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I hope your weekend has good things in store for you. Mine looks like school plays and birthdays and book clubs, oh my! Plenty of fun, but maybe not so great for my weekend reading prospects?

My favorite finds from around the web:

Anthony Doerr’s All the Light We Cannot See will be a Netflix limited series. I feel like every time I open my computer lately there’s news of another book-to-film adaption. I’m not complaining.

Creativity beyond crafting: for those of us who don’t own (or want) a glue gun. “The way that the brain lights up while engaged in creative pursuits is a work of art in and of itself.”

The long strange history of novelists who became spies. “Less well-known are the exploits of Roald Dahl, who was transferred to Washington DC in 1941 after a career in the Royal Air Force.”

Out this week: a brand-new audio edition of The Phantom Tollbooth, narrated by Rainn Wilson. Yes, please.

The quest to acquire the oldest, most expensive book on the planet. “With payment tendered, Estelle Betzold Doheny becomes the first and only woman to purchase a Gutenberg Bible as a private collector.”

Favorite Instagram:

Spring has finally made it to my backyard. (Follow me on Instagram @annebogel.)

On the blog:

One year ago: 9 much-anticipated new works from authors working outside their typical genres. “Novelists are writing essays, memoirists are writing stories—sometimes for the first time ever, sometimes for the first time in many years.”

Two years ago: A fun way to track what you’re reading. “That tiny mental queue will take her back to the experience of reading that particular title—why she chose it, what she thought of it, where she was when she read it.”

Three years ago: My to-do list and my wish list. “In my head, it feels unmanageable, but on paper, the list is short. And doable. Usually.”

Four years ago: Book Club 101. “People join book clubs for different reasons: some people want to read new books, some people want to discuss their reading in-depth, some people just want to get out of the house. Happy book clubs made the group’s expectations clear from the beginning.”

Five years ago: Books worth binge-reading. “I have a long, (mostly) proud history of binge reading—and by binging, I mean ‘sat down on the couch and strongly resisted moving until I finished the last page.'”

On the podcast:

One year ago: Episode 125: Gateway books to hook a Netflix addict

Two years ago: Episode 71: A super-elegant apocalypse

Three years ago: Episode 12: Life is hard but reading doesn’t have to be

Have a great weekend!


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  1. Deborah Ball says:

    Although I fall into every single rabbit hole in your blog, I love all of them However, the piece on the Gutenberg Bible was soooo good, and I will search out the book referenced! You keep me inspired Anne!

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