Links I love

Links I love

Good morning readers! This weekend it’s houseguests and soccer games around here. I’m hoping to bank some quiet time at home because it’s the last weekend before my whirlwind book tour begins. Only ten more days till I’d Rather Be Reading comes out, how did that happen? (Get your preorder bonuses right here, and YES we are shipping them internationally. Happy reading!)

My favorite finds from around the web:

13 reasons why libraries are holding us all together. “Nowhere else in life are you encouraged to take as much as you can, but you can walk out the library door weighed down by bulging book bags or struggling to see around the tower of books balanced in your arms.”

Your phone is listening and it’s not paranoia. “Peter told me that although no data is guaranteed to be safe for perpetuity, he assured me that in 2018 no company is selling their data directly to advertisers. But as we all know, advertisers don’t need our data for us to see their ads.”

A bookseller becomes a town’s apothecary. I love this profile of Wild Geese Bookshop and its owner Tiffany who I’ll be visiting again September 5. Click here for details.

INFP: “I can’t medicate you into liking your job.” “We should be thinking about our most deeply held values — and does this career coincide with those?”

• ‘Veronica Mars’ Revival Series Near Deal At Hulu With Kristen Bell Reprising Role. YES PLEASE.

Favorite Instagram:

Well this was a delightful sign to pass on my walk. (Although, how is the book tour so close that it’s on the sidewalk signs?!) We are still adding dates and events (hello, Orlando area!) so check out the events page for details. (Follow me on instagram @annebogel.)

On the blog:

One year ago: Double up the dental floss. “I hate flossing. It’s awkward and a little gross. But I never noticed the obvious: that dreaded task would be easier if I unspooled an extra six inches.”

Two years ago: 11 book pairs that match your childhood favorites with what you should read now. “Childhood bookworms grow up, and as much fun as it is to revisit childhood favorites, we yearn for new titles to read.”

Three years ago: Three little words to overcome perfectionism. “If mistakes aren’t okay, I miss out on one of the fastest, most effective ways to learn.”

Four years ago: “Crazy” Mary Todd and other historical myths. “That’s bad history, of course. But we lose more than historical accuracy when we opt for the cartoon instead of the real woman.”

Five years ago: I need the geeky goodness of the indie bookstore. “Online shopping is convenient, but it also doesn’t really give me the opportunity to stumble upon a book that’s much different from the ones I’m already looking for. But in a bookstore, it’s easy to stumble upon books you never knew you were missing.”

Six years ago: The conversation that changed my life. “Maybe you’re wise and mature and it makes perfect sense to you that of course a life runs in seasons. But it wasn’t until that moment at my dining room table that I actually believed it.”

Have a great weekend!

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  1. You’re coming to my town! I live in Winston Salem – am so excited to come say hi and meet you in person! See you at the Bookmarks Book Festival on September 8th!

  2. 1. I loved the article about libraries. I love using mine, and I quadrupled the amount of books I read just by not having to buy books. Like the article says, it’s the one place you can walk out with a ton of products and not have to pay a dime. It’s the ultimate shopping high without actually shopping.
    2. That Jeremy May article really hit home for me. I’m currently contemplating a major career change because I’m miserable at my job and no longer feeling fulfilled in the career I’ve built for myself for the past 15 years. The thought of walking away from it both exhilirating and terrifying, the latter because I’m not sure my family could afford the pay cut that a new job would bring with it. This article has further encouraged me to keep contemplating this major life change, though. Thanks for posting!

  3. Kim Belew says:

    So, so excited about Veronica Mars! It was the one show I never missed even with a newborn and a 3 year old. Just another reason I have to continue to subscribe to Hulu!

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