Links I love

Links I love

It is suddenly spring here, so this weekend I’ll be digging up whatever it is I wear when it’s 75 degrees out. (Am I the only one who can never remember from year to year?) First things first: I have a serious amount of work to do today but all I want to do is finish this book.

My favorite finds from around the web:

I’m 14, and I quit social media after I discovered what was posted about me. “Teens get a lot of warnings that we aren’t mature enough to understand that everything we post online is permanent, but parents should also reflect about their use of social media and how it could potentially impact their children’s lives as we become young adults.”

Tangerine Tieks season has officially arrived.

How to track down hard to find, out of print editions. “There are books that I would never have if it weren’t for this awesome community.”

Chicagoland Independent Bookstore Day Field Trip. This sounds like so much fun!

15 books by Latinx writers that every high schooler should read, “including everything from modern classics to contemporary reads from various genres, all of which delve into timely and relatable topics — that all teenagers should definitely have on their radar.”

What it’s like to grow up with more money than you’ll ever spend. “If I were queen of the world, I would pass a law against private jets, because they enable you to get around a certain reality. You don’t have to go through an airport terminal, you don’t have to interact, you don’t have to be patient, you don’t have to be uncomfortable. These are the things that remind us we’re human.”

Check meal-planning off your list:

Dinner isn’t the easiest part of my day anytime of year, but now that we’re starting baseball season and the end of the school year is fast approaching, it’s especially challenging.

Thankfully, PrepDish makes it easy for me to get healthy meals together for my family no matter the season. Every month, Prep Dish founder Allison sends members weekly meal plans (Your choice: gluten-free, paleo, or keto.) with a shopping list (I love the way Allison lays out these lists!) and directions for how to spend a few hours prepping the week’s meals. Then you roll into the week with a fridge full of easy-to-finish dinners you can have on the table in 30 minutes or less.

Through Monday, April 15, Allison is offering MMD readers 50% off a premium membership! That’s a huge discount, and will save you a ton of time in the grocery store and in the kitchen.

Click here to get started.

(And don’t forget to use promo code RN50)

Favorite Instagram:

If an author goes on vacation, she will visit the library. And if she visits the library, she will look for her book. And if she finds her book, she will Instagram it. (Follow me on Instagram @annebogel.)

On the blog:

One year ago: Expand your literary horizons with these 20 books in translation. “As we sifted through the data, I noticed something unexpected: a huge percentage of our English-speaking readers chose a book in translation—that is, any book that wasn’t originally written in their native language—as their best of the year.”

Two years ago: 7 books I wish I could download into my brain. “Do you ever read a book and think, my life would be better if I could memorize every word in this thing? That’s how I felt after reading these titles.”

Three years ago: You will stumble. “I was struck by the assumption that failure was a natural and normal thing, because it’s something that has taken me a very long time to learn. Too long, really.”

Four years ago: 7 things I’m choosing to splurge on right now. “This year one of my fuzzy goals was to cultivate a spirit of generosity. I landed on a concrete way to further this goal.”

Five years ago: Shauna Niequist’s book recommendations for writers. “Shauna believes writers should be reading, and reading often. They should identify three or four authors they consider personal touchstones, whose works they come back to and become familiar with.”

On the podcast:

Don’t miss today’s brand-new episode of my new show One Great Book, where each week I pull one standout selection off my personal bookshelves and tell you all about it, in ten minutes or less.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Kathlene says:

    I do love these posts but I so miss your regular blog. It seems it has been a long time since you have done one. Are they coming back?

  2. Colleen says:

    Interesting read about the young lady who gave up social media! It has made me think twice about what I post on social media! And I think she had a future as a writer!!

  3. MK says:

    Hm, this is the second time The River has crossed my path this week. My recommend-er for the MMD Challenge suggested just “The River,” which I thought might be this. (Turns out she actually meant Once Upon a River, but still.)

  4. Jennifer says:

    The Guardian had two articles this week you might enjoy, one on finding a compendium of a library from 500 years ago, including lots of books lost to time.

    The other article was a list of the top 10 midwestern novels. It includes Willa Cather and Louise Erdrich as well as a number of new to me authors.

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