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How to keep your iPhone from destroying your relationships. “My problem is with something very specific: how we live with devices that take our attention away from the people we are with, right now.”

The surprising kind of hero our soul really needs. “It’s one thing to create a hero who is lovable, admirable, and dashing. What isn’t so easy is to create a layered character (especially a cartoon one) who is chronically embarrassed, rejected, and made to look like a fool and still have him come out as the hero.”

The Norwegian secret to enjoying a long winter. “It turns out that in northern Norway, “people view winter as something to be enjoyed, not something to be endured.””

I’m not dominating the world and you can, too. “It’s true that some business and productivity experts have crushed the competition and achieved GLOBAL DOMINATION, or whatever they want to call “work.” They have worked harder, faster, and smarter than the rest of us. I learned after a year of anxiety and misery that I needed boundaries, limits, and a more sustainable pace that means I won’t be the best in anything, ever.”

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purple books and pumpkins

Purple books and pumpkins and a National Novel Reading Month recommendation. I’m sharing a great novel recommendation over on instagram every day in November. Find me there @annebogel.

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Four years ago: 5 things I love about shopping online, and three things I wish I’d learned sooner.

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  1. Interesting reads! I thought it was ironic that the Norwegian link was under the category “How to be successful at everything” and then the next link was about how to not be the best in anything. Great juxtaposition. 😉

  2. liz n. says:

    Growing garlic as a metaphor for slowing down and setting boundaries so that you can maintain yourself and your own peace…This resonates with me! Years of working for corporations where talk of “employee happiness,” “quality of work life,” and “finding your path” was all gloss over the true mentality of “kill or be killed” made me determined to find my own, quieter, vastly more peaceful path.

  3. Ruth-Anne Hayes says:

    Thanks for the Norwegian word koselig. I am always looking for snuggly words! I am a New Englander living in Georgia and I miss winter!! It had always been my favorite season. The increasing darkness that brings misery to so many soothes me…nature wrapping me in a warm blanket. ♡

  4. Shannan says:

    Thank you for sharing the link about Norwegians and winter! I know that I suffer from seasonal affective disorder and this post was very helpful to me. I got some ideas for how to combat the winter blues this year!

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