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The temperature here is forecast to drop thirty degrees this weekend—we’re going from rain to snow and ice. I’m getting my soup, snacks, and TBR ready. I hope you have a lovely weekend in store for you, full of all the above, minus the ice.

My favorite finds from around the web:

ABC orders ‘Hypnotist’s Love Story’ drama pilot starring Heather Graham based on Liane Moriarty book. “The Hypnotist’s Love Story centers on successful hypnotherapist Ellen, who after a string of failed romances is optimistic about her current boyfriend, until he reveals a disturbing truth: a stalker ex-girlfriend Sasha (Graham) who has been following him for years.”

•  You’ve Got Mail turns 20! Secrets you never knew about Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan’s best rom-com. “It’s a love letter to New York. It’s a love letter to independent bookstores (and now, somewhat ironically, for the big bad chains that put them out of business). It’s also a love letter to love letters.”

Stories of mighty women. “We’re sharing our favorite biographies for older teen and adult readers about Mighty Women.”

• Ernő Rubik: The cube represents man as a thinking being. The creator of the Rubik’s cube rarely gives interviews and his answer to the last question is perfect.

Mary Oliver on grief and loss. “Readers wrote of their appreciation for the hallmarks of Oliver’s work: reverence for the natural world and her frank, but comforting, descriptions of mourning.”

The countdown is on (plus a sale):

I'd Rather Be Reading

I’d Rather Be Reading is 50% off—that’s just $7.49—at Amazon and Barnes & Noble, in hardcover. I’ve been told this sale is expected to end in the next few days, so I wouldn’t wait to treat your shelf. Get yours here.

Favorite Instagram:

It’s amazing how much happy you can buy with $5. (Follow me on Instagram @annebogel.)

On the blog:

One year ago: 16 books to cozy up with this winter. “These 16 novels are just the ticket for dreary winter days: they’re beautiful, compelling, and just a wee bit dark, perfectly fitting for the season.”

Two years ago: What’s in my purse? “But then I dumped out the contents on the kitchen floor, and sure enough … I was surprised by what I found.”

Three years ago: The words that keep rising to the top. “Many people choose ‘one word’ every January for the year to come; others embrace a theme for each year. I had decided not to this year, yet my mind keeps returning to these words. Maybe I didn’t plan on choosing words for the year, but these words? They chose me.”

Four years ago: There are 7 ways to hate a book. “It wasn’t a bad book. But it wasn’t the book for me. That’s a frequent reason for not liking a book, and that got me thinking: how many ways are there to hate a book?”

Five years ago: The spiritual discipline of the long walk. “Even though–or perhaps because–life lately has felt frantically busy, and my inbox is exploding, I’m carving out quiet spaces, even when I’m doing something simple like (solitary) driving, or heading out for a quick ten minutes to pick up steps.”

On the podcast:

Now that we’ve celebrated our third podcast anniversary we have more episodes to share here!

One year ago: Episode 115: Books that bridge two worlds

Two years ago: Episode 62: What should ANNE read next?

Three years ago: Episode 3: Books that make you feel smart (and not so smart)

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Leslie says:

    I truly love You’ve Got Mail! Tom Hanks& Meg Ryan were awesome! I loved this movie so much, I even bought the Soundtrack on CD back then. Wonderful music to listen to, and to relax with. I also cannot believe that it is 20 years old.

  2. Terry says:

    I loved the You’ve Got Mail article. It’s at the top of my all time chick flick movie faves, along with As Good As It Gets, Love Actually, Something’s Gotta Give, Sleepless in Seattle, Bridget Jones’ Diary and Notting Hill. And I agree with Leslie about the soundtrack; in fact, I think the soundtracks in most of these are really good and supports their stories. I wish all the books I read would make me feel as good as six movies. Maybe Anne could do a show recommending books based on movies loved?

  3. Linda says:

    My husband and I met 20 years ago on when it was fairly new, and we saw You’ve Got Mail on our 2nd date. All the feels.

  4. Stephanie says:

    Ooh. Off to read ‘There are seven ways to hate a book.’ There are times when a book just doesn’t quite resonate with me- there’s nothing wrong with it as a work of art, but it just didn’t have that zing that makes me love a book. And then there are some books that are just…not great, and I gape at the reviews, wondering if I possibly read a different book than the people who are gushing all over it. Sounds like this article may help me sort out my feelings when it comes to disliking some books, so I’m intrigued!

  5. Gail says:

    My 11 year old granddaughter saw your book at Barnes and Noble and thought Grandma would really like that book. She was right. I loved it. It is on bed side table. I pick it up and read my favorite chapters.
    I am embarrassed that I have enjoyed your blog for years, but didn’t buy your book.

  6. Susie Buzan says:

    Ahhhh! Those Meg Ryan rom-coms are so satisfying, so comfortable, so re-watchable, especially on a snowy night, or during a summer rainstorm. Ms. Ryan has had a very strange way of weaving through my life. First in the 80s, my child-rearing period, she appeared daily as Betsy on “As the World Turns” –a totally sympathetic young heroine. Then came the 90s–her rom-com decade. During the early 2000s sadly she turned to plastic surgery. Move along; nothing to see here! Sometimes it just doesn’t work. And this past fall she married John Mellencamp at his farm about 10 miles west of me. I wish her a lifetime of happiness. I’m looking forward to the moment we come face to face. I’m sure that’s where Fate is headed.

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