Links I love

Links I love

Next up on book tour is Texas, where I’ve been instructed to eat all the tacos, specifically from Torchy’s.

My favorite finds from around the web:

The top 10 books everyone lies about reading. “There are plenty of overrated classics: books that have lost their relevance, lost their audience, or in some cases (we’re thinking of you, Ulysses!) just plain lost their way from the get-go. But not all ‘required reading’ deserves its bad rap.”

Wardrobe 101: outfit formulas and inspiration. “If I’m shopping for a fantasy, of course I’m going to come up empty-handed when I need something to wear on a Thursday morning.”

6 new beginning chapter books with female main characters, fall 2018. “All these titles contain female main characters with pluck and creativity. You’re going to love these…”

Reese Witherspoon celebrates the south in her new book. “There’s always a little more drinking than there is talking about the book. (But book clubs are) a great way to connect.”

Inside the Writer’s Studio: Episode 19. While at the Booksmarks Festival in NC I got to chat with author Charlie Lovett about the pleasures and perils of the reading life for his excellent podcast.

Favorite Instagram:

My first book, Reading People, turned one year old this week. It’s been a delightful surprise to talk to so many readers about Reading People on book tour, and to sign so many new and old copies! Thanks so much for your support of my first book; it’s been quite a year. (Follow me on instagram @annebogel.)

On the blog:

One year ago: 7 free and easy ways to support your favorite authors. “It’s 2017, but you know what really sells books? An enthusiastic vote of confidence from a fellow reader.”

Two years ago: 20 books everyone will be talking about this fall. “If you’re anything like me, your heart warms at the thought of a cup of tea, a cozy blanket, and a big stack of books.”

Three years ago: The best thing you can do for your career. “No one talked serious strategy or ninja marketing tricks. At this table of successful female novelists, the overwhelming answer was a variation on this: be kind.”

Four years ago: There are four possible levels of relationships. “My counselor’s little chart was so simple, but it made so much snap into place for me.”

Five years ago: On marriage and fear and disappearing doors. “We know to fear failure. We know it’s there, present, a reality before us. The fear we need to cultivate is the fear of never having tried.”

Six years ago: 21 things I wish I knew in my 20s. “People-pleasing is a waste of time (and other precious resources).”

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Nancy says:

    I’m looking forward to seeing you in Fort Worth! I’m a big fan of Fuzzy’s Tacos, but my cousin is a die-hard Torchy’s girl. Really, you can’t go wrong with either one.

  2. Katie says:

    In Austin, Torchy’s is fine – I prefer Taco Deli for breakfast tacos. Veracruz All Natural is a great option for lunch/dinner. Fresa’s has some excellent tacos, too (as well as whole rotisserie chicken meals to go – fabulous!). If you want some amazing pizza, check out Via 313 – it’s Detroit style and soooo groan-worthy. So much good food here. Not sure if I’ll make it to Book People or not, but I’m hoping to! Have a great time in Texas!

  3. Linda says:

    We just received several of the children’s beginning chapter books on this list at our library and I had a chance to glance through them. They do look like a lot of fun for the new readers’ crowd.

  4. Gisela Johnson says:

    Hi Anne – I am in Dallas and would LOVE to connect with you while here. I* have taken my little book My Childhood In Hitler’s Germany “on the road” to Senior Centers all over Dallas and have been amazed at how well it has been received. It sends the seniors into the most amazing trips of memory that I encourage them to share. Teachers of teens have bought my book as a companion to what they are teaching – The Diary of Anne Frank. Would love it if you have had time to read it to get your input/feed back.
    Regards from Dallas
    Gisela Scofield

  5. Renee Williams says:

    I have three boys so I’m curious if you are aware of any new chapter books ( Middle School age) coming out that have boys as the main character. It seems like there is an explosion of girl main characters. I’ve been trying to find some newer books with boy protagonists and keep striking out.

  6. Beth Schmelzer says:

    If you and your readers like plucky females, I suggest Cornelia Funke’s “Igraine.”
    A newer character is Moxie McCoy of “the Real McCoys”–a great read aloud, with a sequel coming in Nov!

  7. Juliedtx says:

    Like the first commenter, I prefer Fuzzy’s for tacos. But if you are going to Torchy’s my favorites are the Democrat and the Crossroads. Mighty good flavors! Just up the road from Ft. Worth is a little town called Roanoke, the home of the original Babe’s Fried Chicken. Worth the trip!

  8. Marci Diehl says:

    Anne, Torchy’s queso will change your life. I also recommend Chuy’s (Austin, Fort Worth or Dallas). I also absolutely adore Shady Grove in Austin, right down the road from Book People.

    See you in Fort Worth!

  9. I’m always amazed by the books people pretend to have read (even though they really haven’t): I always assume they’re going to pretend to have read War and Peace, or In Search Of Lost Time, or other really heavy/long tomes… and yet it’s always To Kill A Mockingbird and 1984, these really accessible and readable books. I saw one survey that had Fifty Shades Of Grey towards the top – I was sure more people would pretend NOT to have read it, but clearly not! Hahahaha

  10. Helen says:

    That’s a weird list. Except for Scarlet Letter and Sorcerers stone, all of these were required reading in my high school

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