7 tips for raising kids who love to read.

Four years ago: The big magic of an hour a day. “I am a fervent believer in chipping away at big tasks, one little bit at a time, but sometimes it feels as if I’ll be chipping forever, with little to show for it. I wonder if that method works, and if it’s really worth it.”

Five years ago: How to make a latté at home without an espresso machine. This is such a great hack.

On What Should I Read Next:

This week I brought you my live conversation with Charlie Lovett at the ever-charming bookstore Bookmarks NC in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. This conversation was a TON of fun! 

Have a great weekend!


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  1. Anu says:

    I love me some Tana French, but I’d probably quibble with calling her our best living mystery writer, simply because her plots are sometimes quite thin. They work great as psychological studies, but not necessarily as mysteries. And don’t get me wrong – I love reading her books, but I find myself often guessing the killer well before the end of the book, or getting annoyed by the injection of a supernatural element.

  2. Erin says:

    I feel liken it would be challenging to do edits on a book called “Don’t Overthink It.” Editing anything always leads me to desperate sessions of overthinking every word. LOL 🙂

  3. Deborah G Ball says:

    I usually creep out a little with mystery, but this and ONE GREAT BOOk are gonna make me put it on hold at the library. (I have set myself a personal challenge not to buy any more books in THIS ending decade!)Tana French here I come!

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